21 comments on “Earthly Beauties. Earthy Predictions. Early Final Picks.

  1. Philippines, Thailand, USA, Paraguay. I’d like any of these ladies to get the earth crown.

  2. Tita Norman nag-back out na si Miss France dahil sa Amoebiasis. Sabotage? kasi siya lang ang nagkasakit ng ganun.

    • I wouldn’t think of it as sabotage. Flora got close to Valerie and the other Yellow Team members, so it could be an isolated case.

  3. Gusto ko rin sanang makisali sa prediction echos na ito. But then again, I only have one in my list. lol! I am too patriotic to support other delegates than Ms. Philippines! Manalo o matalo, I’m sticking my bet to Ms. Philippines! Go Jaimie! Eliminate all the girls and win the crown! No questions ask. lol!

  4. Good list, Kuya Norms. I don’t know how you are keeping on top of all these big pageants. Sana naman we will get a victory to vindicate your efforts ☺️☺️☺️

    Although personally I would put Venezuela higher. Never underestimate Osmel’s bet.

  5. Goodluck Jamie! I want her to win. not because she’s representing the PH but I think she did her best and she’s one of the best MEP. nakikita ko si Karla Henry sakanya, and I hope same fate sila. 🙂

  6. By co-incidence, the top 2 frontrunners in Miss Earth are exactly the same as in Miss Supranational — Philippines and Spain. I guess I’ll stick to being patriotic more than objective and I am feeling good about it! XD ❤

  7. so many deserving gurls in this year’s edition. they have preitter girls than Miss International,Supra or even miss world.

  8. I don’t follow this pageant but from the looks of it there are so many deserving girls. I hope Jamie who has performed exceptionally well in the run-up to the finals will be robbed of victory just because she is the host delegate. I’m rooting for her not just out of Pinay pride but because she can be a great Miss Earth winner in my opinion.

  9. This is the first time that I don’t have a pick or two to win the ME crown. It is even harder for me to filter the group to 16. I really appreciate those people who make predictions constructively like you Sir. Sometimes a competitive batch is a wasted batch, 2014 it is.

  10. So many stunning girls this year – it is so hard to pick. For sure there will be heavy favorites who would not make the top 16 simply because there are only 16 placements.

    I’m still rooting for Spain, Dominican rep., Brazil, Ukraine for the elemental crowns

  11. Seems kf and a&q are battling this time…kfbfor me and mi a&q for mw and ms thus same mission and goal mag bigay ng karangalan sa bansa…wait na lang tayo kaninong camp ang maka iskor…hope ang apat mag wagi…and ung pag lipat ba ni isabelle daza sa abscbn ay may chance na makakasali pa siya for bb.u? And ms.u?… 🙂

  12. I would like to see an Asian win the Earth crown this year. It does not have to be the Philippines but that would be nice. Paraguay is a girl to watch out for as well as Puerto Rico and France. Indonesia is also leveling u. 🙂

  13. Tita Norms, just curious… may I know why Sasi isnt part of your Elemental beauties?

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