9 comments on “Rosevemme Marie Fajardo for Miss Universal Peace and Humanity 2014

    • Hindi ata nakapag look test si ate. Char! Pero goodluck Rosevemme and may you bring pride to our country. Maski semifinals lang keri na. Kailangan lang natin mag tanggal alat.

  1. Good luck, Rosevemme! It’s no pressure but it’s nice to add that title in our collection. There are at least fifty delegates participating and that impact means it’s going somewhere… :mrgreen:

    All the best!

  2. Kuya Norman, you do have an insight what precisely the organizer meant about “Miss Universal Peace and Humanity”

    Should I look forward to future titles such as “Miss Supranational Cooperation and Energy Conservation?” “Miss Intercontinental Multi-media Inter-conferencing “

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