15 comments on “A pair of favorites from South America in Miss Earth 2014

  1. This month is really loaded that you don’t even have decent time on what is happening in your own background.

    Nice to know that the pair may spoil others’ chances but not Jamie’s. 😉

      • Dex…i’ll be withdrawing some amount from UBS and Credit Suisse to gamble on my bet. How much is you ante, Dex? Sorry if I could not do it in British pounds…I would rather put at stake real crispy and newly printed Swiss Francs on the pot, LOL!

      • Dex…anyhow, Bolivia and Paraguay do have a soft spot in my heart. It is in Bolivia that I first tasted a fresh water from the Fountain of Youth that energizes me up to now…I have to sail across Lake Titicaca for that, you know, (Lake Titicaca is known to be the highest lake in the world – it is nestled on an elevation about 10,000ft above sea level!)
        I happened to visit the very huge Dam in Paraguay that gathers volumes of water that flows from Iguazu Falls in both the Argentina and Brazil sides. The Dam in Paraguay generates hydro-electric powers that supply almost half the need of the country.

  2. Bolivia…haay…I miss that day when I crossed Lake Titicaca to see for myself the fountain of youth on the other side of the lake. I miss the old women selling their vegetables wearing their traditional dress in the heart of La Paz. Ole, Bolivia…hasta la vista!

  3. Maureen Ann Hiwatig Montagne Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 1st runner-up in now Miss Arizona-USA!

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