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  1. Hi. I just noticed, isn’t that the Bb. Pilipinas International crown that she wearing in the photo above? Nagkamali yata ng inabot na crown sa kanya during that photo session he he

  2. She’s so far one of the most memorable beauty queens -Philippines had ever produced. She’s always on the fashion spread of MOD, Women’s Journal, Woman Today etc., during her time. She’s so elegant and an original catwalk queen.

  3. She’s so far one of the most memorable beauty queens -the Philippines had ever produced. She’s always on the fashion spread of MOD, Women’s Journal, Woman Today etc., during her time.

  4. This was my very first ever view of Miss Universe pageant.I was 7years old only and was really thinking of Philippines.It was intact on my mind Geraldine’s full name,lagi ko sinasabi de Asis,wla plang ‘de’ un….just Geraldine Asis…

  5. is she based in Roxas City? Wow, I’ve been there twice and I should have looked her up for a possible photo-op he he. Next time na lang. Thanks for this!

  6. Thank you Mr. Norman for featuring Ms Pebbles..she is one of my sentimental fav Pinay beauty queen . She indeed rocked that stage in Singapore. with stellar performance.

  7. I’m really glad you made the time to post something for a dear friend …… i’m also from the place where pebbles reside ….we’ve known each other since high school …… though we don’t see each other that much but the bond of friendship is still there …. i was the one who made her evening gown the last time she went to bb pilipinas pageant few years ago …. she will always be in my top list of beauty queens who made an impact in the world of beauty pageants in the country …… she modeled for me many times in the early 90’s … i even remembered HER modelling for me for a photo shoot in BRIDE PHILIPPINES ( JENNY SYQUIA) 2 weeks after she gave birth to her first born ….. no one can beat that …. i have so may good memories with her and i will always cherish it …. again thank you for the recognition you gave her …. she truly deserved it more than anyone else …..:)

  8. One of the most unforgettable in binibini history. So happy to read about Pebbles. Ang original na baklang babae, followed by Venus as my second unforgettable and 3rd MJ (I know she will rock Florida this coming January)

  9. It’s a very heartwarming post. Thank u Tito Norms & Pebbles for updating us. I’m so happy to know that Pebbles is now doing good. & her daughter Sam looks so adorable, too! One lucky girl to have good genes from her good mom.

    I also saw that MU edition where Pebbles nearly clinched a top5 spot. She was so collected & very charming.

    All d best Pebbles! Do let us know thru NB when u are launching your hotel. Who knows, we can book for at least a couple of days’ stay. I havent been to Capiz.

  10. Greetings from Singapore. Pebbles in my opinion is one of the most beautiful and sassy Miss Philippines from the 80s. Great write-up on a most unforgettable queen.

  11. “Miss Philippines –Asia’s Hope”, was how Ms. Asis was tagged by newspapers in Singapore during the international pageant. And she breezed easily into the semifinals. Some say that her interview cost her a Top 5 slot because she came across as too gung-ho over her wish to go to the U.S., a place she has never visited. Puerto Rico pipped her for 5th place–who went on to become that year’s Miss International too, Valerie Tamara Simpson.

  12. Tito Norms, sya ang dahilan kung bakit ako nakaadict sa panood beauty pageant, I was just 6 six old them but I remember vividly tita Pebbles. I remember how she strides during the evening gown sobra swabe.

  13. Ka-batch siya ni Avon – daughter of Marissa Delgado…I had wonderful memory of their batch when they stayed in FRIDAYS in Boracay some days after their coronation!

  14. You would really know that she was one of the faves based on those precious seconds of TV exposure but those were the days when the interviews with Bob Barker can either make or break a candidate’s chances of making the final cut.

    Although she was bubbly, witty & poised, her interviews proved to be her Waterloo. Looking back, I strongly believe that she should have taken the place of Venezuela in the Magic Five.

    Pebbles remains as one of my three all- time Binibini faves along with Desiree & Joyce Ann from the 80’s

  15. What a beautiful write up Norman…Pebbles is a good friend of mine, Thank you for sharing!

  16. I LOOOVE the swimming pool pic!!! half submerged na si Pebbles sa pool pero naka cross legs pa rin! And that pose?!? Those earrings?!? LAAAHHHVEEEHHHT!!! Very Kabogera de Primera!!! No wonder she was a hit with the media in Singapore.

    Nasaan na kaya yung old gold crowns ng Bb. Pilipinas? In my opinion, parang mas maganda pa ito kesa sa ginagamit na crowns ng BPCI ngayon.

  17. Pebbles de Asis,finally!I’ve long wondered whatever happened to her after a glorious reign as Miss Universe-Philippines 1987,a glamorous modelling career and a movie with the Comedy King.Today,I’m so happy to hear that she’s just around and despite those unbelievably tough events in her life away from the glitz,all is now well with our queen.Thank you,Norman for this senti-Sunday feature,which brings memories of childhood,indeed.Another lovely lady I wish I could also hear something about is Adele Go,Supermodel of the World 1989.Just maybe.

  18. She is still beautiful after all these years. She was the very first Bb. Pilipinas Universe i saw compete in MU. First time namin nagkaroon ng TV at tamang-tama yung pageant nya ang unang-unang napanood ko. I really thought she will win the crown that year. Since then i became a fan of MU pageant.

  19. Tito Norms, thank you sooo much for the feature on Pebbles Asis. She has always been one of my favorite reps we’ve sent to Miss Universe. My earliest MU memories are from watching the 1987 pageant and my love for it started that year, five years old pa lang ako nun, haha. Kaya aside from Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran, sina Cecilia Bolocco at Geraldine Pebbles Asis ang ilan sa mga pinakaunang beauty queens na tumatak sa isip ko. I will never forget yung paglabas niya sa chinese moon gate set up ng evening gown competition in her black Louie Mamengo gown with matching opera length gloves. Vibrant, exotic and beautiful asian delegate! At shempre ang hair na ipinilit ko talagang gayahin everytime kong magsuklay after maligo. Cobra hair ba ang tawag dun or Tsunami hair Tito Norms?,. Hahaha!!!

    • Syet!!! Loui mamengo…yung mga name na yan naalala ko picc Philippine plaza hotel na sofitel na siete picados…jeep sa ermita…roxas blvd. MOD magazine. Atelier sa malate…trip down memory lane kaloka…

  20. Sir Norms, sino ba ang makakalimot ki Pebbles de Asis? Isa sa mga sobrang nilait at inokray ( kamukha daw ni Zeny Zabala) na pambato natin pero sa di inaasahan ay naging semi-finalist. Ganyan din ang nangyari ki Gloria Diaz, Desiree Verdadero, Miriam Quiambao at Janine Tugonon.

    • really? inokray sya tulad ni janine tugonon? Thank you for the trivia. Ang ganda ganda kaya nya feel na feel ko ang Filipina vibe nya. siguro dahil yung mga predecessors nya mga classic look, she really fit the 1987 kasi maapreciate talaga sya ng mga singaporean. Ang frustrated ako yung 1988 edition ng bb.

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