19 comments on “Thumbs up for Valerie Weigmann

  1. Parang Nagbago mukha ni Val.. Naging kahawig nya ang forever runner-up na si Bianca Paz .. hihihihi

  2. not really sure why the 3rd princess became the 3rd princess.
    If you know what I mean. 😀

  3. Smile of Lorraine is more queenly and elegant than Val… but we can’t denied that Val is sexier than her… Looking forward that Valerie can control her smile….. para hindi mag mukhang pilit…. back to back is impossible…

    Val smile is like Miss World Philippines 2011 (Gwendoline Gaelle Ramos Ruais).

  4. I also find her smile awkward..parang pilit yung smile ..hindi kagaya nag smile ni Lorraine..Tapos yung 2nd and 3rd princess napaka ordinary lang kompara kay Val at Lorraine ..parang napadaan lang ..hahahhahha

  5. I like her,she’s pretty and all but I really find her smile. awkward,yun lang..sana manalo ka Valerie. good luck sayo

  6. Again, I hate to be messenger of bad new here…But while I admire Valerie for her queenly demeanor, there is just something not right with her face / smile. It looks constipated. The smile looks forced.

    And her last picture…gasp. It reminds me of… of…of….dare I say it? of…Mommy Dionesia. Please look at it again.

    (No offense to Mommy Dionesia. Lol.

  7. This is about protecting the Miss World brand. The reason it was pulled out from the previous franchise holder is lack of focus. Cory might fall for the same trap if she loses focus. More importantly, adding less prestigious titles only cheapens the brand.

  8. Naku Tito Norms, kapag ginawa yan ni Madam Cory, for sure merong manginginig at mate-threaten sa Cubao!!! Hahaha!!! Some of the current and former MWP princesses are indeed good to go for intl pageants.

  9. Count my two thumbs and my big toes. Valerie is probablt the most loved beauty queen this year. XD

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