56 comments on “Sunday Specials: Who will Valerie Weigmann be wearing in London?

  1. Basta dalhin lahat ng magaganda. Quesehodang sampu pa ang maleta niya. Tutal sponsor naman ang PAL.

  2. Nganga ang byuti mo veki. Aminen ingget ka sa dami ng magandang gowns ni Val. O natapos mo na bang sulsihan ang mga isusuot ng alaga mo ha? Bilisan mo na puhleeese.

  3. well, she’ll stun everyone with her fashion statement. masarap damitan si val kasi matangkad, sexy and magcompliment sa beauty niya. CQ has a lot of budget talaga. hehe goodluck!

    enough with the comparison of MWP and BBP… alam naman nating mapapagod lang tayo at masasaktan lang. HAHA.

    • Its not really about the budget because most of these pieces of MWorg are just borrowed. It just happens that BPCI is a business.

  4. Among our girls who are aiming back-to-back titles for our country, I think Valerie has the highest chances of doing it. She is so naturally classy, sophisticated, humble and smart. Before she speaks, she thinks very carefully without compromising spontaneity and truthfulness. I really like her. She’s very genuine! 🙂 Keep it up, Val!

  5. Battle of the Blue ///

    Roses are red violets are blue … who looks best in blue, between the two.

  6. I’m pretty sure Valerie will rock the MW 2014 stage with these gowns. I think what separates Valerie from the other MW contestants is her advocacy, which she started a year before she decided to join MWP 2014. This proves that she is a genuine person with a big heart.

    For those people who haven’t watched the full episode of her Tonight With Arnold Clavio guesting, here’s the link:

  7. I could smell a B2B. Kung ganyan naman talaga ka-pursigido at ka-generous ng buong team, victory can always be possible. Can’t stop smiling:)

    • Yes..go Valerie. You can make history in Philippine Beauty Pageant.

      Miss World 2014 is Philippines Valerie Weigmann.

  8. Nakakatuwang malaman na ganyan karaming designers ang gustong damitan si Queen Valerie. 🙂
    Gagamitin ko nalang kay Val ang birthday wish ko this year. 🙏🙏

    Sana talaga ganyan din si Madam Araneta.

  9. Can’t contain my excitement. I was literally in awe when I found out about this today! May they choose the best outfits for her!

  10. Oh my goodness! This is the first time our representative is being accorded royal treatment. Queen Valerie deserves every bit of it anywasy. And I know that Queen Valrie will deliver!!! 🙂

  11. Bongga talaga ang MWP pagdating sa mga damit and gowns binibigay talaga ang lahat! Saludo que kay madam cory!

  12. She’s going to rock it! Her chance to win exponentially went up because of the couture gowns committed by these designers. London is very fashion forward — think Kate Middleton, Liz Hurley, Sienna Miller! Megan’s demure looks in Bali were appropriate for the traditional and conservative country. Valerie needs high end and sophisticated looks to razzle dazzle them.

  13. What I like about Ms Philppiness Worls is that-
    Pinoy designers are the ones creating her gowns.
    That is very original and patriotic.. We are bringing
    out our local/homegrown young creative designers
    to the worl and showcase our very own . That’s

  14. ANG BONGGA!!! Kudos to Cory Quirino/MWP and Jonas Gaffud/A&Q for making sure our MW reps have a fighting wardrobe. For sure our BBP reps wish ganito rin ang napapadala sa kanila ni SMA. Sana talaga magkaroon na ng change sa BPCI. Our beauty queens only deserve the best.

  15. I am loving the Randy Ortiz. The picture is grainy but the dress looks ethereal. Not so much the Lulu Tan Gan, maybe for daywear pwede si Ms. Tan Gan. I’m so happy to hear about the Filipino designers in the roster. Perfect opportunity kase talaga na makita and ma recognize works nila sa world stage. I know Valerie modeled for Michael Cinco before so I am really hoping na maka pasok man lang sya sa semis para ma showcase yung gown (kase sure na sure na talaga ako si MC yun haha). I am hoping pa rin na BPCI will follow suit. Marami na masyadong missed opportunities for them not to make any changes.

  16. Thanks for the heads up Tito Norms!

    What I’ve noticed is that, yung mga 8 designers na napili, yung designs nila eh modern take ng mga traditional Filipina clothing (terno/filipiniana); with the exception of Eric Delos Santos and Yako Reyes.

    Siguro dadalhin ni Val yung blue na Bing Cristobal gown that she used for her shoot para sa mga pictures niya for MWP.

  17. I dream the day when our Binibinis will be finally given this kind of opportunity to fit our local designer’s outfits.
    Not liking the Lulu Tan Gan outfit though.
    I am so excited for Val’s journey.
    From now on, I will be modest in my expectation with val and yvethesantiago. Just for them to place, at least in the semifinals, Masaya na Ako. I will just let them surprise me by nailing the back-2-back. They are definitely worhy contenders for the titles at stake.

  18. I don’t like the two gowns above but then I’m not an expert so my opinion really doesnt matter,but though I don’t like the gowns they’re much better than what bpci made their queens wear,I’m sure there are other gowns that looks better than the two above. Valerie’s lucky.. good luck to her,I hope she wins or if that’s too much to ask a semifinal or princess finish at least.
    have fun in London Valerie,do your best,give it your all never mind the bashers they’re so few compared to those who are supporting and praying for you.

  19. Honest opinion:

    Di ko masyado gusto yung gown ni Randy Ortiz at Lulu Tan Gan. Pero mukha namang maraming iba pang gown choices. I really hope they bring out the best in Valerie.

  20. Do you know, Sir Norman if she’s flying 1st. class, business or coach?

    And a friendly and an unsolicited advise to Val, pls. don’t wear the Lulu Tan Gan dress!

  21. Great Team! What’s good about MWP is they choose from a variety of designers (Filipino designers) to dress our candidates. 🙂 Unlike BBP… I mean, who among the recent BBP queens wore a Francis Libiran or Michael Cinco gown during their international competition? 😀 😀

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