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  1. Tito Norms, they actually have a 2nd option for Valerie’s costume for the Dances of the World segment.


    Posted by: Jesson Capuchino | Posted on: November 17, 2014

    This were the two different versions of the Mantones de Seda costume that I illustrated for the Dances of the World for Valerie. We actually initially intended it in blush pink before making a version in black and white. Blush colors seems to look great on Valerie and we were working to go towards that direction. However, when I did the moodboard for it, the black and white photograph seemed very intriguing to do thus having the 2nd version.

    We intended this costume to be done in semi-sheer fabrics and lace to mimic Filipiniana cloths like abaca, jusi and piña but with a heavier brocade skirt. But during our discussions, the dance itself was quite weak as the dancer would just twirl around and about with the manton de manila shawl. Not really a strong dance even if we spin some drama into it… so this was dropped…

    Source: SashFactor


    Kalurkey! Andaming choices!!!!! ❤

    • Whichever will be blessed by the Datu in South Cotabato will be packed inside Valerie’s luggage. Either of the two will do. But it seems that the first one that got approval. 😉

    • Maganda din tong mantones de seda but alfredo barraza has kind of killed the terno/ maria clara for me…

  2. Just wanna update everyone that the tickets for Miss World 2014 in London are now available for sale. I just bought a couple of tickets for us to support Val. I’ve got high hopes for her. Whoever is available to watch, please buy your tickets now!

  3. Malamig lang ba or nanayo talaga balahibo ko? Lakas ng hatak ng mga T’boli sakin. I remember Megan nung naka tutok lang spotlight sa kanya. Winner na winner! I hope Valerie can do the same kase sobrang bet na bet ko tong culture na to. I am so happy they are making an effort to showcase other facets of our being “Filipino”. Natuwa rin ako na hindi nila nilagay si Valerie sa typical mestiza costume. Contrast ng looks nya to. Manalo man or matalo (pero sana manalo or maka place man lang) sobrang inaabangan ko tong Ms. World this year. So far the snippets that I’m seeing regarding her preparations are very exciting for me. Hindi nako mapakali!!!!!

  4. It’s a combo of a traditional and bootyliscoius dance moves!! The winking may not be a good idea for the ignorant or clueless audience.

  5. Wynona Rider ang dansung na itech, mas bonggatelia kung sa huling sampung Segundo ay magwi-wiggle wiggle si Valeria Montoya!

  6. A good choice considering the costume and the limited dance time. See a more entertaining dance sequence sample above. 🙂

  7. How do they choose the candidates who will perform at the Dances of the World? Is there some sort of audition or screening? 🙂

  8. This is absolutely great! I guess this will promote the culture of the different indigenous peoples of our country — which is the core of Val’s Beauty with a Purpose Project right? I hope to see an incredible video showcasing Val’s BWAP — not too touristy, please. Vals’ face is enough to promote the beauty of our country but I ‘d like to see them focus on the essence of Val’s project (what it does to the IP group in Tarlac and how we as Filipinos can support this initiative.. :))

  9. It is my hope that the handlers of Valerie will stick to the modernized version of Tboli maiden wear that is illustrated on the left side. The additional “patadjong” that is wrapped-around hanging on the neck is generally used by a Tboli mother to carry her baby when she is moving around. It is also used by children to carry their things for safe-keeping when sent off for errands.
    Well, if Valerie’s dance needs to have a prop which she can utilize for maximum effect, then she can have the added “patadjong”, otherwise it just hinders in showcasing her sexiness…

  10. Ito yong talagang atin… I wish BPCI will give chance and explore our local expert to dress our international rep.

    Kudos MWP and Cory Quirino for exhibiting Filipino Multi Culture.

  11. This is great. I truly believe that the beauty pageant representatives should wear outfits showing the culture of our other brothers and sisters especially in the South.

  12. This emotional involvement will either lead to heartbreak or elation. Lol. I am enthralled by the level of support our candidate is getting. Im excited, and im hoping they could also ‘modernize’ the flirtations a bit like making use of winks (like in the video) and other such gestures.

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