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  1. My thoughts lang ewan ko kasi c madam chef stellla..okay na yung formula na MI for KF, MU for AnQ , supra-other group kaso jinumble ngayun taon..tuloyyyy puro waley ang placement ngayun dahil yun ang strength or specialty ng every camps!!!

  2. Being a successful orator, this is what I can simply say. That piece of speech is not written to be read but written to be expressed to a target audience. I guess Bianca missed that opportunity to be heard and let her heart be felt. Thank you.

  3. Nakapanghihinayang talaga. Kaya lang wala na tayong magagawa. Gawin na lang ni Bianca ang gusto niyang gawin para masaya.

  4. unfair tlaga ang buhay. siguro mariane needs to know how to “preparate” her own food. paturo sya kay bea in “preparating.” 😂

    • Ha-ha-ha…Siguro, isa sa nagpatalo kay Bianca ay noong nag-post sya ng photo ng Japanese Bento at ang hashtag nya ay : “MyFoodLooksBetterThanMe”…Mukhang seneryoso ng mga judges, LOL

  5. Sir Norman,

    I really want Bianca to vindicate her stunning loss. Sana merong kunin ang Binibining Pilipinas na isang frachise na international pageant tapos ipadala natin sya duon…marami pa namang mga pageants abroad di ba…baka pwd natin itong ipush kay Jonas at kay Madame Stella. Sayang talaga si Bianca…if not Miss International, baka merong place na nakalaan sa kanya….baka pwede ulit tayong sumugal for another pageant for her.:)

  6. A very timely heart tugging speech more than enough to create an impact on the MI judges/organizers as far as coming up with an advocacy and a mission as the platform of the MI organization is concerned.
    All has been said and done. Win or lose, Mariane will move forward and will continue to help the NGO that she’s been a part and parcel of.
    To all the critics and bashers out there, thank you for saying your piece, constructive or not.
    Mariane – job well done ! I’d say it’s not all about winning – it’s more of how you have touched a majority of us of how your MI journey went and learned from it.
    In defeat, you have shown class, humility and grace.
    It’s how winners are made of 🙂
    Thank you.

  7. kung baga sa libro ni Lola Basyang, tapos na ang kabanata nya, pls lang stop na at hayaan na natin maging masaya si Bianca! peace. it’s all in the past!

  8. I hope this is the last word on this very impassioned but interesting exchange of ideas, jabs and banter. From the vantage point of corporate planning, the speech is basically a statement of an action plan. Coming from an NGO career person herself, with an international Studies degree, she is able to bring the abstract, complex cliché-ridden issues of peace, love, understanding and compassion into realistic actionable points. She’s right– these issues are universal and “now more than ever… necessary”. We need not dispute the timeliness and urgency of these anymore in the light of ISIS, Russian and Chinese expansionism, Boko Haram, mass disappearances of Mexican students, mass abductions of Nigerian girls, and politicalized Ebola epidemic. Her prescription: “to believe in peace again” via a movement of action in her planned “Adopt and NGO program”. Intentionally. she addressed it to people who would implement and benefit from it– “to everyone watching here and in their homes”. That she is to deliver these abstract ideas into manageable bites in one-or-two minutes, they have to be couched in emphatic language with a bit of emotional appeal. The use of Japanese language is an effective final clincher.

    As a corporate planner, I see this as an executive summary of a proposed action plan for MI, which to-date does not have any advocacy yet that concretely defines its vision and mission. The beauty pageant business, just like any industry, will be hard put to get corporate sponsors, institutional partners, and event hosts, if its brand is not clear. Companies pragmatically associate their names and reputation with organizations whose image will add value to their own business and brand. That this sensible action plan was shot down even before its submission is very unfortunate.

  9. This has become a who’s who page. Funny how some of you could not just accept the opinion of everyone. Why is there a need to contest what has been opined by the others. Is this a patriotism page? Bianca would prefer reading the truth because the truth will guide her later instead of patronizing praises.

  10. Jusko po dang, daming self important preachy delusional poster dito. Its really turnjng a usually fun blog ni Norman into something irritating – ENOUGH! No one cares about your opinion. Ikaw na kasi ang mag train or magrepresent sa Phil. Better still, ikaw narin ang mag speech.

  11. Awwwssssss……. My heart truly bleeds for a touching speech of Bianca that was never heard, if she did get in the top 10, Sino ang kakabog sa speech nya aber? The judges know na Bianca will WIN marinig Lang ang speech nya💜💚💛

  12. Kung sasabihin kong Super Ganda ang sinulat na speech ni Bianca…na ito ay super touching, heart-felt, very inspiring, earth-shaking, attention-getting…alam kong tatabo ako ng napakaraming thumbs-up from the overly-fanatics and blind followers. I will be a hypocrite to do that. I would rather receive thousands of thumbs-down than fooling myself and fooling others into believing that I agree with something that I find mediocre, detached, flowery!!! I am just being truthful and realistic in saying that what I want to hear is a speech that has more heart to it. I disdain a speech that is preachy, moralistic, and trying to impose. I am not saying that Bianca’s speech belongs to that category…I am just alarmed that it is bordering to that kind of “trying-to-impress speech” than trying to inspire!

    Those who could not accept my views are entitled to their own fantasies and wild imaginings! I am just sharing my thoughts without putting down the person behind the speech (it is the speech and not the person that is the issue at hand here, you know that)…it is my opinion that while we can lay an impressive truthful premise in the introduction in a speech, we must support it with sharing of factual experience that is coming from the heart to make it more moving and inspiring.

    Sa mga blind followers and overly fanatics, I won’t condemn you if you continue your practice of thumbing down those who shatter your phantasms and hallucinations!

    • Completely agree! I posted the same thoughts earlier but got equal parts thumbs up and down. When you preach and impose on someone, it becomes ineffective and fake.

  13. The speech that was never delivered! She was denied the opportunity to say it because if she had, it would then be impossible ignore her platform and clinch for the Philippines a back-to-back win. That platform could have been the handle of a possible innovative and doable advocacy for MI. But the judges opted for maintaining the MI status quo of blissful smugness and mediocrity. MI just missed the opportunity of having not just a spokesperson, but an experienced advocate of genuine humanitarian action, a vital component of pageantry business that MI has sorely been lacking all these years.

  14. Wapakels if niligwak sa pageant si MaryAnne
    Basta para saken sya ang winner!
    Parang mas loved pa sya ng mga Pinoy Fans compare to Bea Rose…

  15. Hi Norman,

    I highly doubt this speech could have sealed the deal to get the crown.

    1) It is too patronizing to speak Japanese. What happens next when you win is that you must now pretend that you really know the language. That’s too gimmicky!

    2) MI is not about advocacy or the any of that charity crap. They will not even know what NGO means. Stop using acronyms only familiar to your locale because it makes you look provincial.

    PR and Colombia had simple though vague answers but that was enough fluff to get them high scores. You do not need to take this pageant too seriously because it is not at all. If Bianca wanted all of that charity blah-blah then she should have gone to MWP. Don’t you think there was a misalignment of her pageant direction which was the responsibility of her mentors and trainers?

    • If you had followed Bianca’s beauty pageant journey then you would have been aware that the original intent was for her to join MWP because that was where she was a better fit. But because she was a pageant neophyte, her mentors decided to let her join Binibini as, well, “practice”. As it turned out, the judges and perhaps Stella Araneta realized what she had and made her win. Thus, no more MWP. As to speaking in Japanese, c’mpn, that was one sentence. It is common practice for pageant contestants to learn the basics of the language of the host country. As to the charity leanings of her speech, I think Bianca was just being true to herself because of her NGO background. And I would prefer my country’s representative to show her true self instead of customizing her speech just to get high scores.

      • Unfortunately, there is no practice in life. You get one opportunity only. Seize it or blow it. She was a good candidate but definitely misguided.

    • They’re aiming for Ms U which is the ultimate but settled to MI. But what do you do? Is it because it is just MI you just settle for something less? Jonas remissed on his duty to give Bianca all the best he could being his mentor and it is only right nobody should cut him some slack! That’s what I believe.

      • I will dare say that there is a pageant fatigue emerging from these camps. Complacency is not a good ingredient for success. Jonas needs to assert his vision and not be easy going. Osmel Souza is very successful because he follows his vision on what his candidate must look like AND he does not care about comments, tweets, and bashers. Be the trainer, act like the trainer!

    • Hmmm good point… problem is she started late in pageantry, and she only has 1 year to join so it’s either BBP or MW. Aside from being 1st to commence, there are more crowns at BBP.. as for MW, she’ll be competing with her camp sister Val who is a shoo-in to win.

      • Strategic thinking is always useful in any decision. She could have waited for her turn or tried a less glamorous pageant. I like Valerie because she really took the time to develop herself and prepare for the pageant.

      • Probably. But I do not think Cory Quirino is the type of woman who wears second hand clothes.

      • Im not saying Bianca should join ms world (and i think she has more opportunities outside of pageantry given her acad credentials and self leadership) But Gwen and Quennie were second hand clothes while we’re at it.

  16. Nice speech! may nabasa ko pang 12 c bianca! Saka yung selection process ng top 10 pumili na nung NC presentation! kaya nakapasok na nun ang hindut at santolan kase bongga NC.

  17. When Norman started posting pictures of Bianca in Tokyo, that’s when I started feeling iffy but decided to keep my mouth shut, just because it wouldn’t do Bianca any good. But now that the competition is over… BPCI: red faux leather jumpsuit? oversized wool sweater? REALLY?!?!

    Ang sakit sa puso because of all the queens, it was Bianca who I felt had the sincere heart to serve. When she said #forthePhilippines, she really meant it. This only goes to show that beauty pageants has an element of luck in it.

  18. Tama lang sa kanya na di cya pasok sa Top 10 noh.. and if ever pumasok man but with that speech.. ligwak pa din. Tama ang judges sa decision nila.

  19. Mega cry ako ang sakit sakit sa dibdib, ate bianca hindi ka nagiisa. Next year talaga sasali na ako sa BB.

  20. So, true. Bianca = Top 10 ——–> Miss International Pop back to back.

    That’s the price of being a powerhouse, You’re a threat to win.

  21. Ayaw talaga ng japan ng back to back, sana man lang
    Pinaalam nila na no back to back para hinde nalang ipadala si bianca, sa 2015 nalang sya ilaban. Ayan nasayang si bianca, grrrrrrrr

  22. Huhuhuhu!!! 😦 Nyetang mga organizers yan!
    I can’t believe they did not see Bianca’s beauty inside and out?!… Parang gusto ko mag organize ng sarili kong International pageant para lang manalo si Bianca because she trully desserves to win… Sana ma dethrone yung mga winners at Top 10 ng MI this year! Joke! 😦

    • hahaha may secret wish pa rin ako na ganayan lol ma dethrone lahat tapos re-announcement ng top 10. yaan nyo na..may mga tao talagang medyo matagal tagal di maka move on.

  23. OMG, mega touch ako sa speech from the heart talaga. Bianca, we love you! Naniniwala ako na may dahilan ang lahat and i know na may mas malaki ka pang misyon more than the MI crown! And happy ako na may mas maganda pang darating, basta deep in my heart you are forever a Binibining Pilipinas na may puso at talino more than anything else. Thank you!! You made us proud sobra

  24. Ung gown tlaga nagpatalo sa kanya. Pero kung ang sinuot nya ung asa pic bka paslak pa sa top 10…. Tsk #dmakamoveon #chakagown

  25. I cried a river!!! I wanna touch base with you when I get back. I wish I knew where. Doing something for a cause has always been at the back of my mind. I think the sense of happiness it gives you has no price tag. Nice gown in that picture by the way but I don’t want to comment any further. Thanks a lot for doing what you could. Most of us know you did your best but pundits will always be around who think they know better.

    • Ha-ha…look now who’s talking? Who cares about you trumpeting your “crying a river”…
      Ha-ha…look now who is being hypocritical about quoting verses about righteousness, and here he is hypocritically announcing that “Doing something for a cause has always been at the back of my mind.”…What are you? A two head serpent ? Tsk..tskk…what a shame!

  26. The speech would have been very nice. At the end of the day, let us just be happy Bianca represented the country well. No more nasty comments and stuff. Puerto Rico won the title.

  27. I believe in Peace…but I can’t just act and support NGOs such as Masaganang Ani ni Janet Napoles and the likes. Our Peace-keepers do believe in Peace but their actions are not just enough to mitigate violence.
    I would prefer to hear Bianca speaks something that is coming from her heart, and what is the best way to express it is through speaking from her personal experience!
    I like you Bianca…but, frankly, I want to hear a speech that has more heart to it! PEACE!

    • The thing about doing something worthy to your fellowman is not to brag or talk about it. You do it in secret.

      The bible said, “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

      Now Benjie tell me, what have you done to help those in need?

      • @Ryan , keep your cool dude. Choose your battle. Don’t waste your precious time replying to someone who is definitely below your caliber, our caliber. He thinks he knows it all & pretend to be someone in authority but it shows the way he deals with things that he is not & how low his kind of life is. Comment all you want. Don’t be bother about his replies. What he says doesn’t matter. He is noone! Only here he can act high & mighty.

        @poor Benjie, nakisawsaw ako, after all you mentioned me. So after me, nang aaway ka pa ng ibang nagco-comment lang naman. So sino ngayon ang may problema? Tsk tsk tsk, i pity you, you have some personal issues. Get a life, a real one!

      • Ha-ha Ang Megan Yan na yan talaga…mahilig bumaluktot ng katotohanan…galing nga talaga sa pagnanakaw ng kaban ng bayan ang kinakain…ang mga pinagmamayabang na travel “KUNO” ay galing din sa pagnanakaw. Siguro nga isa sya sa mga spokesmatron ng Partido UNAno – kurakot na namumuluktot pa ngkatotohanan, HA-HA-HA

      • Again…look, who’s talking? ha-ha…now, now, who’s talking nonsense! Para hang isang Senadorand Nansens! Hay, Dong…ka-ipokrito nimo Dong, oi!

  28. Meh di pang winner ung speech. Saka yan sinagot niya sa BB Pilipinas uulitin niya na naman. Sure kung maganda nga hangarin niya pero boring talaga ang dating. At saka alam ba ng Hapon what NGO stands for? Mamaya ung translator ng Hapon pumalpak at iba pa mai-translate.

    • LOL! You obviously have no idea what NGO is about. Most if not all countries (especially 1st world countries) have NGOs of their own. It’s global! Japan International Volunteer (JVC) is an example of an international NGO. I’m not sure where you got the assumption that some Hapon don’t know what NGO stands for. Plus, the judges are sure educated enough to know what NGO is. So please before mag- marunong, do a bit of research first ha.

      • Not everyone around the world will know the acronym NGO! Stop assuming that everyone does because it makes you look small minded. Use general terms like charity organizations or welfare groups because those are more worldly terms. Anyway, regardless if they know it or not, the speech itself is weak.

      • Are you seriously calling me small minded? You stupid little twat. I was not assuming anything and I’ve never said that everyone should know the acronym of NGO! I called Eric out because not only did he undermine the intelligence of the judges but he also assumed that NGO is only a Pinas thing. You low life brainless piece of poo.

        Philippines didn’t coin NGO. It’s Non- governmental Organization!!! All countries have countless of NGOs of their own. What Bianca wanted to say to everyone was just to adopt one (NGO). That’s all. Do you really think that these highly educated judges would not know what NGO means?

      • I agree with you Mely Dea! It’s pretty common especially in developed countries. I’m not sure what’s wrong with these two trying hard to be intelligent sons of bitches.

  29. Kaya naman pala di siya pinasok sa tough 10! Kasi mapipilitan silang magback2back tayo!

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