6 comments on “Krynica-Zdrój for Miss Supranational 2014

  1. I am sure my Queen has safely arrived and is now adjusting because of the 7-hour difference. Hopefully she’s asleep now and she wakes up to a brighter day.

    I’ve been to Krakow in early 2004 and I believe the place for the pageant is not that far down south. She will be amazed of the rustic sights and very old buildings classified as world heritage. I’m sure she won’t find the language that much of a barrier since there are a lot of Polish who can speak (basic to good) English.

    Just enjoy Poland, Queen Yvethe! 😉

  2. My secretary is from Poland. They are very Catholic and traditional there.

    I think Yvethe can work the same characteristics of Filipinos to her advantage. Back to back or not, I think she will do very well. Miss Supranational leans more towards A&Q’s style anyway.

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