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  1. @Joshuaisnotmyname

    In fairness to you, naniniwala ako na magastos si Bea… Ilang beses ko sya nakita sa the Fort strip at 71 Gramercy socializing ng naka full outfit and designer bag… ibenta nya kaya yung bag nya para may pang gastos sya… Si Val and Megan nga e ni minsan hindi ko nakita sa labas para gumastos… Nakita ko lang si Val one time sa Urban for an event na parang Fashion show… she left the place right after her stint… she did not even stay for the after party and yet she got paid big bucks for it.


    Now that Yvethe is also gunning for a back-to-back win, Bianca’s experience should give Team Yvethe some last-minute brainstorming to address these:

    1. Both MI and MS have no distinct branding, although the latter is showing indications of developing a brand along some advocacies. Meaning: clinching the crown is like aiming at a moving target. We do not know with precision what type of persona MS would like its image model to be this year, unlike MW and ME where their respective advocacies help identify the attributes congruent to their brand personalities. We do not know if Yvethe’s packaging and positioning fits the preference of this year’s board of judges. That means that if we have not done some research, we should do it now while there is still time, and do some last-minute fit outs in packaging and positioning.

    2. MS is facing a serious challenge from a break-away organization carrying the same name and engaging in the same activity. Meaning: its bottom-line is to have an image model/ spokesperson who can rally as wide audience as possible to support its activities, not just followers but also sponsors. On the support group, it is well known that any Philippine representative has a huge following not only in the home country but the global network of Filipinos in diaspora– expats, overseas workers, immigrants, tourists. Not to mention the millions of Filipinos in the cyberspace and in social media everyday! MS organizers should know this.

    3. Ultimately, the issue is: what will make MS organizers choose again an image model/ spokesperson from the same country where it last sourced from? Assuming we hit the “moving target” bulls-eye, the answer lies in Yvethe’s likeability factor. She should have outstanding admirable qualities, a differentiating point, that will make her rise up from the clutter of equally beautiful talented women. It would also help if the track record of her predecessor is admirable to the eyes of the organizers. But more than this, the organizers should know that the Philippine beauty queens will make good brand advocates because compassion and empathy to the needy are natural traits of Filipinos.

  3. We shouldn’t blame Bea or Bianca’s performance (because she is perfect and I love her to pieces.) Nanood ba kayo ng video (live stream?) kasi mukahang hindi. Nakita nyo ba ang ipinasuot na gown sa perfect candidate natin? My god, kung ako contestant at yan ipasuot sakin, mag rerefuse talaga ako. ang hindi ko maintindihan kung sino man ang nagpapasuot ng mga pesteng gown sa mga representative natin eh parang di nila ata alam na jina-judge ang lahat ng candidates sa evening gown. di ka makakapasok sa kahit anong “top” list na yang kung ligwak ang score mo sa evening gown (di ba nga muntikan na si ara)… hindi na maicoconsider na lapse yan, kabobohan na talagang ipagpatuloy na damitan ang mga candidate natin ng basura… kahit ang isang perfect candidate pa magdala nyan, like our dear Bianca, walang mangyayari kung ganyan kapangit ang gown.

  4. ¿Qué Hay De Nuevo?

    Miss International will always be guided by its tradition — no to back-to-back. Better expect for the worst when our bet is in such situation. The experiences of Bianca alone makes her a winner not to mention all the love and support extended to her during the competition.

    Bueno, enhorabuena, Valerie!

  5. Kung ako ay isa sa mga may ari ng MIO at ang reigning MI na galing ng Pilipinas ay may sinabing “I’m very very frustrated, I want to do more pero hindi ako payagan gumawa ng sarili kong, you know, charity.”, tao lang naman ako para mainis. Kaya hindi ko na talaga ibibigay sa kababayan ng babaeng to ang korona. May brand akong pinapangalagaan tapos yung binigyan mo ng chance/opportunity/blessing para magsalita ng mabuti tungkol sa akin ay nagpapakalat ng mga negatibong mensahe. Sasali sali ka sa pageant ko tapos aasta ka na para bang ikaw ang may-ari? Ako ang nagbigay ng platform sa’yo, ako ang magdedesisiyon kung anong gagawin mo.

    Pero jan naman magaling ang Bea rose na yan. Walang utang na loob.

    Quoting his father, “a Frankenstein who does not take qualm in killing any person, not even the person whom she has known as [her] father”, walang kinikilala si Bea Rose. Di niya nga inisip yung mararamdaman ng tatay niya, yung chances pa kaya ni Bianca, maaalala niya?


    • You must be stupid for calling Bea as walang utang na loob. Do you know her family personally????

      I do know her immediate family and don’t assume so many things. Her estranged father admitted his mistakes. Can you blame the little girl Bea growing up without a father? Her late grandmother took care of her. Her mother migrated to Canada in order to give her children a better life. Bea Rose followed her mother to Canada when she was still a high school student.

      Those precious years of a child until teenager, and some memorable lementary and high school events, her father was nowhere. But Bea Rose is focused and did not go wayward or become a problem child. Instead, she became stronger. Her strong willed personality is very evident and that is Bea Rose Santiago, Miss International 2013.

      • Dad calls Bea Rose Santiago a liar and an ingrate, demands public apology

        By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.com
        January 13, 2014 · 1:57 pm

        Bea Rose Santiago and her father, Paul Valencia Santiago. (Photo from his Facebook account)

        The father of Bea Rose Santiago has lashed back at the reigning Miss International after she claimed in a television interview that he had abandoned her and her mother when she was 10 years old.

        Last January 5, Bea confessed on the ABS-CBN talk show “Buzz ng Bayan” that she was adversely affected when her father abandoned their family when she was only 10 years old.

        “I grew up as daddy’s girl, then when he decided to leave my family it was to the point that I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 20,” Bea, now 23, was quoted as saying on the show.

        She added that although there were times when she hated her father and constantly confessed about it in church, she said she has already forgiven him after he said “I’m sorry” prior to her joining the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant last year.

        Three days after that controversial interview, Bea’s father, Paul Valencia Santiago wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook account and belied Bea’s statements said on national television. Now a Masbate councilor, he even went as far as calling his daughter “a Frankenstein who does not take qualm in killing any person, not even the person whom she has known as [her] father”.

        Insisting that he never abandoned his children, Santiago said it was the infidelity of Bea’s mother that eventually led to their separation.

        “After my former wife was forced to resign from her post in the Provincial Hospital of Masbate due to some anomalies. I, with the help of one of my siblings sent her to school to take up a caregiver course. After that my father contributed part of his retirement money in paying for my ex-wife’s plane fare to Canada in 2000. I was left with our children to stay with my parents in law while I was then waiting to be hired for job overseas,” Santiago recalled.

        Santiago further narrated that as early as 2004, he already heard rumors about his wife’s infidelity and initially declined her request to let him allow their children to join her in Canada. He eventually relented when she assured him that she would take care of the kids there and even paid for their airfare.

        “As a father, it was very painful for me to allow them to go to Canada but I took that pain thinking that it would be for their better future and for their best interest. Moreover, I made that decision to maintain my self-respect and honor as well as to avoid any untoward confrontation with my ex wife and her paramour,” he explained.

        “True enough, when my children got there in March 2006 they found out that their mother was living in with someone else and my heart bled to learn that my children were constrained to live in one roof with their mother’s common law partner,” he claimed.

        Despite feeling hurt and betrayed, Santiago said he consoled himself with the thought that his kids now have a better future in Canada as he lived “a quiet and peaceful” in the 10 years that he was separated from his children.

        “During those years, that I could hardly communicate with my children she managed to brainwash my children into thinking that I left them for another woman when the truth is, that it is their mother who is living in with another man. How she managed to remain immaculate in the eyes of my children is something I cannot fathom,” he wondered.

        When his wife returned in 2010 with their youngest and only son, Santiago was convinced by the former that she will help him go to Canada so they can rebuild their family.

        “After she left, I started working on getting a new passport but to my surprise I never heard from her,” he lamented.

        In 2011, Santiago was very happy to be finally reunited when her first-born daughter came home to join the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant.

        “I would visit her and drive her daily to events that she needed to attend. I provided transportation for her townmates who came to Manila just to watch the coronation night. My siblings and their spouses were present during the coronation night together with the relatives of my ex-wife,” he further recalled.

        “Not only me but even my siblings provided her monetary support like plane fare, her tools in talent portion for the Mutya pageant, not to mention beauty products she needs for her beauty regimen. Thus, it is quite astounding that she would claim that she never received support from me or my family when we have pictures to show for it.”

        Santiago said he went on to take care of Bea’s needs when she joined the Binibining Pilipinas, including paying for the condominium unit in Cubao where she lived to comply with the pageant’s six-month residency requirement.

        “Whenever she needs money she just asks her cousin who works for me to inform me about it and I immediately send her what she needs. There was a time when she came back from Palawan and was hospitalized for alleged dengue or skin allergy, I had to travel immediately to Manila to check on her and I was the one who paid for all the hospital bills.”

        But when Bea said she needed P300,000 to pay for “facial enhancements” last year, Santiago could not produce said amount as he was also running for public office that time. That’s when Bea “turned cold and even colder when her mother arrived and she won the title,” he alleged.

        “So her statement that she has forgiven me is utterly false. Moreover, I never asked for her forgiveness as I have not sinned against her or her siblings,” he insisted.

        In explaining his detailed post, Santiago said he never wanted to wash the family’s dirty linens in public but Bea “pushed me to the wall”.

        “I am a public official in our town and it affects my credibility that you paint a picture of an irresponsible father on me when I have not done anything to take advantage of you or your perceived popularity. Also I am concerned about how the web of lies you spread on the media will affect my family members”.

        Bottom line, Santiago wants his daughter to retract her public statements and issue a public apology even as he reserves his right to avail of legal action.

        “I do not dismiss the fact that the termination of my relationship with her mother may have had psychological effect on her especially the years she was exposed to her mother’s bitterness but it cannot justify her immature behavior,” he further argued.

        As news of Santiago’s post went viral, several netizens wasted no time posting their reactions, most of which are initially unfavorable to the current Miss International titlist.

      • Bea’s father is a lunatic. How can a parent put down his own blood to be ridiculed publicly? He is a total disgrace to the world of parenthood and the Philippine Society.

        #irresponsiblefather #fatherliar #disgustingparent

      • The liar and lunatic; I’m not sure. But, a humiliated Bea, yeah, that’s sad. Asking for P300,000 pesos for beauty enhancements is really humiliating.

      • I think somebody is exagerating on the facial beauty enhancements… Nobody needs 300K just for the face… I don’t know who to believe but as I remember… The current administration of Masbate who are proven to be corrupt declined to give her the insane alleged asking price of 500k pesos as support for her to compete at BBP… I don’t know who’s lying but it’s no wonder why she had no homecoming parade at Masbate.

    • It shows you are so naive that you easily believed what was written by Paul.

      Well, if your sympathy goes to the father of the child based on the news, it just confirmed your foolishness. I do not stoop to your level.


  6. Baka pinkilaman ng A&Q ang styling kaya ganun ang kinalabasan? Alam naman natin na forte ni Stella itong pageant na ito. Dapat kasi conservative di yung pang Miss U kundi ligwak ka.

  7. Don’t be bitter about Bianca’s loss. It’s not her time. I abhor people who blame Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago.

    I challenge everyone here to give justification on this “blame game” attitude. I am bewildered by the comments that smack of characteristics typical to ‘SORE LOSERS”.

    I adore Bea Rose and I repeat, she gave honor to the country and it is written in the history of pageantry that will be retained forever.

    • Just my own personal opinion…kaya nanalo si Bea dahil ginamit nya ang bagyong Yolanda at naawa sa Pinas…yan ang first reaction dito sa Singapore ng mga friends when she won and I share that strong feeling as well.

      Just my thoughts. Yes definitely she gave honor to the country. Mabait man or masama ugali eh lahat tayo may kakayanan na magbigay ng karangalan sa bansa.

      • You gave a very shallow reason in associating typhoon haiyan to the crown.

        Bea Rose worked hard for it. She did her homework about Japan, the people, language, culture, norms, fashion, etiquette and everything about Japanese. Before joining the national pageant (Binibini), she joined other minor contests including Mutya where she won that “overseas runner title”. When she was still living in Canada, Bea was an international fashion model traveling all over the world. Her nationalistic and patriotic spirit brought her back to her motherland. She really wanted to give honor and pride to the Philippines.

        Despite her family problem, Bea stood tall and became a good child until today. She has never been involved in scandals and she remains loyal to the country, her family and friends.

      • Sorry pero natawa talaga ako dun sa “Her nationalistic and patriotic spirit brought her back to her motherland. She really wanted to give honor and pride to the Philippines.” Sa opinion ko lang naman, walang sumasali ng pageant para jan. HAHA. And this is not me hating on Bea Rose. Sumali siya ng Binibinig Pilipinas para sa: 1)Pera 2)Fame 3)Career 4) Personal Dream. Pwedeng gusto niya ding mag bigay ng pride and honor sa bansa pero bilang tao, sigurado, hindi yun ang nagmotivate sa kanya. 😀 😀 😀

    • Agreed. She accomplished something for the Philippines on an International scale. Literally.

      Sino atin can say the same of ourselves?

  8. eto namang i Bea. ayaw tumigel! kalurkey. hahahaha kairita. halatang masaya siya sa nangyari. di pa nakakamove on sa issue sa reign niya. hmp lol sorry guys. :))

  9. Tapos na.

    Loser mentality – it’s so and so’s fault/if only/blame someone/crab crab crab

    WINNER mentality – Bianca was not what the judges were looking for despite her doing an amazing job.

    Time to let go of Felepens loser crab mentality.

    Congrats to the winners na lang. Onward and upward.

  10. anong nangyari… sa ating dalawa…. CHAR.

    pero seryoso. nasad ako kahapon talaga. kasi alam nating deserving talaga siya and credible. but i guess hindi pa nga ready ang MI sa back-to-back. every year lang siguro nag iiba ang tipo nilang manalo. haaay ang dami ko pang sasabihin pero nasabi na ng lahat dito. isa lang ang nakakainis talaga. bakit gown lagi ang pinupuna.. hello, ariella arida nga. nakapasok. LOL pero siyaempre ibng kaso un.. i believe magand anaman gown niya.

    siguro perfect girl at the wrong pageant lang. pang MW kasi siya. her advocacies, her background.. everything. haaay.. anyways, i hope BPCI will learn on this and make a better game plan para sa mga next Binibini..

  11. Can Bianca still join another pageant in the future? I guess, the best thing she can do after this pageant is to enter another pageant and redeem herself… that is kung pwede pa and kung gusto niya pa. Just my two cents.

    P.S. Hindi ba bagay kay Bianca nag naka-high bun? And, yes, I guess, the gown she wore was a make or break kind of garb. For me, it looked too 80s. Sorry, not an expert on dresses and hairstyles.

  12. speaking of gowns, off topic, is lebanon wearing one of zuhair murad couture creations? ang gondo lng kase, stand out ung gown nya tlga. baka nmn princess cut ung suot ni bianca dahil lage n lng fitted gowns bsta beauty pageants. malay nyo mag trend pla ang ball gowns in the next few years. 😉

  13. Hindi talaga ako maka move on dun sa plato na giveaway sa mga winner..

    Parang mas maganda pa yung giveaway last year na banga

  14. Also I think that Bea Rose was a factor why Bianca did not win. Sorry to her fans, but there is something about Bea Rose that isn’t so genuine. Unlike Mutya and Megan, you can feel something in her vibe that is “questionable”…

    Of course if the organisation isn’t really that happy with the predecessor, why crown the successor?

    Just a very honest opinion.

    • Why blame Bea Rose? She got the crown and we should be proud of her. Bea Rose is Miss International 2013!!!! She gave honor to the country.

    • That is my observation too to bea….nandun na cya as judge why dont take the opportunity na mag bigay na mataas na puntos kay bianca makapasok man lng sa top 10…and mukhang may pagka plastic at attitude nga itong si bea…of all MI queens cya ang parang hindi deserving for me…nagkataon lng talaga sa yolanda at nagamit nya….it only shows na di nya sinoportahan si bianca from the start maybe because of camp issues and hindi para sa bayan… Lumabas lng ang baho ni bea….will unfollow her on IG na…shame!

      This time i believe mag place man si yvette or mag back to back….its because of mutya….talagang genuine si mutya

  15. Bianca no doubt is a beautiful woman. I only got the chance to see her performance during the National Costume. She did well, but I felt something was lacking… Even in her interviews here in the Philippines, I noticed something about her voice. The Japanese people are very soft-spoken; they value sensitivity and femininity so much in a woman. I recalled Precious Quigaman’s voice–very gentle. Kahit si Miss Melanie noon, shy at napakademure. Even Bea Santiago, even if I do not like her, the way she spoke is very feminine. Bianca is articulate yes, but she lacked “gentle” quality. This competition isn’t for a beauty like her. I can imagine Kris Janson fitting this category better.

    And what happened to Kris’ teeth anyway? What are the managers doing to their faces? Even MJ. Please somebody concerned, tell them to fix their teeth whilst we still have time. This isn’t about bashing but just a levelheaded opinion. The way they speak can be quite off-putting because of their teeth.

    I hope the other remaining candidates ponder on deeply about the negative effects of overconfidence too, it isn’t quite healthy…

    I wish everybody good luck and lots of blessings!

    • @Alex…I think, Hannah Sison would fit your description…I hope she can represent Philippines next year in MI2015! hehehe

      • Hi Benji. Hannah is very pretty, but I’ve watched her interviews before. In my honest opinion and critical eye I do not think she’s has the titleholder vibe.

        In the past I’ve only really seen something special in the following: Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Mutya Datul, Ara Arida, and Megan Young.

        There is a “natural” quality na hinding-hindi naituturo sa isang tao. That’s inherent. Of course we can refine, polish. et cetera, pero ang natural ay natural if you get what I mean.

        These girls are very pretty but they are sent to the wrong categories. I saw this girl Parul Shah, and I do not think she deserves “only” a MissTourism title. She has an M.U quality based on the photos I’ve seen, but I still do not know how she speaks like… it’s a very big factor too.

        I hope MJ tunes in to this very valuable website. I suggest she also watch videos of her “rivals” from another country. There is indeed a strategy in winning a game. One of them is not just to know your own strengths and weaknesses–you also have to know your “enemies” very well.

        Let MJ watch videos of the current Miss Brasil, Venezeula, Colombia, et al. Let her natural self shine only with a “fiercer” attitude. More confidence. Make her watch Dayana Mendoza. The past winners. The elegance of Ximena. The humility and gentility of Leila. The fun-loving and natural side of Olivia. Learn from this women without having to really “change” yourself. She has to leave every single person “breathless” kung ika nga. Hindi pwede tayo overconfident. Remain humble, make a strategy based on past mistakes to lessen “the risk of losing” and eventually get that elusive crown. There is no way MJ won’t get it this time if only she would

      • @Alex…Same observation with you…the Hannah think was just an afterthought after so much figuring-out why kind of beauty the MI organizers really want!

    • If MI looks for a sweet, feminine, gentle winner, I also don’t see that in Bianca. Her smile is sweet and playful but there’s something in her that comes as strong. Her personality is strong, her body is toned and a little bit manly. Puerto Rico, eventhough she’s exotic and even Colombia, they’re gentle looking females and looked very kind and manageable. And look at Thailand. Her speech is just so so but she looked so meek and gentle up the stage. Look at the gowns of the previous winners. They’re fab and body hugging, the one that shows off the curves of a woman, with neatly bunned hair. Bianca didn’t have those when she competed. Thus, the clapper result. Opinyon ko lang naman.

  16. This is just soooo heartbreaking…. most of those who entered the semis were not in the radar… A surprised win…. And just like what Pia wrote in her instagram… it took minutes to recover from what had just happened… I believed Mary Ann did all the things she could possibly do but it isn’t just for her… But it doesn’t make her less of a queen.

    This is just my observation, how come when all of our queens, past and reigning have posted their message of goodluck for Mary Ann, and after the finals… How come Bea hasn’t post any about Mary Ann – at least to say “you did your best”… It’s all about her and her reign…

    Sir Norman will still there be a POSTCRIPT???

      • Hi Norman, I hope you can be discuss in detail what preparations were made for her. Who made the decision about the gown? Why was her hair a mess? Why was her walk changed? It may be a good idea to discuss this directly with A&Q to get their comment. By the way things are done now, it may be too late for Miss Universe preparations to be changed.

      • Marikit, the preparations of BPCI for Bianca did not veer away from how Bea Rose was trained/groomed last year. Since it was proven effective, then the game plan can only be looked at as reliable. They also provided the gown. Whether people liked it or not, there’s only so much we can say or do about the choice. About the hair, keep in mind that the organizers have their own stylists backstage. She can give her two cents about the style, but not to the point of being a pain about it.

        When Bianca became Bb. Pilipinas, BPCI has fully taken over the training. So there’s really no use asking A&Q about the walk (or the change you are referring to). Whatever fitness trainings you can see John Cuay doing with the ladies, it was all done in the Queens’ own free time. Someone else is officially in-charge of their gym workouts.

  17. As the non-placers were leaving Japan today, Miss Thailand looked for Miss Philippines to day goodbye. Miss Thailand also wanted to give Miss Philippines the crown as a gesture of the wonderful friendship and bond that was created between the two. It was very touching… and I hope this helps dispel this notion of adversary between the two beauty nations.

    • This is the true essence of beauty queens with outstanding personalities. Misses Thailand and Philippines won my heart. They both deserve to be crowned. Congratulations.

    • Seeing this video made me feel better for Bianca. I hope that she’ll remember this experience as something incredible and rewarding. There is only one crown and title, but that does not mean there is only one winner. Thank you Bianca and thank you Miss. Thailand. You both are beautiful inside also!

  18. 2013
    Mister World – Runner Up
    Miss World – Winner
    Miss Universe – Runner Up
    MTQI – Semifinalist
    Miss Grand International – Runner Up
    Miss Supranational – Winner
    Miss International – Winner
    Miss Intercontinental – Winner
    Manhunt – Winner

    Mister World – Clapper
    Miss International – Clapper
    Miss Grand International – Clapper
    Miss Universe – TBD
    Miss Supranational – TBD
    Miss Intercontinental – TBD
    Miss World – TBD
    Manhunt – TBD
    MTQI – N/A

    It is safe to say the 2013 feat will be hard to achieve again with the way things are going


    • Wag naman ganyan, be optimistic padin dapat tayo. Hope lang ng hope tayo. Push natin ang hope na yan

      • Mr world? Di ba clapper di spainhour? Sa intercontinental, runner up lng si Medina di ba? At ganun dn si Wagas sa manhunt? Correct me if im wrong.

        Im still hoping na this is still our golden era.

      • Omg! May mr worl ba nung 2013? Spainhour was our bet for 2014. My bad. Pero si wolfe, 2012 ata un pnadala.

    • Andrew Wolfe competed in Mr World 2013 and yes Runner Up (although saying “Lang” will not justify it compared to a clapper) si Miss Philippines sa Miss Intercontinental 2013

      My point is 2013 is the BEST year of Philippine Pageantry unless may mangyaring miracle na lahat sila winner sa isang year then history will repeat it self

  19. Ay nako teh, anjan ka na naman. Asa ka pa, inday. Hindi mananalo si MJ. Tama yong hula kay ateng Bianca na pareho lang kay MJ. Magburda ka na lang ng kortina para sa pasko.

  20. Graveh naman. Napuyat ako para koronahan ang Puerto Rico. Nakamove on na ko mga teh kaya congrats sa mga winners. Ligwak ang Mexico ko. Char!

  21. It’s not a surprise that lahat ng nasa top 5 ay naka pusod. Japanese people find the neck very sexy. Ang formula sa MI ay sexy neck, long legs, and a sense of demure mystery. In short, GEISHA dapat.

  22. Guys may nag fofollow ba sa into ng IG acct ni Bea rose? Hala si ate a yaw paawat. She posted a video of her crowning her successor. Sabi nya “I felt like I haven’t really used it to the fullest bc of somecircumstances (NOT MIO) I just wished I fought harder for my right to work as miss international abroad or Philippines”


    • That’s so sad. We might expect a shutout again next year. Without her naming names, Miss International org will still understand what she means and might not take it lightly. I hope she would just be happy and grateful for her accomplishment. As for lack of opportunities, she can now pursue those even without a title. If she knows what’s good for her and for the future Miss Philippines International, that should be her last reaction.

  23. In the absence of a clear and identifiable advocacy, participation in a contest like MI is like aiming at a moving target. Unlike MW and ME, where distinct advocacies define the type of candidate who best personifies their brand essence, there is a great deal of guessing game as to which type of persona MI organization will look for each year, high probability of ambiguity in the selection criteria, and high certainty of subjectivity in the judges’ decision.

    The fact that MI contest is one of the hardest to read, Bianca’s assignment is one of the toughest among this year’s queens. I’m sure Team Bianca had a game plan, but no amount of strategizing can tackle a terrain with a lot of unknowns. No amount of packaging and positioning can square off with unpredictable specs. Lesson learned: more research on the ever-changing swings in preferences by unbranded pageant organizations.

    And to Bianca: you are still our beautiful, articulate, compassionate queen! Bea decried about MI’s non-involvement in any humanitarian activity during her reign. By sending you as the Philippine candidate, we presented the MI organization with a rare opportunity of having a queen whose core competence is developing and building brands along some practical and meaningful advocacies. It is not your nor Philippine loss— it’s theirs.

  24. Tito norms, watching the show again, i think i figured out how the top 10 was chosen. If you noticed, the girls were grouped alphabetically by 5s. Only the hoghest scorer in each group of 5 can make top 10. Results were as follows:

    Grp 1 – argentina, grp 2 – brazil, grp 3 – colombia, grp 4 – none, grp 5 – finland, grp 6 – none, grp 7 – indo, grp 8 – none, grp 9 – mexico, grp 10 – none, grp 11 (bianca’s) – panama, group 12 – puerto, group 13 – none, group 14 – uk, group 15 – none, internet vote: thailand.

  25. I am licking my wounds. Is it just me or my eyes decieved me when I noticed Bianca looks a little heavy plus her gown was horrible? Two factors why she probably didn’t make it. Miss International is all beauty of face and body.

    • Agree.
      I have said that from the very beginning but people attacked me.
      Bianca in square pants At the start of the pageant showed she was wider than the rest of the candidates
      And the kimono pics? I wanted to be more descriptive but I knew I was gonna upset everyone including Bianca who could be reading this forum.
      I didn’t watch the pageant in full .
      But I saw Bianca in her EG. I was extremely disappointed. Why in the world would she want to be princess for a night? It was not a pleasant site. So I stopped tuning in scared of the result(:

      • She was hyped too much thinking she’s she a shoo-in to the top 10 and it would be smooth sailing to the crown after that. MI has no preliminary competitions on swimsuit and evening gown. They are judged and scored at the finals night. There’s no time to redeem yourself. What the judges saw is what you get. She was probably there at the top 15, who knows but unfortunately, it was only top 10 considering that she’s one of the favorites but like I said, the panel of judges like any other pageants during the finals, will only get to meet the girls of the day of the coronation. No time to change your hairstyle or evening gown. Poor Bianca. I have always thought she’d be our 6th Ms International but her handlers didn’t do her justice.

  26. A Valerie for Miss International. Maybe her namesake or another Valerie for Miss World! Miss Valerie Weigman, Miss World 2014! Another play with words: Puerto Rico (PR), Republic of the Philippines (RP). 🙂

  27. All of the winners have pulled back bun hair and fitted gowns — same winning style of Bea Rose last year! Bianca’s messy hair and ballgown made her look disheveled. Her gown and hair from BBP were better. I thought it was either Colombia or PR so the result is acceptable. Move on folks!

  28. Have lived in Japan for years during the 90’s, and with all humility i am considered quite good looking by my kababayans even there..but the japanese were totally different. Sometimes they even called me “obake” or monster, or obachan , an old lady in a derogatory way. Honestly, the japs are the hardest people to please, and the hardest to understand. No wonder they may have a different opinion of our Bianca Guidoti as far as looks were concerned. She may have appeared common or ugly to them. No kidding, ask your friends who have lived there.

  29. 1. Better evening gowns – BPCI failed
    2. Back to back is rare and difficult – pero possible
    3. High expectations from our candidate must be manage with care – Uncontrollable..si Bianca lang makakasagot nito.
    4. Game plan…what if..what if…be watchful. Look at the judges profile – Technique dapat trainors
    5. Train hard – panalo si Bianca dito
    6. Pray hard – kay Bianca na eto at fans
    7. Pageant fans – like us…lets bahave courteously and be sport.

  30. My comments are just based on what my friends who watched the show live in Japan. First observation, the gown that she wore was ugly. Second, she forgot that she was in Miss international, the projection was that of Miss Universe. She was overconfident during that night , she thought that she will be the winner. Sad but it’s true. I firmly believe that she’s in a depressed mode. One last thing, she should have not flaunted that she has a boyfriend during the pageant process. Believe it or not the organizer did their research. Hope the Binibining Pilipinas learned from here. For pit sake what are they thinking about the gown?

      • The outgoing queen was not even permitted to attend the entire event. It was MI2008 that crowned Queen Bianca. Therefore, no farewell walk.

  31. I guess I already know why Queen Bianca did not place… The Japanese do not favour re-election in real life. If they put her in Top Ten and gave her the chance to speak her heart and mind out, chances are she will be a runaway winner. So for that not to happen, better not give her any chance.

    Here’s a link re terms of Japanese Prime Ministers. No one held office for long. LINK


    • E d sana hinde nalang pinadala si bianca kung yan ang rules, pinahiya lang nila si bianca, pati ang pilipinas, may rules pala baket nagsend pa ng reps? Haysssss so stress tuesda

    • If that were true, then how would you explain the fact that Venezuela won MI in 1997, 2000, and 2010 and then finished as 1st runner up in the years 1998, 2001, and 2011? Those are 3 occasions (in the last 17 years alone) that are very nearly “re-elections”, as you put it. Not to mention the numerous other MI’s who saw their national representatives in the semifinals in the year of their reign.

      As hard as it is to believe – because we love Bianca so much – she simply did not meet the judges’ criteria. No conspiracy theories necessary, just plain and simple subjectivity of taste.

      • Thank you for your research, Sashing? You just made/gave good examples to show the world that my finding is near accurate. You see, Venezuela, in whatever way you want to put it, was not “re-elected” the following year for one very simple reason: MI ORG DOES NOT FAVOUR BACK-TO-BACK WIN. And as for those near re-election ang semifinal thingies you have mentioned, they were not really strong contenders. Believe it or not, the judges are aware that Bianca is no ordinary beauty queen. She went to Japan for a back-to-back mission. But of course you will insist that Bianca did not meet the judges’ criteria. And you don’t have proof of that claim as well. Anyway…


        CASE CLOSED.

      • @codeX:

        I commend your love for Bianca. However at the end of the day, any accusation of foul play you throw against MI is pure speculation because you have no proof whatsoever that the competition was rigged. I can imagine your disappointment since you’ve been a huge cheerleader of hers, but when you try to disparage the MI organization, it’s not them who loses credibility – it’s you.

        You said, “But of course you will insist that Bianca did not meet the judges’ criteria. And you don’t have proof of that claim as well.”

        Here’s my proof: She missed the semifinals and she didn’t bring home the crown. You, on the other hand, have that Wiki link to Japanese Prime Ministers. LOL

      • To use overqualified is an exaggeration. Say, Bianca would defy MI Org’s tradition of no back-to-back win if she got into the semifinal round.

    • Tama ng pagiging ubas mga kafatid mga veks, We should learn to accept defeat. Wala ng maraming sinsabe na kesyo irrelevant na ang contest, na di naman top 2 pageants na di maganda ek ek ek. Last year panalo tayo pero di naman ganyan ang sinasabe nyo. Grow up! kaya tayo napupuna ng mga kapitbahay.

  32. Ok gising na ako. So si Ms. Puerto Rico pala nanalo. Congrats pero di kita kilala hahaha….

    Kanina I typed all the countries na pasok as they were announcing it medyo ninenerbyos nako kase pagbilang ko sa screen 8th spot na. Kung sino sino nakapasok sa top and naisip ko lang, etong mga Japok alam mong may hinahanap pero parang pang-asar lang kung ano nalang naisip nila.

    If not for Bianca, hindi ko na rin to pag tyatyagaan. Sobrang haba. Sobrang boring and sa totoo lang hindi ko alam advocacy ng group na to. Relevant pa ba sila?

    Nevertheless, Bianca gave her best performance. Pati sa gown nya wala na akong masasabi. Even siguro yung behaviour and demeanor nya doon wala akong mairereklamo.

    We had a good run last year. I am just hoping na kahit maka isa man lang tayo. Valerie ikaw talaga manok ko. Maybe kase mas familiar na ako sa advocacy ng Ms. World and yung hinahanap nila. We still have other queens, support support lang din tayo.

    Di bale mga kapatids…nag enjoy naman tayo sa journey ni Bianca. Ok lang yan. Sport naman tayo.

  33. Basta ako, nakakapraning talaga yung laban sa MI kanina….I thought Bianca could really even get a spot kahit sa top 10 man lang…she is really very deserving…baka yung mga judges, hindi yun nakita…

  34. No, I don’t want to start a who’s who in a blaming game. My purpose is to trace where we have gone wrong in our desire to win back-to-back in Miss International 2014 Pageant. This is what we call “learning from our experience”. This is a sort of an informal evaluation where we try to listen to the supporters point-of-view. And so if you will, I would like to ask: What could be the contributing factors of the non-inclusion of Bianca in the top 10? Anyone?

    • Let me start: Well, maybe, there was really nothing wrong on our part … maybe, what created the big crack could be the very subjective selection of judges on who they would like to place on the top ten. In short, the subjectivity factor that could have barred Bianca from placing a spot in the top 10.

      • Now you are eating your words beki, i mean benjie! You are so humorous! After blaming Bianca’s bf as a source of her unplacement, acting & pretending to know it all. Only to find out you & your know-how are so limited in your small world. Hope you get to read my reply on your comment on the previous post. Think before you post dear. As they say, latang maingay, barya ang laman.

      • Hey, Miss “Who are You?”… Look at yourself at the mirror and realize (if you have not) how ugly you are! You are fond of putting foul words on the mouth of others, you know? How low must be your self-esteem that you miserably try to get the attention of others who don’t want to converse with you…Saling-pusa ka na, pinagpipilitan mo pa ang sarili mo sa pay-uusap ng iba.

        Do yourself a favor before the netizens would judge you as cheap and trying-hard copycat!!! Double check your inputs and make them right. Don’t just blabber with noisy inanities!!!

        I won’t be stooping low to pick a piece of garbage that you are…I will only be talking with you again if you can prove that I have blamed Bianca’s bf as a source of her unplacement…it is your myopic reading of text that have put you out of context…I can sue you, you know, for a libelous allegations, which is actually a pigment of your ignorant mind. Review again my posts…quote to me verbatim any proof that I blamed someone? I don’t blame you for being a “social” psychopath…I accuse you as being one! And there’s a big difference between the two if you still don’t know!

    • This is an event or a product if you will that does not have a brand, and may not yet be ready to develop one. It is then expected that they will choose not a spokesperson (because there is nothing to talk about), but an image model. In the absence of a distinct brand personality to present to the public, this image model necessarily has to be just a pleasant face, mild-mannered, someone who does not come in too strong,.. just like a typical Japanese woman. I suspect that Bianca might have been perceived as too intelligent, too articulate, and too credentialed, for an organisation that has no position on global issues and with nothing to speak about on humanitarian issues.

    • I was amazed and stunned when I saw our Miss International on her National Costume and I actually posted a back to back win shout out on FB. But when I saw her in swimsuit and evening gown I started to doubt if she will make it to top 10. Malayo sa demure demure na peg nang MI yung pagrampa nya. She appeared stronger na parang pang MU na yung laban nya which is hindi dapat kasi MI yun. Nanalig parin talaga ako na makapasok sya. Actually ni lista ko yung mga mahinhin ang rampa at pa sweet and I bet tama nga pumasok sila though hindi ko nakitang papasok si Miss Puerto Rico sa eksena. Bianca made us proud again and nothing to worry kakaumay naman kung palagi nalang tayo may corona.

    • There are many things. But top of my head right now is that MI is not ready for a back-to-back just yet. Perhaps, the Japanese are aware that if Bianca enters the Top 10, her speech would effortlessly stand out. Which reminds me, none of those who really performed well during the international forum made the cut. The likes of Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Singapore, USA and our bet didn’t place. Even India.

      • I was so bitter and heart broken that I did not watch nor listen to the speeches because our Bianca did not make it. haha Everything was unexpected.

      • Hays tito norms kung hinde talaga handa ang japan sa back to back sana hinde nalang nila sinale si bianca, dapat kung anung country ang nanalo last year no attendance sa MI this year, sa ginawa nila na broke talaga puso ng mga supporters nya, pinahiya lang nila si bianca, alam namn siguro nila madam ang rules eh baket pinadala pa si bianca? Grrrrrrr

      • Technique and right timing for a back to back win…difficult but possible. If there is an assessment that back to back is not possible..I will not send Bianca to MI.

        Kaya nininerbiyos na ako kay Val…pero sa Miss World naman possible ang back to back.

      • Sir Norman – remember when I actually asked Madam Stella via your blog not to hand Bianca any title unless it’s MUP because I don’t want her potential and credential to be wasted ? I even wrote that she will be a lot better off for MWP because she’s way overqualified.
        I must agree MI is not ready to break the rule of no Back2back winner yet.
        Nonetheless, I am just so proud of her performance.
        She freakin’ did her best and without having to sound like I’m sourgraping, she is my MI2014.
        Congratulations to the new set of winners !
        And a big hug to Bianca – well done I must say !!!!!!! 🙂

  35. Lahat ay may kanyang kanya pili para sa korona ngunit sa bandang huli wala nakahula. Masakit man isipin pero kailangan tanggapin ang ating pagkatalo. Hindi po nakikita sa ganda at halaga ng National Costume o di kaya yung Evening Gown at hindi yan anga batayan upang ang isang kandidata ay manalo. Wala na po tayong dapat sisihin tapos na ang laban. Salamat Bianca at sana magtagumpay ka sa mga susunod na plano sa buhay mo.

  36. You know what hurts the most? That our Miss International placement streak was broken by the most-loved and most credible to win the Miss International crown this year for the Philippines. I never saw that coming. What happened was very unexpected!

    Kung sino pa yung isa sa pinaka matunog at malakas na kandidata, siya pa ang hindi man lang naparangalan. 😦 I hope Bianca is doing fine. She is still our Miss International.

    I still can’t get over the non-placement of Bianca let alone the placements of some of those who didn’t even do well during the three rounds of the competition. KAKALOKA TALAGA.

    • You know already MI even last year Bea Santiago is not most hype candidate to won the crown but she did…. MI are totally behind the MU and MW mostly likely MU… MU wala silang paki alam kung Back to Back ang importanti business… MW naman ang impotanti sporty ay may puso ka sa people and sa world.

      MI hindi mo talaga ma distinguish kung ano talaga ang kanilang path na tinatahak – ambassadress for goodwill and peace….kung sa ganun personal opinion ko….hindi akma si Bianca doon…. need nila yong maamong mukha yong tipong follower lang hindi leader ang dating…

    • May tama ka jan..same feeling here…madaling mag-move on kung alam mo na ang kandidata mo ay siguradong walang laban pero yung biglang hindi pumasok and hindi alam kung anong eksaktog rason….yung Aces and Queens, alam ko na ginawa nila lahat…same with Bianca…kung di man sya nanalo, hindi na nya kasalanan yun..kasalanan yun ng mga Hapon na judges na walang alam sa pageantry.

  37. Ayoko ng manood ulit ng MI. Kahit boring pinagtyagaan ko dahil kay Bianca.
    For me Bianca is really deserving! Oh well moving on!

  38. Well, this clearly means that MI does not really need a spokesperson. It does not yet have an advocacy to speak about in the first place. The Philippines presented a candidate who will not only be an articulate spokesperson, but someone who has the ability and experience to develop the platform where she will be speaking from, and to conceptualise with the organisers the advocacy that she will be speaking about. It seems that MI is not yet ready to define and build its brand along a practical distinct advocacy. The longer MI contest remains just an annual televised spectacle, with nothing in-between that meaningfully engages its global audiences, the more it will slide down to irrelevance and eventual extinction.

  39. what worse than not getting the crown is wala syang maiuuwi na plato… very disappointing!

      • tama!!! parang ironic nga kc bakit nagbibigay sila ng plato sa mga winners eh parang halos hindi ata kumakain ang merlat kakadiet eh….

    Bianca, were still proud of you! You represented our country very very well. 🙂
    Smile lang!!

    P.S. Lecheng mga sakang to!

    • hindi pwepwedeng sa atin lagi ang korona. to be able to get something we should give to others. parang last year sa venezuela ang earth at universe sa atin naman ang world at international. share share din. we dont want to be greedy

    • I wonder how is it like seating as a panel of judges in beauty pageant. For sure Miss Puerto Rico was just so lucky and this is her moment. There is something in her I assume that the judges have noticed. But the duration of Miss International is too short as I observe.

      Lets be watchful! Not only us…other countries are also hungry or even hungier and craving for every international pageant crowns.

      • Yeah..that is why..lets be more careful..especially now on social media.hahahaha.

        Venezuela as I have observed was very agressive in the 80s and 90s…I would say that those time other countries are sleeping. Pag gising naten..boom…dami na nilang MU, MW and MI.

      • I guess the Japs prefer their ladies with small faces and updo hairstyle during evening gown. Just my wild guess. 😉

      • Yeah..parang wild card winner. Just like Miss India Sushmita Sen. I remember maka Miss Belgium ang Pinas nun…yun ligwak sa top ten…pero lakas makagawa ng ingay nung 1994.

      • I can’t relate to that. I was still living in Portugal during those years. My interest with pageants formally started with Queen Megan. 🙂

  41. forever 2nd runner-up si punika, 2 down to more to go- mu & mw! 😆

    bianca, you are still my miss international 2014 ❤

    • at least si punika consistent na nagplaplace sa mga international pageant and it only means one thing na pang international talaga ang beauty ng bakla!!!!

  42. Ninag, akala ko ba ay sa Miss World lalaban si Valerie, oh bakit ayan at sya pa ang nanalong Miss International.
    Nyeta, ang gulo ha!
    Lintek na mga sakang yan, nagkalat ang pinggan at unan.

  43. Congratulations to all the winners. Hi Bianca, you have represented the country very well. Congrats..everything happens for a reason.

    Be sport and lessons learned will push us to move on the next game plan.

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