19 comments on “Has our Bianca done enough?

  1. Napapa luha ako sa kadadasal for Bianca…….
    You are Miss International 2014💜💚💙❤️💗

  2. Way way way more than enough ! And she will be the best Miss International ever 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. My faith not broken she will be our 6 ms.international, may mga nagsasabi we dont need it marami na tau ms.international I dont care sa mga predictions or tarat card c bianca mismo magpapanalo sa sarili niya! Hindi sila.. Bianca for the win!

    • hahaha! hindi na ako naniniwala dun sa mga psychics daw sa blog na sinipa si mang jose. lol! nag-comment ako dun. dinelete nila. lol!

  4. By this time tomorrow (10:30 pm of November 11, 2014), we shall have our 6th Miss International Title !!! Job well-done Bianca…24 hours before the coronation, we are already very proud of you! You have claimed it…it is yours…walk with it – the crown – for us!

  5. All the way!!!! Go lang ng go!!!! Rest, relax and be fabulous tomorrow. Nandito lang kame!
    Vote guys vote! hiramin nyo na gadgets ng kung sino sino dyan. puro India nakikita ko…um ang dami nila kesa satin so vote vote vote (omg sa totoong election hindi nga ako ganito)

  6. Well she has to deliver the speech. Declamation 101. Most of the time this is the deciding factor. The speech should touch the heart of the audience. The question should be. Does she have the right speech to conquer the crown?

  7. Has our Bianca done enough?
    – I bet she had done MORE THAN enough!

    Would she do enough to be the “Best Miss International ever”?
    – I guess only fortune-tellers can foresee this… Maybe SCorg can foretell as he had resoundingly declared YES! (Absolutely no pun intended)

    Allow me to join Norman and SCorg in the battle of the final question, I’d say, rather, I’d add what I feel is most pertinent to ask ourselves at this very moment:

    Does MARY ANNE BIANCA GARCIA GUIDOTTI fit the title of MISS INTERNATIONAL as defined and envisioned by the esteemed organization?!?

    Is she a WOMAN of:-

    ACTION ✓
    BEAUTY ✓

    Undeniably Miss International fits Mary Anne Bianca to a T. 🙂

  8. The question should be: would she do enough to be the “Best Miss International ever”? The answer is a resounding YES!

    MI needs to brand—urgently—to arrest its slow descent into irrelevance. Bianca is the only qualified brand developer and advocate among this year’s batch. With her work experience and academic credentials, only she has the ability to carry the entire MI organization towards conceptualizing, defining, and implementing the right brand essence for itself. Brand essence is a marketing jargon for what the pageantry business refers to as advocacy. I am positive that with Bianca as the new MI, she will effortlessly lead the organization towards a clear doable advocacy that will identify for global audiences a distinct brand essence.

    Bianca, just being her real self, has done more than enough. She can do more.

  9. Well, if I have to base my assessment on one of the posts that says “She can do it by her own merit”…I would like to suppose that Bianca has done enough!

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