16 comments on “A Personal Request from Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Weigmann

  1. Everyone, iLike na ang page ni Valerie!
    Tulong tulong sa pag like… sana naman iannounce sa eat bulaga na supportahan sya through liking her page… Igisa ang Santol at Sibuyas sa sariling mantika.. Joke! LOL

    Basta tulong tulong please! 😀 Kailangan na nya mag trending ngayon palang….


    Valerie Weigmann is Miss World 2014!!! 😀

  2. I appreciate this kind of effort from Valerie – very personal in reaching out, humble in soliciting our support, hardworking in ensuring that there is no stone left-unturned. With this kind of attitude being exemplified by our representative, I will have no qualms to double my effort in supporting her. All for the honor of Filipino People…all for the Philippines…all to fortify our hold as Powerhouse of Beauty. Mabuhay ka Valerie!

  3. I thought that 170K is already huge but OhMyGosh — Thailand is on the lead at 202K.

    Let’s support to the max… #ForQueen Valerie… #ForThePhilippines 🙂

    • They’re in it to win. They don’t want to be out shadowed by us. I’ve checked the youtube views of the intro, Valerie I think has 50k+ then checked with Nonthawan, the video has 60k+. As I see it, it will be a “dirty” battle, especially with some of our neighbors… We will see efforts to get noticed…

      But our candidate need not to do such to get noticed, she is a class of her own. 🙂

      Hindi ko alam sa ibang kapitbahay, honestly parang yung ang nagiging strategy nila sa mga kandidata nila. Yung pumupunta lagi sa harapan kapag picture taking at sumasama sa mga favorites at laging may solo at selfie. hehehe #peace bato bato sa langit ang tamaan hwag magagalit… 😛

      • The Santol girl is expected to have more views because her video has been uploaded long time ago. The difference, I must say is slim considering that Queen Valerie’s intro was uploaded just a week ago. I smell war but the real Queen’s camp will prevail. 😉

    • Yeah..we need to exert more effort…aggressive ang Miss Thailand….yun lang aggressive..wala naman ako iba ma comment…mainternet…sya na Miss Internet World.

      Valerie Weigmann Miss World 2014.

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