10 comments on “Valentine’s Day 2015 with Mister International 2014

  1. The wispy bangs looks better on him compaired to his old thick side swept bangs that looks like a wig. I hope they maintain this current haircut because it’s an interesting contrast to his sharp and strong features. Don’t forget to maintain a high Fiber diet and swimming would be the best to keep that lean muscles and evenly tanned skin.

  2. at least we know it is still mister international 2014. miss universe still is not clear if it is 2014 or 2015.

    hopefully there will be 2 mister international next year. the pageant so far has been the most consistent in such that every year there is a pageant.

    and I agree with most the neil looks hot and stunning. I feel that he looks fitter (if ever there’s such a word) and healthier. hopefully with more time he still improves.

  3. What a hassle! The trip would be costly for the boys if ever they have girlfriends… if you guys understand what I’m trying to convey. Of all dates… Valentine’s?!? 😦

  4. Meanwhile, while waiting for February 14, 2015…Can I ask Mamang Pulis to be my bodyguard the starting tomorrow until the whole of Christmas season? I need somebody to take care of me and for my safety…LOL!

  5. First, i love Neil’s pixies he looks so relax and healthy.

    I hope these postponements, which were becoming a trend lately, dont signify underlying serious problems behind the pageant.

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