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  1. With us transmitting our best wishes, sincerest intentions, positive energies, good vibes and heartfelt love to Miss Philippines International 2014 – Miss Marianne Bianca Guidotti (or simply, Bianca to us)…may it be through the beatings of our hearts or through the projections of our thoughts…thru heart-to-heart messaging…mind-to-mind connections…and touching base with each other spirit-to-spirit, Bianca must be feeling our love and care for her right now! Our prayers for her should make her aglow with a winning aura…that should make her more at ease and beaming with gentle sweetness…that should make her walk and talk with awesome confidence.
    With all her hard work, I’m sure Bianca can make it by her own…I am sure, however, that on her very first interview as MISS INTERNATIONAL 2014, Bianca will be the first to say: I could have not made it without the prayers, the love and the best intentions of my loved ones, friends and avid supporters.
    To Bianca…me and my friends are typing the keyboards of our hearts and minds…we are about to send our messages of love and unequalled support…and more than cellphones and mobiles and internets, we know that the the thoughts of our minds and the best intentions of our hearts can travel faster more than any of the cordless gadgets there are…receive our collective messages and know that we are with you cheering for you all the way! Mabuhay ang Miss International 2014 – Miss Philippines…Bianca Guidotti!

  2. Philippines is destined to be Miss international 2014,, First runner up is Netherlands.

  3. Eto nagikot ako kung saan saan prediction although hindi nila nilagay si bianca on top! But they said possible she win dahil nasa kanya daw ang quality para manalo, medyo hesitant lang sila dahil back to back sa ms.international never happened yet! Could be the Philippines the first!? Perhaps yes for me. Sa vision ko my 2 tau back2back at yung pangatlo crown inaantay natin makukuha ,iam not saying i have psychic vision basta feeling ko lang..

  4. No one else deserves the crown more than Marianne. I can’t and wont accept any one. I won’t be able to move on. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m praying and hoping for a very good news this Tuesday. Good luck Marianne and you will always be my favorite queen ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I certify that you are, indeed, Biancanatic #1. You have just dislodged Norman (#2), Jen (#3), and Benji (#4). I wonder what happened to that “Ernest” guy that spoke so highly of Bianca during BbP2014?!? I see him no more.

      I โค you 4. You have my utmost respect for you have proven that you can be "over-adoring" but not put down the other candidates (local and international alike), in all sorts. I'm sure you guys know what I mean. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • @ dex: biancanatics will always be nice no matter what. We’ve got breeding lol. Luv ya ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @ Dawn: with your conviction I’m just going to be more emphatic this time – Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti will be proclaimed MI 2014 on Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Magmahalan na ulit tayo and wag muna tayo mag-away away. save na natin yan for feedback after the pageant….Now hinihika na ako sa excitement at anticipation at guys!!!! major pageant na ito. nag cancel na ako ng classes para walang istorbo kase malamang 10 bazillion years yang prod ng ms. international at kailanagn ko ng ilang litro ng coke at maraming adobong mani. Let’s just support kung sino man candidate natin tutal naka pag air out na naman tayo ng opinions natin. if ever decided na rin lang yung results and formality nalang yung pageant proper on Tuesday…since active naman tayo dito…mag rally nalang tayo for Bianca. Time nya ngayon to shine.


    • OMG…. nagcancel ng classes?!
      Gayahin mo nalang ako… My goal is to magpayaman para magkabudget ako sa mga trip ko to attend these pageants in person!
      O diba?! That’s “the secret”. Hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

      • haha joke lang naman sinasahod ko dito. keri lang pang araw araw. gusto ko rin payaman pero hahanap nalang ako ng mapapangasawa haha. i attempted to attend a pagent kaso isa akong malaking bobo. pumunta ako sa place where you can score free tickets nyeta libre na nga mali pa araw ng pab punta ko…ano va??????

  6. Kuya Norman, Miss Philippines din po kami for Miss International 2014! Ang unang korona ng Pilipinas para sa taong ito. God bless you, Bianca!

  7. I am not an “electronic/technological” person, that is why I am always in awe how a simple text message can travel in seconds and can be received on the other side of the globe in an instant. And to think you are just holding a wireless mobile…and the message is received by a wireless mobile also. If the message, which comes from our mind and heart, is positive, it can bring a smile and comfort to the one we are sending to…if negative, it can ruin a day.

    To the supporters of our candidates in International Pageants, specially to Bianca who is in the thick of conditioning herself for the Final Night, perhaps we can spend sometime in sending her good vibes (positive messages) that our minds and hearts can extend to her. Same principle…wireless…but I believe that the positive energies we are transmitting to Bianca, our thoughts of love and care and grace can be received and felt by Bianca. When she receives our affirmative and assuring thoughts of support, for sure she will be feeling great, devoid of pressures..she can be walking with grace and confidence. The loving thoughts and prayers will be sending her will enable her to remember the smiles and kind words of her supporters, and this will enable her to project that natural, affecting, and enchanting smiles…

    And just like sending a message through a cellphone…wireless may it be, but can change the disposition of the other person on the other end of the line…so our good vibes, our kind wishes, our finest message of support, it can do wonder to our beloved in Japan. And tomorrow, on stage, and we watching on our screen, I am sure we can detect on Bianca’s face and body movements and speech, the wonderful result of the heart-felt message we are sending.

    Perhaps, we can start sending good vibes now — communicating to her mind to mind,,,heart to heart…even thousand of miles away…cordless…wireless…but the possibilities are endless!

    • If everyone that comments here has this endearing purpose cum message for all our Official Queens, all our neighbours would be envious of us. And all our Queens will walk and smile — all proud of wearing the Philippine sash…

      Norman Tinio, isdatyu?!? XD

    • Very well said Benji. No need for the good vibes. It worked already. The die is cast. It is a just a matter of officially announcing it on coronation night. Now, did I take one step further than you did? Hehehe!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I would love Bianca to win back to back for us. I am praying hard for her to be the best she can be.

  9. Queen Bianca, if it is your destiny to make history, nobody can take it away from you.

    And may I present your entourage on your triumphant coronation night:

    First Princess Barbara of Repรบblica Dominicana
    Second Princess Punika of the Kingdom of Thailand

    Third Princess Shauny of Nederland
    Fourth Princess Michelle of Repรบblica Bolivariana de Venezuela

    โค โค โค
    โค โค

    Just warning you of your first two princesses — they’re your stepsisters from another world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Who is destined to win Miss International 2014? Kailangan pa bang itanong yan? LOL…Pagkatapos nating i-push ng i-push si ate…siyempre, Bianca, Ikaw na!!!

  11. Sure na ang ninang mo Bianca ikaw na! Period for me !wala ng spoiler sau na talaga!!!

  12. I really hope she’ll get the crown. Pero okay na siguro ang runner-up finish. Bigyan naman natin ng chance yung ibang bansa. Baka mamaya magsawa na ang international audience sa Filipina beauty diba. Honestly speaking, wala pa kong nakikitang picture ni Bianca na napa-wow ako. Don’t get me wrong, observation ko lang iyon. Bianca is beautiful and brainy pero not enough to do a back to back. I think she’s another version of Ariella Arida. Di ko makita ang wow factor pero I’m sure may panglaban yan. My prediction is a 3rd-runner up finish for her.

    • Tanong ko lang…Ikaw ba ay nagsawa na rin sa Miss Venezuela beauties sa Miss Universe? Bakit ba sila paulit-ulit ding nananalo at may back-to-back pa…Just like Gabriela, may mga pictures ka rin bang na papa-wow ka bago pa sya nanalo ng MU? Mukhang gurang pa nga kung tawagin sya ng marami, pero dahil sa kanyang umaapaw na confidence, wagi si lola mo!

      • Hi, Benji! Sa totoo lang, you are so rude. I hope Norman gives you a lesson. The last time I checked, Philippines is still a democratic country.

      • Kirkpatrick…sa totoo lang din, matagal ka ng confused…di mo alam kung saan ka poposition…are you white or black are you pro or con…most of the time you would comment negatively and then would play safe by saying “I might be wrong”…I am not forbidding you to comment — that’s your democratic right…I am just pointing out how confused you are!

    • Miss Philippines International 2014 Bianca Guidotti is already a winner even before the competition.
      She’s so positive in life, with lots of confidence and sweetness! A back-to-back win; Japan will give it!

  13. Again let me say this again and again. Win or lose, Bianca is my Miss International 2014. She has been working so hard for this journey. She’s exceeded my expectations. She’s transformed herself (physically & mentally) to the hilt from the day she joined Binibini. And it cannot be denied that her transformation has been nothing short of phenomenal.
    If I were to factor everything in and choose the best candidate to win the crown, I’ll have to say Bianca should be “it”.
    I don’t even want to name a top 3, 5, 10 or 15 even.
    For me, Bianca is her own competitor.
    Beauty & brains with a great advocacy to help out in anyway she can.
    That’s Bianca for you.
    If MI history is about to happen with her winning it all the way then
    thank God for all its worth.
    Again, let’s all be proud of what Bianca has proven and achieved so far and that is – representing our country the best she can.
    The best of luck Bianca and God bless.
    We love you ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bullseye Jen! I dun need to say more.

      I consider her d benchmark. If she performs consistently up to that final moment, destiny becomes history for Bianca Guidotti & Philippine pageantry!

      • Thanks AJ. I have so much trust in Bianca that she is leaving no stones unturned to make every Filipino proud. Win or lose, she is already a winner to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Bianca desserves to be Miss International. After all, aside from her over all beauty, she has the merits and credentials to back it up. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. I want Bianca to win. A B2B (Bea2Bianca , Back2Back) would be a great jumpstart to our international pageants this year. It’s a long shot and will be a sweet victory if ever.

    Possible competition is the Thai beauty.

    Let’s keep or fingers cross and prayers coming.


  16. I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but I just don’t feel it coming. But, of course, I can be wrong. But, I just don’t feel it coming. Anyway, good luck, Bianca. I don’t know, medyo nakukulangan lang talaga ako sa “puso”.

    • Ano ba talaga kuya…mukhang confused na confused ka. Either you don’t feel it coming or you do. What’s the point of stating that you don’t feel tapes babawin mo ng “I can be wrong”…You are both confused and confusing!

    • Ay coming kapa nalalaman sa pusod mo!? Este sa puso mo pala! Tumigil ka bakla! Hindi magbibitiw ng ganyan salita c ninang kung wala sa pakiramdam niya saka kilala ko c ninang naghahanap muna siya ng info bago siya magprediction,Makiayun ka na lang nakakasira ka lang ng positive energy!

    • Nakukulangan ka sa puso…ni BIanca? If that i sthecssae, I don’t know what more to say, for if there is one Philippine delegate who has truly done everything possible to best represent the country, it would be her. If it is your heart which does not feel for her, then that’s your own personal perception, and no one can do anything about that. If ever Bianca does not win the title, it is simply because she isn’t destined to. But from her end, we can not ask for anything more. Thank you, BIanca, for making yourself the best representative that you can be for the Philippines.

      • Thank you for appreciating Bianca’s hard work. It is people like you/us who give our rep the much needed morale boost to get her going. With her very hectic schedule, she doesn’t deserve any furtherstresss going into the final night of the competition.
        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Who knows? Bianca may have the chance to read my comment and inspire her to strive harder. May two days pa kaya. I am not trying to bring her down naman, eh. Makabasa lang kayo ng medyo hindi positive, kung anu-ano na pingasasabi niyo. Kagaya niyo, I also have the right to share my opinion here sa majestic blog ni Norman. Kaya, respeto lang, please. Anyway, may negative man akong sinasabi, I’m saying it naman in a really nice way. Kung manalo si Bianca, sige i-ban niyo ako dito sa blog na ‘to. Kung matalo, ‘wag niyo akong sisihin. No one can ever understand the “puso” that I’m talking about. I’m sure Bianca knows what I’m talking about. I just want her to let go of her inhibitions and enjoy the pageant. Kagaya ng ginawa nina Ariella at Megan noon. Naramdaman ko kung gaano nila gamitin ang mga “puso” nila just to get the crowns ng respective pageants na sinalihan nila. Minsan kasi, kung medyo upfront ka sa pagsasabi ng opinyon or sa pagbigay ng critique, ‘dun pa mas lalong napu-push ang recipient. Have a great day!

      • keri kirk…sabagay di naman lahat ng nag co-comment dito iisa opinyon. baka love na love lang talaga namin si bianca kaya ganyan din yung reaction ng iba. naiintindihan ko naman yung opinyon mo na nakukulangan ka pa. ako personally, nagustuhan ko nalang din si bianca and si val medyo recently din lang so now, yung support ko for them and the rest of our queens dito ko na rin lang na -eexpress.

        wag naman i ban di mo naman minumura si bianca at hindi naman barkadahan o resbak group itong blog ni Norman—kailangan din ng medyo sasalungat sa popular opinion para balanse naman….

        for the supporters of bianca….go lang ng go! we still have time to vote! i hope she continues shining. i hope she does well kase hindi rin biro training nila hindi lang pampa-byooti…athete level din yung prep nila so i really hope her hard work pays off this Tuesday.

        Happy Sunday!

      • Kirk, ganun lng talaga, not at all times we share d same opinion or people agree with us in this blog, or even in day-to-day situations for that matter. But much as u beg to diiffer, just as much you should be open to d possibility of those at d other end of d spectrum to guard their position & defend their view. Basta wala lang personalan. & at d end of d day u owe it to yourself to stand your ground without losing your composure & respect for other people as much as for your self. Who knows sa susunod na post pareho nman tayo ng opinion, d ba ang cute? Lol.

        & yung thumbs down, naku sanayan lng yan. Syempre nga depende yan sa kung fano kapopular ang stand mo.. eh aq naku i dont give an effin damn kahit umabot ng milyones ang TD q.. minsan nman nasa popular side din aq, so basta kung ano ang sinasabi ng huwisyo q na ayos eh syempre dun aq regardless whether pareho ba kami ni tom, dick & harry or not. basta cool lng.

      • Let’s respect na lang others’ opinion po. This is what Normans blog is all about.
        All comments are welcome but please let’s all be civil to and respect each other, di ba Sir Norman ? Love love love ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. hayan na ang mga paru-paro sa tyan ko naglalaro na naman. ngayong november miss international at miss earth,. Whew! sana magkaroon ng back to back! But still winner pa rin ang mga beauty queens natin in my heart. GO BIANCA! VAL! MJ! JAMIE!

  18. Eh? Lahat ng hula mali!
    Except sa Back-to-Back Win!

    Mary Anne Bianca Garcia Guidotti!
    Ikaw na!

  19. My top 5 are exactly the same as yours Norman.
    We only differ in placements.

    I would be satisfied if any of these girls will be crowned Miss International 2014.

  20. It will be the Netherlands or Mexico or someone else.
    If Bianca comes out great in swimsuit and makes it in to the top 5, a b2b is possible.

  21. It would be a scene stealer if our past winners of Miss International – Misses Gemma Cruz, Aurora Pijuan, Melanie Marquez, and Lara Quigaman will be in Japan on the eve and on the day of the coronation night with an announced purpose of seeing Bea Santiago crowned the next Miss International, and with an expressed excitement for a back-to-back win for the Philippines. Their presence can create a buzz in media and may pressure the judges to take one closer look at Bianca for a possible back-to-back. It would be an added delight if Miss Stella Marquez, who herself is the very first Miss International winner, will join our past winners. With a bunch of past winners supporting one candidate, surely it can create a drama…and the news of their presence can spread to countries participating in International Pageants that indeed, Philippines is really a POWERHOUSE of BEAUTY!

    • Are you saying Bianca can’t win the crown in her own merits? You are talking almost like Norman (peace sistah) on this article. He’s like saying Bianca is his choice, not because she deserves it, but he talks like he is obliged to say it, for whatever reason (their friendship perhaps). And then, the mention of the spoilers in a way that for me, they seemed like the blogger’s real choice/bet. Bash & hate me all you want. But she’s not in it to win it! Runner up perhaps.

    • Dear Benj, i like your idea of assembling our past MI winners + Mdm SMA in Tokyo to support Bianca. But i hate it that you intend for such to be used to “FORCE” a victory for Bianca. Pahhhlease… I agree with Megan Yan, Bianca can certainly win by her own merits.

      • aj…your point is well taken…Of course, Bianca can do it by her own merit. I just don’t know from where you got the impression that I “intend for such to be used to ‘FORCE’ a victory for Bianca. Can you please explain your presumption?

        On my part, I am coming from the idea that the judges may give the crown to other country other than the Philippines because we have won it last year…in other Pageants, there are issues like deserving winners are not given their rightful due because of politics and hand the crown to a less deserving contestant. One example would be the Miss U 2012. Clearly Janine was robbed of his title. We don’t want that to happen to Bianca…With the presence of the heavy weights like past winners around, the judges will have a second thought of cheating on us because it has be proven/proved that our country is a powerhouse of beauty…and they will be reminded of that…they give give Bianca a second look and see point-blankly and obviously that Bianca deserves the title and the Philippines, as anticipated by the past winners, is deserving of its back-to-back title!

        aj…come Tuesday, and if Bianca will only place 1st-runner-up…I know that she’s been robbed !!! The judges might have decided that they won’t award a back-to-back title to us. But mind you…with the presence of our heavy-weights…the judges will have a second thought in cheating us of a well-deserved title!

      • Dear Benj… thank u for taking my point. Now please review d lines i quoted verbatim from u at d top of this thread:

        Exhibit A
        “It would be a scene stealer if our past winners of Miss International โ€“ Misses Gemma Cruz, Aurora Pijuan, Melanie Marquez, and Lara Quigaman will be in Japan on the eve and on the day of the coronation night with an announced purpose of seeing Bea Santiago crowned the next Miss International, and with an expressed excitement for a back-to-back win for the Philippines.” Doesn’t this insinuate exerting duress to effect victory? Lobbying in a beauty contest? Well, pwede. But then again, that wouldnt be a real win to me, in case.

        Exhibit B
        “Their presence can create a buzz in media and may PRESSURE the judges to take one closer look at Bianca for a possible back-to-back.” Mapa-ingles man o kahit sa physics, PRESSURE is a force.

        Exhibit C
        “It would be an added delight if Miss Stella Marquez, who herself is the very first Miss International winner, will join our past winners. With a bunch of past winners supporting one candidate, surely it can create a dramaโ€ฆ” Drama for what? It’s a beauty contest, not a film fest. & Bianca doesn’t need such drama to win. I appreciate your good intention, but again my point is let her win by her own merits as she certainly can. No fuss, no frills, no drama, just Bianca. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

      • It was all cool Benj ! I just wanna thank the both of you for being so opinionated yet in a very subtle, civil manner. I salute you both ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aj & Benji – I love your exchange of opinions ! Very well put (not offensive, I.e.).
      Mabuhay po kayong dalawa ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi Jen…I did write my rebut all for all the Exibits: from A-C…but when I was sending my post, I was disconnected. It was late at night already, and so I did not anymore re-type my thoughts. Well, it was providential, though, otherwise we will be dominating this section with our biased opinions. With that said, I REST MY CASE!

      • Hi Jen, thanks for understanding & appreciating our civil meeting of d minds. This is something that keeps me hooked to tito Norm’s blog. People here exchange ideas with due respect (or at least we try) & of course at the same time we try to have some fun!

        Truly there can be unity in diversity where there is civility.

        Ahh Benj, you don’t need to rest your case. We can move for a recess nman. Joke lng Benj, malamang seseryosohin mo to. Lol

  22. at dahil gising pa ako….awwwww…..kung hindi lang napaka hirap ng idea ng back to back…i really want her to win badly. valerie too. goodluck bianca! 3 votes for ma daily sana makatulong!

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