8 comments on “Sunday Specials: When becoming a Beauty Queen goes beyond skin-deep

  1. I am not sure but I feel that Miss U’s advocacy is all for the sake of publicity. Nothing really long-term, meaning, all quickies. 😉 Still good though as it can fool most of its fans. :mrgreen:

    A good piece to ponder, Norman. But here’s what is currently playing on my mind… The United Nations is the regulating body for all international beauty pageants. They should approve and assign the most relevant global advocacies for each pageant that would really unite the whole world by empowering women as true spokespersons and the guiding light for love, respect and harmony.

    So far only Misses World and Earth have long-term beauty purposes… IMHO only. :mrgreen:


    I wonder why Benji skipped this one… 😉

    • I observe that MU’s advocacy is still not as solid as MW and ME. Its “Confidently beautiful” tagline has not yet made a clear and distinct connection to its engagement with Cordaid, Operation Smile and other civic involvements. Perhaps, it has to get itself involved in some concrete projects that will clearly identify it to the mission of inspiring confidence among people who live amidst various forms of life’s ugliness. What they are doing now are projects that seem similar to MW.

  2. Ugh… that picture of Megan Young with Gabriela… utterly breathtaking that it makes me want to cry. When can we have another Megan to kick the pageant world’s ass?

  3. I think what Miss Grand International should shift their purpose and focus in helping out those thousands of victim of conflicts. So many people were displaced in every conflict in every corner of the world. As we all watching the news, the threat of ISIS is something that we should not ignore, I am sure Miss Grand International Organization is not capable to stop them, even the most powerful country USA was having hard time to stop this group.

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