14 comments on “Sunday Specials: Let Christopher Munar accessorize your Beauty

  1. Hi… to chris munar congrats coz ur style and idea to ur fashion is quite unique u done a gud job, keep it up and mor power to ur career. Cant wait to see mor creation.

  2. His exquisitely well crafted design awed the people in the showbiz, fashion and political industry as well. He’s already been marked as the most requested accessory designer in the country and also beginning to create waves overseas. Watch him unleash more of his imaginative virtousity in the fashion industry.

  3. Kudos to you Christopher! Your creations are amazing and I would like to own one of it someday…

  4. Wow! Amazing creations by an amazing talent of Chris Munar! He create accessories that transcends artistry and glamour! We need more talent as such of Christopher’s…..Congratulations and good luck!

  5. Ooooooh dear, Christopher Munar will definitely change the fasion industry’s take on accessorizing showbiz personalities, models, beauty queens, socialites in the Philippines. But with his exceptional talent, knowledge and skills; his name, his creations, his brand shall be known in the fashion world, internationally!

  6. I was never a fan of big bold and bright accessories but seeing those pieces made me think twice.. They look very good and complemented the model’s outfit very well.. I guess I should try wearing one of those.. All the best to you!!

  7. I’m one of those who believes Chris Munar has much of talent doing these beautiful accessories and jewelries. I’ve know him for so many years now and during those times he was just starting, I know he will do good if he pursue his dreams.

  8. I only like seeing those accessories in prints as they surely give life and sometimes it looks great in highlighting anatine necks, therefore, I would want to see Queen Megan and Queen Yvethe try some. That is, if he wants to become well known. 😆

  9. Makaluma pa rin ako…ipnaglihi kay Ben Tumbling, kaya di ko na kailangan pa ang mga borloloy para sa Beauty ko, hehe

  10. Off topic Sir Norman, there are reports in some pageant sites (but not in Missosology) that France will be represented by Marine Lorphelin in MU in Doral, Florida next year?

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