14 comments on “Senti Sunday Specials: The Versatile Marina Pura Abad Santos Benipayo

  1. Hi Norman, thanks for the feature, i really appreciate it 🙂 thank you too, Jim B, for justifying my age 🙂 i was actually already 25 years old when i joined Bb. Pilipinas. The age limit then was 26. Not sure though if it has changed since pageant contestants get younger and younger by the year! Ruffa and Charlene are way younger than me. I am now 46, turning 47 on March.. and proud of it 🙂 again, many thanks to Norman and the ones who wrote their comments 🙂 Let’s all persevere – God bless!

  2. I can’t say much but adore that pic of her’s wearing a Moslem-inspired gown wit hubby. She looks so regal. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her as a beauty queen and I have yet to see her portraying roles in TV films. Nice write-up, Norman! You seem to love our past Maja Queens. 😉

  3. 90’s, the time when Supermodels dominated the pageant world.

    Sir Norman, so Marilen Espino didn’t get the chance to compete internationally at all?

  4. I like her…She is very elegant…..and her crown as Bb. PILIPINAS MAJA….very nice..san na kaya eto.

  5. Bilis nyang tumanda, to think na 1yr ahead lang sya kay Ruffa and 2yrs kay Charlene.

    • Marina was 23 going 24 when she won in 1992. Ruffa was 19 when she won in 1993. Charlene was 20 when she won in 1994. that makes Marina ahead by 5 years kina Ruffa N Charlene. Marina was also a Bodyshots winner in 1988, beating Gem Padilla who would emerge later as Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1990

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