18 comments on “Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich on Aquino & Abunda Tonight

  1. Nice, I love the way she talks… She really expressed herself well naturally with charm and grace. I agree, her goal was to express not to impress which should also be the mindset of our own beauty queens. 😀 Osmel knows that we’re suckers for beautifull faces… No wonder he sent Maira, he’s really aiming for a back to back win.

  2. Personality plus! It’s this kind of aura that gets a judge to go from being just another pretty face to falling in love with a girl. And scoring her highly as a result.

    I think some of our ladies can learn a little from this type. Not too much pa-cute and pa-sweet. That’s boring. No one wants a cute girl as a titleholder, They want a dynamic, engaging WOMAN.

    Which is what Bianca, Valerie, and MJ all are.

    I think Kris and Yvethe could use a little more oomph. (Just my humble opinion).

  3. Naalala ko si Mutya during Supra na kahit balebaliko ang Ingles ay nai-express nya ang sarili with so much grace and charm and cause her of being Miss Personality!

    Btw, imbyerna to the final stage ako sa Sashes ng ME 2014..
    Galit na galit sa font size! Anlalaki ng mga letra!
    Eto na ang pinaka chakang pageant sash na aking na-engkwentro,
    Kung ako ang delegate?mahihiya akong magsuot ng sash nila!
    Cheapangga talaga!

  4. Tinigil ko talaga ang pagbubuhat ko para lang mapanuod ko ng buo ito.
    Gusto ko yung sagot nya about sa cosmetic surgery.

  5. I ❤ Queen Alyz. She is such a darlin'. Her allure is so strong that you just want to hug & kiss her and forgive her shortcomings and imperfections. XD

  6. Imo after reading the feedbacks, it seems to me na ‘its okay to be not so good in english as long as u are able to express’ pero pag ang mga philippine delegates na yung pinag eenglish e grabe kung makapanglait. Grammar natzis, english gurus and intonation and pronunciation masters biglang nagsusulputan. Instead to appreciate ung na express ng delegate ntin e hnhanapan ng mga mali kaya lalo silang ngiging stiff sa Q&A kase nappressure sila sa mga taong napakadaling manglait. Crab mentality kumbaga. Just my 2 cents.

    • It’s in d delivery Mae. Kumbaga sa pagkain eh nagkakatalo sa lasa at presentation. Parehong sinigang pero may sinigang na mas masarap, mas tama ang asim at mas nakakaganang tignan. Ano ang mas magugustuhan mo, sinigang na basta sinigang lang, oh sinigang na mas masarap, mas tama ang asim at nakakaganang tignan. Naku namiss q tuloy ang sinigang.. (drroolinggg…) Cheers! 🙂

  7. She’s very cute in motion. Expresses herself real well. Makes you smile without trying, such charisma. 🙂

  8. ang ganda. at kahit d perfect ang English nya nakakaaliw siyang panoorin..may sense magsalita at napakaconfident. she’s able to express her thoughts kahit medyo hirap xa mag English..

  9. Now that’s what you call natural, witty, comfortable, spontaneous & communicating not to impress but to express. She’s oh so adorable, that one wouldn’t mind d grammatical lapses at all.

    • Same sentiments here, aj, she was never conscious if she has it right or wrong in pronouncing words nor in stating a grammatically correct sentence nor in using her hands. So far, MJ has that attitude…I could not say the same with our other beauty queens! (Ok, to the haters and blind-followers, let your sore-thumbs drag your hands down!!! 1…2…3…GO!

      • aj…I am very much surprised…fanatics (who could not accept that their queens can learn a thing or two from other International queens who are natural, spontaneous, and just being themselves) have greatly reduced from more than 17 to just 5. Pitifully, these 5 losers are still suffering from sore-thumbs, finding no cure for their bitterness and low self-esteem!

  10. ay nakakatuwa sya. ang ki-at. yung answers nya hindi echos. pati accent nya ang fun naman. pwede to sa noontime shows…just saying

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