11 comments on “A Preview of the 2014 Supranational Contenders

  1. If Obama has made it to rule one of the World’s Superpowers, why can’t Miss Kenya rule over the other Supranational Candidates? WAYATINK?

  2. Australia looks gorgeous and like Yvetthe, she’s also Filipina… I’m torn!

  3. LOVE OUR QUEEN YVETHE!!! W I N N E R in my heart.

    Gabon keeps catching my eye. Not my cup of tea but lovely none-the-less. Keep going back to her. Hummm…

  4. Ang gagandang mga dilag!
    Queen Yvethe parin!

    Pero di ko mapigilan humanga kay Miss Ukraine.
    Hong gondo eh. Tsaka si Miss Thailand. 🙂

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