15 comments on “A Preview of the 2014 Earth Warriors

  1. Curacao looks like a Filipina beauty… She looks like Isabel Diaz-Daza, Anjannette Abayari and Techi Agbayani. 😀

  2. This is one reason I love Miss Earth. Their theme is all about being green. To the cause, to the official hotel – Green Sun Hotel.

    Kudos to Carousel.

  3. Nice headshots… They made it easy for us to compare their beauties in a more detailed manner. But the photo of my bet is a major-major disasppointment. How on earth can they not provide the latest HD shot of her with better make-up? She looks pale and sick to me! And I am very-very angry, can’t you see!!? 😈

    To me, Nepal and Latvia are the most appealing but my ❤ remains for the Philippines. :mrgreen:

  4. In this batch,my favorites areTahiti,Slovakia,Russia,Philippines and India.Pero wala yung Miss Earth ko dito.

    France vs. Dominican Republic for Miss Earth.

  5. Based on the close-up photos above, my choices are Russia for Eastern Europe, Philippines, Mexico, Nepal, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Latvia and Curacao.

  6. Nice closeup photos.
    So far aside from Philippines, I like

  7. Russia. Indonesia. Nepal. Switzerland. Croatia. Latvia. Bosnia & Herzegovina. Curacao.

  8. Kuya Norman, where is my Miss Austria? He-he…
    Based on the photos above, Misses Tahiti, Russia, Peru and Philippines caught my attention!

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