14 comments on “Throwback Thursday 2: Alexander Aquino, Mr. International 2001

  1. I didn’t know that male pageants existed even before the millennium. 🙂 And we have already won that title. Good!

  2. Just checked his instagram pics – looks like he’s still single :-). No wedding ring 🙂

  3. He was my dream guy then! He was a successful business man now ,they selling bags with Hollywood star print.

  4. Kuya Norman, is Vince Pinto familiar to you? Paki-feature na rin siya sa Throw-back kung meron kang mga interesting details tungkol sa kanya. Thanks in advance!

  5. Oh my boy! I remember the boy. Crush ko din ito noon…ayun, lumipas lang lol!

  6. I saw some of the Grasim pageants during the time when Indian channels like Zee TV were available. They have great production and stage was set always outside like the Miss Indias.

    So Carousel was not the first international pageant to have their finals night outside. But I think at that time, Grasim and Femina weren’t stoned to death for having their finals night outdoor. 😛

  7. BTW, he has his own Instagram account and I must say the guy still looks damn fine!

  8. Diosmio. Super guwapo siya talaga. Nakakaloka. May asawa na kaya siya. Yummy.

  9. I promised myself when I was still a high schooler that once I hit the legal age I’d do anything and everything just so Alex Aquino and I will end up together. Insane, really, as I think it got to a point where I really became so obsessed with this guy, LOL. Never naman ako naging stalker, haha. Sa huli na-realize ko din na puppy love ka lang pala…. pero crush pa din kita, Alex. #kinikiligpadin

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