13 comments on “Austria sends Valerie Huber for Miss Earth 2014

  1. She is my winner. I super duper love Miss Austria. Hope I can visit her country. My friend used to go there as his wife is working there.

  2. She is the winner, mark my word… Her eyes is so exotic…and lovely….Teach her pasarela.. She has to win MISS EARTH.

  3. Austria is sending another strong candidate this year. Even if Stephanie De Zorzi from Venezuela is still on the competition, Miss Austria will still win the crown.

  4. She is one of my pre-arrival favourites. I hope she could do a back-to-back placement for Austria. I’ve reserved the crown for the Philippines. :mrgreen:

  5. WOW-WOW-WOW…What a “Woman-of-the-EARTH””… Her Miss Earth-Austria Video is just engrossing, engaging, ecologically-entertaining (lol)…THANK you so much kuya Norman for featuring her! She is my winner…she just wins my heart…she is my Miss Earth 2014 – Valerie Huber!!!

  6. She is just a “chameleon”! By simply styling-up a bit..dressing up primly, fittingly and even barely…with less cosmetics to highlight or accentuate her face…Valerie is effectively making a statement that clean, fresh, raw, ecologically sound and environmentally friendly is what she is bringing in to the Pageant from Austria – a land where mother Earth is verily cared-for and Mother Earth is honored with respect and admiration!!! The first photo could depict Valerie as a cultured lady from Salzburg who enjoys the Sound of Music traversing its meadows, hills and valleys! The second photo could present Valerie as a country lass taking care of a stable at the foot of Austrian Alps. The third photo could image her as the Modern Mona-Lisa of Vienna: charming, enchanting, captivating in her youthful and virginal beauty!

  7. At the bottom pic she looks like that mean girl Georgina turned The Notebook protagonist, turned time-traveller’s wife – is it Rachel McAdams or Rachel Adams? Something like that.

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