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  1. Tito Norms said she got the irritation from the wool pullover… Who get’s allergic reactions from wool?! I’m sure her whole wardrobe is clean before she brought it there. It’s a pullover so she must’ve removed it once or twice with the other girls… Or even if she was wearing it the whole time, the saboteure couldv’e sprayed nettle juice, poison ivy tea, or any kind of irritant on her clothes while she’s not looking. These tactics has been happening at pageants all over the world and their target is always the biggest front runner. Our own international delegates were victims of these kind of low blows. I’m not surprised because a lot of these girls are highly competitive and so desperate to win that these kind of practice are common in the National pageants of Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, etc… Here are a few examples of the ugly side of pageantry:

    1. Ruffa Guttierez’s placement at Miss World made Cara Subijano, her successor, a front runner for the blue crown. Her evening gown was stolen at the last minute.
    2. Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith tripped and slided on stage during the evening gown segment of Miss Universe at Mexico. It was found out that the soles of her heels were oily… Sprayed with hair shine perhaps?
    3. Miss Australia 2010 Jesinta Campbell claimed that somebody lined the back of her National costumes with pins right before she wore it at Miss Universe in Las Vegas. Her back was full of scratches.

    I just hope and pray that Bianca will be safe till the corronation night. Keep up the good job!

  2. Hello! Is it just me??? I just don’t feel like there’s going to be a back-to-back win. I’m not trying to put Bianca down, but, my opinion is, she needs to relax some more and just be herself. She seems calculated at times (honestly, most times). Her modesty does not seem authentic, and it makes me cringe. She also needs to muster a more vibrant, more effortless smile… all the damn time. Sorry, but I don’t feel it just yet.

    • @Kirkpatrick…please go to the new article of Kuya Norman titled: Bianca, Keisha and Bea…The photos there would send you a totally different vibe. Biaca appears to be more relaxed there and more natural. Yes, I hope it’s not too late for her to bloom at the right time! I am still waiting for that “IT” moment (THIS IS IT) where I can see Bianca sing the FROZEN’s chorus “…Well, now they know..Let it Go, Let it Go…Can’t hold it back anymore…Turn away and SLAM the door…To test the Limits and Breaks through…” Whewww…that would truly be mesmerizing! LOL!

  3. On her photo above, Bianca must have been in the middle of her speech talking about the tragedy of being displaced in times of war. It is nice to see the other side of her – the more serious side of her personality – of how the conflict of war can crush her heart. I just hope she didn’t dwell too much on the evil of wars (and the plight of the many displaced who are the victims) as many countries would have them and many candidates are aware of the horror it brings…Her speech could be more touching and moving if she shared about her experience of how her loving and caring for people in refugee camps (the displaced) can alleviate people’s trauma and suffering, thus leading them to experience even a fleeting and momentary PEACE. Her speech could be more inspiring if she talked more on how her listening to the stories of those needing to be heard made her resolve to be an ambassadress of love and peace!

    • are you there Benji during her speech? and how did you knew that her speech is all about that horrors brought by war? just asking…..

      • No, I wasn’t there…my statements were written with wishful thinking that she has done well and delivered her finest and moving speech! … It was my wish, as I had no ideas what she expounded on, that her speech would be experience-based and therefore could come across as both inspiring and touching rather than on lecturing on issues about the evil of wars and the plight of the victims that can be read in newspapers and heard on cable news!

    • Benjie, it’s moot & academic, talking about what & how she should & shouldnt talk… As long as she’s happy with how her speech went then everything should be ok.

      • Aj, I am with you in hoping that Bianca is happy with her performance. Again, I wrote that piece just to wish (because I was not there and I didn’t see the speeches) that she has nailed it by delving more on the theme Love and Peace and situating it/placing it on the context of her experience with war victims. It was my hope that she didn’t expound more on the tragedy of war, unless she herself experienced it, but just make an intro of it as her jumping board toward her actual sharing of care to the victims and how that experience moved her to be an ambassadress of Peace. Kung sa Tagalog pa, ako ay umasa na: “sana ang NAISAGOT nya ay..” at hindi yong “sana ang SINAGOT nya ay”…may pagkakaiba, di ba?

  4. Get well very soon Bianca ! Praying for your speedy recovery.
    I’m pretty sure she nailed the international forum without breaking a sweat.
    As we already know she’s exceptionally good when it comes to public speaking … sincerely unrehearsed and genuinely affectionate 🙂

  5. What i love about her is her being unrehearsed when she speaks. She talks always like she is answering an interview and not q&a. I love her talking like she is thinking from the heart first before speaking. When she talks, you felt the emotions are sincere, as her emotions of love, sincerity, and even her nervousness were noticeably shown. That makes her so genuine!

  6. Allergies could be triggered by anything. Something that she wore. Something that she ate. The temperature of the conference room. That instant nervousness she felt when she spoke even if she had calmed down. Some people are also allergic to some people… even to some places. And the most prone to allergies are those with asthma. I should know. :mrgreen:

    TG is fine now. And I am sure she was very impressive during her turn. More ❤ for Queen Bianca!

    • codeX: I do believe that long before we send the candidates to International Competition, they should have gone through a lot of exposures to different environment – even to slums areas (the way Valerie had her during her Eat Bulaga days) – to the meadows, by the sea, on high altitude, in tight and narrow spaces, around the highways and by-ways, etc…This is to determine what might trigger irritations and what could be their weaknesses in terms of adapting to a new environ. This pro-active activity can lead to finding measures what to avoid, how to deal, what to do in a certain situation. Added to the exposure thing, our candidates must go through practices of wearing clothes that are proper to the climate of the country of competition and evaluate how they carry themselves with those clothes — how they are in layers of garments: heavy pull-overs, tight jackets, shaws and bonnets. They must be trained to pack their wardrobes and how to organize their things in their hotel rooms…and how to carry handle those heavy luggages when they travel through airports for out-of-town activities….Well, Just my take to help our candidates deal with a pressure-filled competition!

  7. OMG!…. I heard of this tactic before when other candidates use pepperspray on the clothes of their biggest competitor (technically that’s Philippines)… I guess stealing gowns/clothes/make-up doesn’t work anymore since most of the girls are well prepaired. I just hope it’s just pepperspray rather than poison-dart-frog slime from you guys know where!
    GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! >:-(

    • Bianca is a real nice girl and she doesn’t desserve to be sabotaged by her competitors! 😦 This incident reminds me of my sister who once entered a college pageant where in the price was a full scholarship. All her competitors knew that she’s the girl to beat and so they tried their best to sabotage her. She did not win but at least the saboteure was caught on cam and was suspended. I just hope Karma is working overtime to punish those who did this to Bianca… 😦 Stay safe Ms. Philippines, get well soon…

      • So where did you get that news? I forgot, you’ve got lots of contacts and spies in Tokyo. :mrgreen: If that is for a fact, I pray that the saboteur asks for forgiveness before the pageant ends. 🙏

  8. Magpagaling ka agad Bianca! You need to take some rest and relax for the rest of the activities. Good Luck and God bless you!

    • Tangengot din tong Observer na ito eh! Eh ako nagka allergy na rin ibig sabihin nice publicity stunt rin? e sidekick kita jan eh! Ang allergy di mu alam kung kelan yan aatake! Epal ka talaga! Di kailangan ni Bianca ang publicity, she’s popular even before the miss international 2014 started! Gusto mu yata magka make up sa mata ng dalawang linggo na hindi matatanggal eh!

    • Bianca wouldn’t resort to this gimickry , Observer ! We know her better than that.

  9. I am liking this new thing BPCI is doing when selecting their winners. The most polished is sent to Miss Universe, the most stunning is sent to Supra, and the smartest is sent to Miss International. I have yet to see the trend for intercon.

  10. For sure, sinabotage yan ng ibang candidates kaya ngka allergy.
    Imbyerna sila Beauty and Brains ni Mareng MaryAnne Bianca…

  11. Thank God hindi seryoso ang naging problema niya, and buti na lang she’s doing fine now.

    Anyway, Tito Norms, yung wardrobes ba niya is provided by BPCI or personal niya yon? kasi if those are from BPCI, in fairness ha kahit papaano okay siya and nadadala ni Bianca!

  12. I’m very sure that the cause of that allergy is the set of outfits na ipinadala ni Madame Stellalu.
    Ang mga damit na iyan, tyak na pinamahayan ng surot at anay, isama pa ang mga hanep at alakdan.

  13. Feel better Marianne. We’re proud of you and you are doing your best. Get some rest, relax, and enjoy. The most important thing is we are behind you and we hope and pray for your success without sacrificing your health.

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