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  1. Two ladies graciously bearing the collective weights of their countrymen so beautifully.

    No one compares to these two—ladies and countries.

  2. pretty si ms. vene pero stunning yung green shade na suot ni bianca. hindi ako naimbyerna haha. ni hindi ko napansin si miss venezuela agad. muka ng haponesa si bianca. i love how fresh she appears all the time. uulitin ko….lakas ng impact para sakin yung mukang naligo at hindi nag wisik wisik lang. vote vote vote!

    maiba ako…

    guys when yung miss world?
    when yung pageant nila yvethe and kris?
    nahuhuli ba ako at tapos na?
    parang naka babad naman ako dito sa norman’s blog ah.
    so you mean kuracha mode tayo this novemeber, december and hanuary for the pageants ganun?
    englighten me please! i want to plot my schedules para bakante ako sa mga linggong to hahaha..adik much. thanks!

  3. Bianca, Michelle and Barbara are currently the hottest according to my friends in Tokyo.

  4. Michelle is so stunning, I remember her stint in MU1994. If only her stretchmarks then we’rent an issue, she should had made in the semi.

  5. Ganda ni ateng!! Tito Norms, I’m just so happy that Bianca is maintaining that fresh, youthful and glowing aura. you know, like she’s not in a competition. enjoy enjoy lang siya. mukhang napapahinga siya and madali siya maging friends with other candidates. she really wants to win yet just enjoying, no pressure.

    For me, the crown will be between Philippines, Venezuela, Mexico, India and Macau or Thailand.

    whatever happens, we all know that Bianca is doing her very best to make the crown stays with BPCI/Philippines.

  6. Tito Norms, my Marianne is glowing. Habang tumatagal ang competition, lalo syang gumaganda. Mukhang di halata ang pressure sa kanya. Ganda ng aura nya wearing that bonnet and purple military jacket. Pati ang pag-ngiti, napakatamis. Mukhang effective ang coaching mo Tito Norms. 🙂

    • I really hope so, Dawn. I was told that she is getting positive feedbacks from the Japanese people and organizers alike. I hope tuloy tuloy na.

    • Mirror mirror on the wall ? Who’s the fairer of the duo ? Me thinks our Bianca’s got the edge based on the side by side photo of these 2 standouts. Mariane is just so refreshing to watch all the time 🙂

    • Dawn agree ako sa observation mo. Mukhang paganda siya ng paganda each time makita ko mga pics niya.

  7. The two will be battling for the crown neck-and-neck. I wish our Queen Bianca makes history. They’ll probably be joined by the misses of Dominican Republic, the Netherlands and either India or Thailand.

    On the side-note, I read a post from a missosologist covering the event that Michelle looks so much better in person. I guess I have to agree because she won the most beautiful face during her pageant.

    We will know as to who is who ten days from now. :mrgreen:

  8. Hawig nya ang anak ni Madam Rosa Rosal, si Toni Rose Gayda. I mean ang Miss Venezuela Rep!

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