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  1. Janine’s transformations from 2011 to 2012 and from BBP 2012 to Miss Universe 2012 were by far the best of our Top 5 queens.

    Talagang she didn’t rest on her laurels. She improved every element of herself and her finish shows it.

    I’m glad she is living in LA and succeeding there now. It’s where world class beauties belong.

  2. Beautiful ! I’ve just checked her out on Wells Fargo’s ATM machine earlier courtesy of my Aunt’s card (lol). Way to go Janine šŸ™‚

  3. When I received my monthly Wells Fargo Mortgage statement, there was an insert with “Think of us as your credit tutor” with Janine’s picture on it. Beautiful start of her modelling career. Way to go J!

  4. she is perhaps the most beautiful philippine delegate to miss u in recent years, after miriam quiambao and nina ricci alagao. perfect skin tone, wide set eyes, full pouty lips and amazing facial bone structure. the quintessential pinay beauty that does not need any surgical enhancements.

  5. Dannnnnng! I am really happy for janine plus the fact that i am also working for wells fargo. well what can i say she’s truly gorgeous!

    Welcome to wells fargo Queen janine šŸ™‚

  6. I will always remember how she was bashed by her countrymen and all the great bashers were stunned how she almost got crowned.

    I’ve always been proud of her and never for a moment did I lose my faith in her. Break a leg, Janine.

  7. I am glad she was exploring other possibilities that she can do in her life, not like some other beauty titlist who are lost and they can’t find the right direction in their life. I am sure they are hundreds of beauty titlist who are now successful in their own career and also enjoying their happy life. Keep up the good work Janine.

  8. GONDOOOOOOOOO……She was robbed! Naniniwala ako dun talaga. The cheekbones….hay…they color….nyeta gluta ng gluta mga tao…eto ang tingnan nyo…maka pag selfie ng ng ganyan mamaya hahaha

  9. I wish she will audition for America’s Next Top Model! Her beauty is striking and more beautiful than ever. She was def robbed that crown was hers!

    • oo nga! bet! relevant pa ba top model? naumpisahan ko lang kaya hindi ko matanggal sa sistema ko eh.

  10. Bilis pumayat ni ateng Janine.
    Naalala ko pa nung BBP2014 coronation night, ang laki ng braso nya, parang puno ng acacia.

  11. Ang tunay na gandang pinay! Patuloy mo kaming pinahahanga, Janine. Bilib kami sa’yo! God bless you!

  12. Kuya Norman, bukas Undas na po, mag tribute ka ng in memoriam sa mga namayapa nating mga Beauty Queens, ipagdasal natin at ipagtirik ng kandila.

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