21 comments on “Sushi Party a la Miss International 2014

  1. Her national costume is from the Baul. The only thing new is her head dress which was designed the person who designed Parul and Nicole’s Nat Cos when they competed in Binibini? #Trust&Believe

  2. This is just an opinion, japanese were not fond of having back to back winner, last year bea was crowned by previous winner not the 2013 title holder who happened to be Miss Japan but was dethroned due to some contract matter, o the possibility for Bianca is very slim but I hope with the magic of Bianca’s beauty she can be a back to back winner lets keep our finger cross.

  3. offtopic: kailan ang natcos presentation? curious lang kung anong “baul” natcos ang isusuot ni bianca? 😦

  4. codeX: And who do you think stands-out on the first photo? For me it’s the Lesbo…hehe..at once, you eyes will be drawn to her!

    • After eating sushi, all of them look radiant.

      On the other hand, I don’t know but I no longer bother to look at the others after I pronouced Bianca as “the” Queen Bianca. I’m sure you know what I’m trying to insinuate. :mrgree:

      Let me take another look if I’d notice lesbo. On the second thought… never mind… I’d be wasting my precious time. 😛

  5. Looks like Bianca is listening to our suggestions.

    Bianca, try mo naman ganitong hairstyle/styling at make-up:

  6. I like the aura of Queen Bianca on the 2nd to the bottom photo… Regally modest and contented. Siya na talaga! 🙂

    • I wanted to say I feel like cravin’ for a Bento boxful of sushi but I can’t — I don’t like it but I would die for two plateful of sahimis — one salmon and the other blue tuna. Now I’m really cravin’! 😉

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