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  1. Sometimes I think she is too busy with appearances and could use some down/prep times.

    But then I realize this is all second nature to her. When the ladies arrive in Doral it wil be GO GO GO. The other ladies will burn out.

    MJ will keep shining despite the grueling schedule as she has since winning.



  2. Only a collision of planets in the galaxy can save Mary Jacko’s fate in Miss Universe.
    At kung sakaling mangyari man ito at magwagi ang gurangers na si Jacko, papaslangin ko si Laila.

  3. i cannot wait for the world to see her body! i can’t wait to see her in a gorgeous gown and show the world how articulate she is!!!

  4. All her hard work is really paying off. She keeps getting better, brighter. Now…. Madame Stella… PLEASE don’t give an evening gown that is a sparkly, pleated tash bag with a bow. P L E A S E don’t let all her hard work go to waste!!!

  5. her best look so far.. freshness..
    give her the best wardrobe bpci sayanh ang effort at ganda nya kung pagsusuotin nyo lang chaka..sana yung gown nya will give justice to her beauty..she deserves the best.

      • Maganda ka naman talaga… Kaya lang medyo kulang ka sa height dahil 5’2″-5’4″ ka lang at lumagpas ka na sa age limit. :mrgreen:

      • hahahaha hirap kumomment sa maganda kase mama ko at bf ko lang nagassabi nun yung height at age limit na sakto mo my friend hahahaha

    • Sorry but I didn’t catch your meaning especially the GIF you attached. Did I say something that you didn’t like to read/hear?

    • LOL. That’s for Laila. Not for your MJ. Ikaw talaga super sensitive. Look at Laila’s gravatar — she’s pretty but she looks not tall enough and she is already in her early thirties. Gets mo na?!? :mrgreen:

    • Now, I want you to apologize to me and ask the admin to remove your senseless accusation. As in RIGHT NOW!!! :mrgreen:

    • And you don’t need to ask the admin to remove your senseless reaction. I want the world to see how crazy you are!!! :mrgreen:

  6. I can only agree with the earlier comments.

    BPCI should come up with better choices of wardrobe for MJ. I remembered a glittery dress worn by Venus in 2010, maygahd I saw it worn by one of the contestants in BbP 1994 during the opening number.

    We have the best local designers and MJ deserves nothing but the best. Not only MJ but all our queens deserves the best. This will also promote the talent of the Filipino designers.


  7. I will not be surprised if MJ will bring along her own evening gown of choice for the competition…Laban kung laban na….she knows what she wants!

    God bless you….

    Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Universe 2014

  8. It is the 1st time I am not worried about anything… I already know she’ll be bringing all the big guns, all the tricks of the trade and all her wits that will charm the judges. Her only hurdle now is politics. I just hope and pray that her stars would align at Dorral.


  9. MJ has already gotten the body to die for when she dons the swim suit … I am looking forward to be mesmerized, awed, stunned, bewitched by the gowns she will be wearing. MJ is articulate. MJ is a gentle fighter but also a fierce queen. MJ is enjoying her goal to bring home the 3rd MU for the Philippines! If there is one hurdle that greatly pulling her to soar ahead and beyond, it can be her Evening Gown! She should be given the best that the BPCI can offer! Let us remember that the fabulous gowns worn by the Venezuelan MU winners did add unquestionable value and undeniable credence to the titles accorded to them!

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