9 comments on “Miss Grand International 2014 is pro-Peace and anti-War

  1. Can we please spread the word: MGI 2014 is not cuban, the only thing she is is a LIAR!! Dethrone this girl!!!

  2. I dont know who to dislike more: the liar that now goes around saying shes cuban when she doesnt even have a cuban neighbor or this lame pageant that believes givihg out roses and posing for pictures with 100 pounds of makeup will stop the war and spread peace?
    I think this pageant should just disappear. Itll never be half as good as the top pageants. Not by making liars wear a crown.

  3. Wala ba syang home coming sa CUBA?? Baka magka WARLA pag dumating sya dun.. Hindi naman sya nirerecognize ng Cuba as their own, nacoconfuse na nga ako sa nationality ng babaitang ito, and dami nya kasing nirerepresent sa mga previous pageant na sinalihan nya.

  4. Nagselfie lang katabi ang mga sundalo e pro-fish na?
    Makapunta nga ng Campo Aguinaldo bukas, magseselfie ako habang kasabay na naliligo ang mga sundalo.

  5. It is a photo-opp, pure and simple, with nothing to do about real peacemaking. And I am not jaded– sorry!

    Even if you give millions of roses to soldiers in front of the camera, it will just be a perfunctory gesture to stop wars. Peacemaking is a complex issue that needs a more profound holistic response that starts from the roots of the conflict. What is the message communicated by this rose-giving to Muslim soldiers? That they should soften up a bit, or stop antagonizing the people– just like during the Philippines’ Peoples Power Revolution decades ago, Ukraine’s revolt against their pro-Russian president a year ago, and Hongkong’s current Umbrella Revolution? What will the other side of the conflict say? What about the ideologues of both sides? This simplistic approach may even escalate wars!

    How do you think ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram, or Abu Sayyaf would react if the MGI queen, resplendent in a long gown and a crown on her head, go to their frontlines and start giving out flowers and mouthing the words “Peace”? Don’t you think they will be insulted at such blatant trivialization of their respective causes and life-and-death issues?

    I hope MGI will stop playing down complex issues like war. Peacemaking requires a comprehensive solution hewing on political, economic, social, religious and cultural. When MGI trumpeted the advocacy of stopping wars and promoting humanity’s betterment, it should have acquired the competence to discuss, and engage other stakeholders, in exploring the complex historical socio-politico-economico-religious issues that spawn conflicts. In selecting its spokesperson, the criteria should go beyond beauty of face and body, and the ability to flash the sign of peace and distribute flowers. The foremost criteria should be the cerebral and physical ability– and social networks– to implement the programmatic expressions of MGI’s advocacy.

    • Well said, scorg. I wish MGI would just drop the pretense and admit that they really just want to put up a pageant for pageants’ sake – it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The whole organization would seem silly and would end up losing credibility if they insist on taking on this “Stop the war” cause. If an advocacy must be adopted, then please, Mr. Nawatt Itsaragrisil (if you’re reading this), choose something in which you can actually make a difference.

  6. Common! the level of fakeness & cheezynessss here just went up to the highest ever….

    Talking about the war is something that require expertise and credibility… if the organizers are sincere with this cause… there are many militant groups and NGOs that could train them or partner with them in order to make this sound and look REAL!!! This is the type of advocacy that needs the right people to be on board to make your activities DECENT, REAL AND SINCERE

    Miss U partnered with a credible org to make their winner credible if they talk about AIDS, Miss Word partnered with over 100 NGOs and even goverment entities to gain the respect they need ; Miss Earth is partner with the United Nations!!! no less, which they made sure from day one of their pageant, there is also Miss Earth Foundation that is partner with international NGOs in order to make the cause effective, real and sincere.

    On a simplier note: TEACH MGI SOME LESSONS ON DRESS CODE!!! Red dress with black lace??? are you on pain killers MGI?

  7. So the Thais need a fake Cuban to stop their own civil war, aye?!?

    I’ve got nothing more to say, your honour!

  8. another cheap gimmickry from miss grand imitation! para lang mga politicians dito sa pinas na puro photo ops lang ang ginagawa…

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