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  1. Magulat nalang kayo kung ang topwinner ng country pinadala sa Miss Earth tapos mga runner up nya sa Miss World at Miss Universe!

  2. Here are obvious preference of some pageant powerhouse countries between MU & MW under the same national franchise though some of them holds separate national pageant for the two, it is still obvious how the other one is much more prioritized.

    Venezuela – Miss Universe
    Mexico – Miss Universe
    France – Miss World
    Russia – Miss Universe
    South Africa – Miss World
    India – Miss World

    • Europe & Majority of Commonwealth States – MISS WORLD
      USA, Latin America & Third World Countries – MISS UNIVERSE

    • France (Miss France) and India (Femina Miss India) used to send their top winners in Miss Universe. I just don’t know what happened to the former why their send their winner to Miss World since 2012, as for the latter, it just that they have more favourable placement in Miss World over Miss Universe.

      Information/s : Miss World and Miss Universe are equally popular in the European continent. Other European countries send their top winner in Miss Universe (e.g Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Kosovo). Other countries hold separate national Miss Universe and Miss World pageants.

      Believe it or not, in United Kingdom (Miss World home base) the pageant itself wasn’t too much popular to the British audiences. Perfect example is the Miss World never televised live in either national television conglomerates like BBC, Channel 4, and ITV, preferring to broadcast in cable channels unlike Miss Universe who does have CBS and NBC.

  3. not worried at all…… MJ and VALERIE will perform with flying colors…..
    Vote Na mga ateng…..👸

  4. Well if I am the owner of Miss World…I want the best candidate from every country….Kung Miss Universe naman…ganun ang gagawin ko….Yes its politics…but we cannot get away with that.

    If for example….Miss South Africa will place as top 10 in Miss World 2014….as owner of Miss Universe I will have reservations including her in my top 10…as Miss Universe owner…I want to protect my Brand.

    Well if these case had happened before …double placements…now its difficult…with social media around…every candidates profile is exposed to the public.

    My point is…franchise holders to know and play the game… conduct two separate pageants and Crown respective winners for Miss World and Miss Universe.

    For me…I like both Miss World and Miss Universe..

    That elusive Blue Crown..I want that for Valerie

    Miss Universe…Hope they can provide nice crown for MJ to wear.


    VAL for Miss World
    MJ for Miss Universe

    P.S. Miss World is more popular in Europe…they love watching it…Miss Universe…not much.

    BUT anyway…I love both crowns equally.

    Second Tier for me is Miss International
    Third Tier Miss Earth

    Just my opinion..thanks

    • In short…it boils down to two separate Brands…MW and MU…..brand protection.

    • I guess the MU crown is the elusive one because we have that blue crown right now. 🙂

      Do they hold two separate pageants for MW and MU in Singapore? Just curious…

      • Hi Codex….yes separate pageant here in SG…just that hindi gaano mahilig ang SG sa beauty pageants..so its not a big thing here.

        Ok sana kung mag host sila ng pageant ulet…kahit na for tourism purposes lang.

        Marami dito mga Malays, Indians and British…so if Miss Singapore will be of Indian descent eh normal na lang yun I guess….but I heard majority wants Miss SG to be Chinese blood pa rin.

        Actually mas interested pa ako sa male pageants dito..kasi Singaporean male are so slim and some are very muscular…even sa MRT ang dami mo makakasabay na sobrang fit..hehe 😉

      • Well, I’m actually familiar with the lifestyle there because I used to frequent that place before I returned here in Manila. One Fullerton used to be my regular hangout as my hotel is just there. Say I have not seen the Lion City for five years now. So are you now Singaporean?!? 🙂

      • I asked because most of my friends have elected to become Singaporeans. Now they enjoy travelling around the world visa free. 😉

      • Im very nationalistic Codex….that travelling visa free does not matter to me. I love my nationality as Filipino.

  5. Ayaw ni Lola Julia ng ganyan.
    Ang gusto nya ay sya ang taft priority.
    Kaya naman asahan na duduguin sa kapapalakpak ang Russia sa MW.
    Balak ko nga ay magconduct ng Miss World Tondo, tyak pasok sa semi sa MW ang magiging kinatawan namin.

  6. I am not sold to the idea that Miss Rissia Org prefers MU over MW and here’s the reason why. Miss Russia and her court at this point in time should be under contract with the org. Having said that, what happened to the 1st runner-up? Why did they pick Kostenko over Reshetova?

    I could speculate for 3 reasons:

    1. Respect cum Delicadeza. The org has to give face to Trump considering that they were given the chance to host the pageant last year.

    2. Scores Review. The org probably looked back at the scores and found out that Queen Megan awarded her highest points to Kostenko whilst Queen Molly gave her’s to Alipova, thus, the specific appointments.

    3. Pay Back Time. Remember Russia didn’t even get into the semifinals when it has been a tradition that the host country automatically goes to the that round? Most probably MU will give them the crown in Doral. It’s dirty but surely possible so watch out!!!

    And I am sure that one of my speculations is absolutely right. LOL :mrgreen:

  7. hello norman.. i always read your posts but i think its my 1st time to comment.. aside from the fact that the actual miss russia will be sent to MU do you have other bases for concluding that the organization prefers MU to MW? because i remember Russia sending its ultimate winner to MW in 2008 and during that time they almost had no reason to do that since there was plenty of time between the 2 contests. the only reason i could think is that they probably felt that their 2008 winner had a bigger chance in winning MW that year so they didnt wanna spoil that chance by sending her 1st to MU. and they were right, Russia won MW in 2008. they probably have that same reason this time….their new winner looks very fierce for Julia’s taste… or maybe they ask the winner which one she prefers better in cases when there’s conflict of schedules..

    also, it’s been a Russian recent tradition to invite both winners of MU and MW to their coronation evening, and in 2012, Angola wasnt there but Venezuela was there. and then Russia hosted MU last year… so im still undecided if Russia really prefers MU..not unless they mention it or it’s too obvious..like in cases of Mexico ( where they crown the MW winner in a less glittering event not even shown on TV before they crown their MU representative… and the MU representative of Mexico is the ultimate title holder, her sash says it)..

    Thank you more power

  8. South Africa has always a soft spot in Julia’s heart. There have been lots of placements in Miss World Pageant that went to South Africa in the past . It’s about time that South Africa will reciprocate the favor. I am sure Rolene Strauss will be sent to Miss World .

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