17 comments on “Excited to do the Sakura Dance for Miss International 2014

  1. My top 3, plus Netherlands & Canada. Ayaw ko sa Thailand, inis ako dikit ng dikit kay Bianca hahahha kiyeme lang!

  2. yep, this look is fresh on her compared to the other hairdo. though very bea but she’s targeting a back to back it isnt really bad

  3. Bianca all the way!!!! Kahit ano man maging resulta, Bianca pa rin ako! I have a strong feeling that she can make it!!!!! # Good vibes!!!!

  4. She looks amazing! Ako rin mas gusto ko tong look na to. Mukha na syang mabango to start with. Mad nagmukha pa syang mabango ngayon…although…SUNUGUN NA DAMIT NA YAN!!!!! BAKIT PINAPASUOT KA NILA NG PANG NINANG ANAK NG…

    • What happened to your sense of sight, Laila?!? :mrgreen: I knew somethin’ is wrong. I can’t understand one of your latest comments to me. Siguro nalaglag ang IQ ko. 😉

  5. I have to agree that this updo fits her very well if not best. Kahit sino pang mala-Diosa ang itabi mo sa kaniya — laglag!!! The fact is she has a normal sized face that it tends to look big when her hair is kind of volumized and not to forget that it makes her look older. And now, she obviously looks young and fresh and vibrant and very pleasing to stare at. My truth! 🙂

  6. Wow! This is her prettiest look so far! I love it! I hope she keeps this kind of styling!

  7. mas gusto ko yung ganitong ayos ni bianca kesa sa nakalugay ang buhok. mas relax siyang tingnan dito 🙂

      • Ah okay Ninag, thanks for the update.
        Please inform me who among the candidates ang may dalang plastic bag at mgsusubi.
        At kung sino ang numero unong lamunera!

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