8 comments on “Desiree Cordero is the new Miss Universe Spain

  1. What a knockout! From photos alone, this woman is my current favourite for the crown. Absolutely an upgrade from last year.

  2. Ganda ng lola nyo!
    Sarap ingudngud.
    Pag may mga babaitang ganito kagaganda ay naiirita ko, to the point na gusto kong gripuhan sa pukelia si Laila.

  3. She looks pasty in the 2nd photo but she looks gorgeous in the bikini shot. Pwede pwede.

  4. She looks amazing in her swimsuit photoshoot, but she looks so dry in the other photo. Patricia is absolutely beautiful and she exudes a lot of Latina vibe. I also have not found a bad photo of her. Desire has a big shoes to fill in.

    • I have to agree with you, Rosco, and may I add that she looks dull with the crown because it simply doesn’t fit her facial beauty. My own opinion, I guess. 😉

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