44 comments on “Jhataleka Malhotra: India’s best bet for a 1st Miss International win?

  1. Lol. Dude, jdelatorre put you on blast like a real man and you respond like a woman with a penis between its legs. You are an embarrassment not only to Filipinos but to the entire male gender! Really! Change your moniker freak.

  2. Bigyan nang libreng deodorant yan. Ipatawas pa sa alboryo. Please lang malapit na ang bagong taon wag naman makisabay sa putokan. Buti pa ang aso isang paligo tanggal agad ang baho yang mga yan di na nga matagal amoy mangingitim ang tubig. Sing baho nila ang caste sytem nila.

  3. Hanggang dito ba naman nagpapataasan kayo ng ihi? Akala lang natin wala tayong amoy dahil parepareho lang ang kinakain natin. Ganoon din ang nararamdaman ng ibang lahi. Minsan nga may friend akong kano na bumisita dito. Sabi niya amoy gata ng niyog tayong mga Pilipino. Sana iwasan natin ang paninira sa ibang lah dahil nakakahiya.

    • Ha-ha…papayag kaya si Nancy ng Makati kung pare-pareho ang kinakain natin? Wa epek pala ang mga World Class na pagkain na inihahanda sa Hacienda kung ang kakalabasan ay amoy gata pa rin sya! Sayang din naman at wa epek pala ang mga World Class na pabangongnauubos nya at amoy gata pa rin sya! Kaya pala may salitang “AGTA”…galing pala yonsa salitang Amoy-Gata, ha-ha-ha!

  4. @MELY DEA

    Yes, I do know what dogs taste like because I ate them twice in my life. They taste like chicken. Tell your mother and sister they were delicious! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. Maganda tong mahadera na ito.
    She can be a spoiler.
    Wag lang sanang spoiled brat ang nieta.

  6. Pagnanalo si Miss India dito sa Miss International .. eh di 4th country na sila to win all Big 4 Pageants …. nakakaloka yun … hindi pa ako ready i-let go ang ating winning streak …

  7. Depending on what country you are in and what era, nationals of that country would have different opinions about Filipinos. In US and Canada for example and before the 90s, both Americans and Canadians would look at Filipinos as law-abiding, caring, hard-working, reliable…they would look highly on Filipinos who are in Medical fields (Doctors and Nurses) and in the Navy. The next generation after them are not as highly appreciated. The same is true in some European Countries…but when the third wave of Filipinos invading their countries to work as DH (except for Care-givers), slowly our foreign counterparts would look down on Pinoys as loud, showy, tactless, boisterous, cheap. Thankfully, odor or smell is never an issue really, except when Pinoys would cook their daing and alamang. Pinoy entertainers are very much affirmed, as well…except for those in some countries and cruising ships who would double as “service-crew-in-bed”…offering extra-services, carnal fun and personal entertainment…these include some hostos and japayuki’s in Japan…the window girls in Amsterdam…the gigolos and the likes of Andrew Cunanan who frequent the gay bars in different states in the US and offer their escort services…Well, foreigners are just amazed how fun-loving, musically-inclined, easy-to-be-with, carinosa/carinoso, touchy, sociable Filipinos are…and how weird in so many ways…arguably, we can really hardly hear foreigners complain about our smell…well, only the fishy ones whom they can consider as “maamoy ng malansang isda” (how’s that again in English?)…

    • There is really no need to explain about it.

      Filipinos are so open minded. We take pride in being a tolerant society and accepting so warmly other nationalities in our shores. We even endured hundreds of years under foreign rulers (Spaniards and Americans) and accepted their norms, culture and even religion.

      The Philippines is well respected by the outside world with the assimilation of various cultures and her proud, respectful and tolerant people.

      In that premise, we should accord respect to others if we do not want to be ostracized by others.

      • Very true, I agree. Beauty with a purpose, Advocacy, be able to share and influence others, paano sasabihin yan with sincerity ni Bianca at Val sa speech nila at Q&A kung di naman totoo sa puso nila. Like me, half-chinese so baka iba rin ang amoy ko!

    • @Benji

      Why do you keep on trying to justify how much of a racist asshole you are?! Shut the hell up!

      • You must be very ugly to be overly affected with something that has very little reference to color. Your ugliness is showing its disgusting head!

  8. I also have Indian professional friends in Manila.

    I don’t mind if Miss India wins the crown. She is gorgeous.

  9. R-E-S-P-E-C-T..
    Iba’t ibang pananaw, kasi sabi ng mga ka trabaho kong mga ibang lahi, sa kanila kasi simbolo ng pagkalalaki ang amoy nila. Baka makasira pa kay Bianca yan at ibang candidates natin na sasabak sa competition especially si Neil Perez.

  10. She is gorgeous indeed. She may win the crown who knows because Miss International is such an unpredictable pageant. 🙂 On another note, India is back on the game. I think after a long lull in pageant victories, the country aims to reclaim its powerhouse status. It’s exciting!

  11. Jhataleka passed my beauty standard with flying colours, therefore, she is in great contention to the Mikimoto crown along with Bianca, Zuleika, Michelle and Polly. 🙂

  12. Para silang Katulad natin noon pre-Megan Young sa miss World. Puro runners up lang but never the crown.
    Who knows? This girl might break the drought this year. Just as long as India keeps sending stunning and charming ladies, they will finally get the crown.

  13. I doubt sir norms kung makukuha niya kaya. Marami ring magaganda at charming candidates ngayon. She should impressed the japanese judges first. Uhmmm for me hindi ganun ka striking ang aura niya. Just my opinion.

    • Dude? For reals? It’s like saying the Brits will frown if Philippines were to win Miss World in fear of Filipino tourists visiting the UK and eating their dogs. My opinion of course…Dayum!

      • @vancouver
        At least we would not be bringing stink into their country. I hope a bath is enough for you otherwise enjoy a life of persecution and rejection. If all else fails drink bleach while your at it

      • @Eric

        Maybe not stink into their country, but because you love to eat roast-poodle there’s a good chance you and your family would be bringing in “fleas”. 😀 😀 😀


  14. I’m not so sure if Japanese, subconsciously, are racists. All I know is that they, like the Swiss, are obsessive when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation. If India wins the Miss International Pageant, there is a tendency that Indian tourists will invade Japan as their way of expressing their gratitude. I have the feeling that Japanese will abhor the odor that Indian tourists bring with them (Ijust assume)…so that explains why there has not been an Indian candidate crowned as Miss International. I’m sure sa mga may lahi na Indian sa blog na ito will thumb me down, Ha-ha-ha!

    • I’m not an Indian but I think your comment is very unfair to Indians. Japanese people are not like that. it’s bad manners in Japan to comment and complain about bodily odors so unlike us Filipinos who feel as if we are the sweetest smelling race in the world which in reality, is not, and make fun of other peole who smell differently. many people from other countries don’t like the smell of Filipinos either. they even wonder how on earth we can endure the stench, filth and grime in our surroundings. i’ve stayed in Japan for a year, mingled with many nationalities including Indians, Sri Lankans and Pakistani. they don’t smell bad for me, just different, probably from the various spices they put in their food. your theory regarding no-win for an Indian in the Miss International is idiotic and an insult not just to the Indians but also to the intellect of the Japanese organizers and judges. ayaw natin na nilalait-lait tayo ng ibang nationalities but it’s so ironic that many of us Filipinos ay grabeng manlait. tsk, tsk……

      • I cannot really comment about the Japanese behaviour because I’ve been to Japan for a week just to enjoy Disneyland and a bit of shopping but I am in total agreement with you as to how we derive our individual body odours. It’s definitely the food together with spices that we take that bring about that certain kind of smell. Also, what we exhale is the direct result of what we inhale. Just try smoking three sticks of cigarettes non-stop in an indoor smoking area and join your non-smoker friends afterwards. Definitely they will feel uneasy with your presence. Furthermore, what may smell good under our nose does not necessarily equate to the same sense of smell for the others. Perfume would be the best example. Just saying…

      • I have been to India a couple of times, and I gained a lot of Indian friends. Kahit papano nasasaktan din ako pag nilalait nyo sila kasi mababait naman. Totoo meron talaga na may amoy pero huwag naman sana lahatin… Kahit naman sa mga pinoy meron din naman na may amoy ah.

    • Dude? For reals? It’s like saying the Brits will frown if Philippines were to win Miss World in fear of Filipino tourists visiting the UK and eating their dogs.
      My opinion of course…Dayum!

      • At least we would not be bringing stink into their country. I hope a bath is enough for you otherwise enjoy a life of persecution and rejection. If all else fails drink bleach while your at it.

    • One of your sarcastic jokes and funny logic, Benji. This time I ain’t laughin’. But I can feel where you’re comin’ from… The wrong side of your bed! 😉 Time you changed the sheets… They’re prolly smelly. :mrgreen:

      • codeX: You are right…It was the weirdo part of my being “bi-polar” writing crazy lines, he-he…well, just starting a controversial premise (at the expense of the subject/topic above) so that there would ensue some interesting discussions, henceforth…anyway, just notice how I discriminately used the word odor…very tricky and could have has nuances…just like saying the Europeans abhor the odor of bagoong that Filipinos bring with them abroad….

    • WTF you crazy Asshole?! I’m Filipino with Japanese and Indian ancestry you racist douchebag! I learned that people are afraid of what they don’t know specialy ignorant people with black-and-white thinking like you! Incase you have not travelled abroad which I assume you have not, other nationalities say we smell like fish but they are more tolerant of us because they know that it just happens that we’re foreigners and happens to smell different!

      • Mabango nga sa katawan, madami naman corrupt, nangri rape ng bata, hulidap, kakatakot puntahan ng dayuhan, airport pa lang turn off na, atbp. Puro pintas sa amoy ng dayuhan pero dyan din naman kumikita ang mga OFW, sa mga lugar ng sinasabing di mabango. Amerika, Euopa, Saudi, Singapore, ay pinoy nga naman kung manlait.

    • HA-HA-HA…kakaloka…now I know, there are at least 14 posters/visitors to this blog who need deodorant and body spray very badly. Christmas is fast approaching. I need to be charitable. I want to send gifts to those who thumbed down on my post. I would like to sponsor house fumigation on the residence of the “dislikers” and I would like to send them a year supply of rexxonna (because it won’t let you down)…and a year supply of body spray of your own choice! HA-HA-HA…HAppy Halloween and have the scariest one ever, everyone!

      • you are a hopelessly unrepentant freak. after posting your racist comments for the whole world to see, I just hope the readers won’t have the impression that Filipinos are like you. you are a shame and disgrace to the Filipino people and the whole nation. hindi ka nababagay sa isang matinong blog gaya nito. i won’t be surprised if one day we will read in the news your mutilated body covered with shit which you rightly deserve.

      • Itigil na ang diskusyon, si Benji na ang amoy Jo Malone, safeguard, ano pa jonhson at heno de pravia, sa sarili nya wag lang siya tatabi sa iba. Hayaan nyo na tutal pag tegi na isa lang amoy! hahahahha eh kung amoy ang basehan sa pageant dapat Pinas palagi ang panalo kaso waley lol

      • Benji, what a generous man you are. Your WIFE and CHILDREN must be proud of you. HAHAHAHAHA

      • Kung maka-raect naman itong si manay jdelatorre OVERRR…masyadong “purist” na akala moy di mangmamata ng janitor o taxi driver o ng katulong sa bahay nya. Tawag dyan HYPOCRITA! Talo pa nya si mother superior sa kalinisan! Ibaon mo na lang yang galit mo kay Nancy na overpriced ang cake sa Makati! LOL!

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