20 comments on “Rosevemme Fajardo for Miss Universal Peace & Humanity 2014

  1. Miss Universal Peace and Humanity. Tagline: “Beauty speaks for peace”. I hope this is not one of those global beauty contests that unabashedly trumpet grandiose slogans and doing nothing about the advocacy they blabber. From one perspective, it may appear like a waste of time and energy to send outstanding representatives to beauty contests with this high-falutin claims. But then again, without sounding presumptuous, it could be an opportunity for the Philippines put flesh and substance to its advocacy. Philippine beauty queens are a marvellous package of beauty, brains, brawn and character– not bodies and face to gawk at but more of intellect and compassion that reaches out to the needy using her title as a platform for humanitarian action. I’d like to view Philippine beauty pageantry as an industry that produces world-class beauties who can rebrand beauty organisations and change the way people view beauty pageants and beauty queens. If Roseveme sees this as her agenda, then her participation– and eventual triumph– will be worth it.

  2. Iwas iwasan lang ang pag gamit ng mga hair extender kung di naman talaga kailangan hane? at di nya bagay ang nakapusod na natungtung ang buhok sa bunbunan. sina venus raj at laila lopes lang ang bagay sa mga ganyang hairdo.

    • Masyado naman kasi mataas and ang laki ng bun… Kahit kelan talaga sala sa init ssla sa lamig ang styling ng mga girls na ito… tsk tsk

  3. Kumusta na naman ang communication skills nya?
    In fairness, maganda talaga sya….more beautiful than Kimberly…I just don’t know in person.
    Sana she is at least 5’9″ in height, may kakambal na si Janicel!

  4. I hope im not being offensive if I say she looks better than the current Miss Grand Philippines title holder 🙂

      • Ouch and apparently being that smart didn’t sit well with Miss Grand International panel of judges 🙂

      • Just analyze it this way… Kimberly graduated valedictorian during her high school in Sweden. There were two Q&A’s during the national pageant. One during Top Ten and another one during Top 3. There! LOL 🙂

  5. she is beautiful! she can go for bb pilipinas universe in the future and can be a strong contender for miss universe.

  6. Welcome aboard the World of International Pageantry, Miss Universal Peace & Humanity 2014 Rosevemme Fajardo!!!

  7. Feeling ko kung sya nanalo MGI phils. N sya nagrepresent sa Pinas sa MGI, my chance na makapasok sa semi or bka winner pa. Sa aura pa lngnya malayong mlayo ky Kim.

    Kahawig pala nya si Janicel

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