18 comments on “My Early Picks for Miss International 2014

  1. Nice list there Norman. A quick browse at the website brought my attention though to Slovakia and even Belarus. Guyana, Brazil, Costa Rica, Serbia are also ok. I was surprised powerhouse Spain and even Germany sent so-so reps. France may he too slutty for me hehe.

  2. Solid top 10 but I heard this pageant has yet to crown an African country or a black woman. Don’t be surprised if Colombia is crowned. Hey sista soul sista! 😀

  3. Venezuela dont deserve the top 5, or top 10-15..
    She looks to wide, both her face and body, and her motions are terrible
    She also looks like a cougar mom of Migbelis Catellanos.

  4. Bigyan ng batya si nicaragua! Hahaha mukhang maglalaba lng sa batis!!!lol 😂😂😂native na native ang beauty ni ateng!!hehehe cya agad una kong nakita at napansin…lol

  5. Photo courtesy of Miss Mexico Official

    Akala ko maganda si Vianey Vasquez until I saw the photo above. Maganda siya kapag kasama niya mga kalahi niya pero kapag sumama na sa iba, nagmumukha siyang auntie. Having said this, I would switch her spot with Polly and she is officially OUT of my Top Five. :mrgreen:

  6. I like your top 5, they are the girls caught my attention! A doll like beauty that Japanese will like!

  7. Too early for predictions. I have to wait for top 10 announcements and for their speeches. Pero kapag si Bianca kasama sa Top 10, sure na siya sa Title or 1st RU.

  8. I like your choices, Norman but I would replace Belgium with Colombia and France with the Netherlands. Same Top 15! 😉

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