23 comments on “Praying for more blessings, our Bianca

  1. I really enjoy looking at Bianca at her simplest. She looks naturally beautiful.

    I hope to see more photos of her side-by-side with the other favourites just like what Queen Bea Rose did last year.


  2. ROUND 2 – two of my favorites Phils and Dutch

    Captioning this:
    Dutch – this is what you call curves.
    Phils – not too fast my friend.

  3. two of my favorites Phils and Dutch

    captioning this:
    Phils – this is how you bend.
    Dutch – this is maxibend.

    • Well… the Dutch looks fine, on time and ready for.the show.
      The Phil has a typical “I charge double after.the 1st hour” kinda look.
      Sorry, bit Bianca ain’t no slutty ho. 🙂

      • @vancouver, lol ! I would personally describe her look on the above pic as striking.
        Phils pic below is totally the opposite of the above , the two sides of her coin.

      • Lol.. not your bad chrome. My take is that of the five bb queens, Bianca’s face looks best with less. 😀

  4. Missiology picks India to win it all with France and Russia her favored 1st and 2nd bridesmaids. Bianca is 10th.
    Bianca better hope that she does not have the same humiliating and embarrassing fate as the MGI rep -Kimberly “did not make the semi-final cut” Karlsson. Highly unlikely but just sayin.

    • That site has bloggers who based their picks on their own opinions and biases. Just like you and I, or us, we have our own personal preferred suites and styles. Ain’t mean it’s correct, or they’ll win. Again, it’s the final judges decisions. Nothing wrong with having fun ranking the delegates, India #1, France #2, etc. There’s always disconnect with all these rankings, and bears nothing with the actual competition. Remember Miss Grand International? Cuba ain’t on the top 5 predictions, nor 20. But she won, it will only behoove you if you believe in such clairvoyance. It’s just for fun, create stir and make the pageant sexciting…..errr exciting!

    • What I understand with Misso’s Hot Picks is that it based purely on who’s the most talked about in their forums and in other sites. So if a candidate has some negative issues and that it gets global attention, expect her to be on top of their list. That’s all and nothing more.

      • Napulso mo teh! No. 10 is too low,dios ku arrival pa lang ni bianca umariva na! Diba parang eurasian japanese ang beauty ni bianca!

      • Bianca is expected to make waves and raves. I am not even worried about her naysayers. They’ll eat all their banters come coronation night. 🙂

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