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  1. Good grief I just couldn’t get enough of Bianca ! Thanks for the daily updates Sir Norman ! And to Hunk a ton of thanks for uploading and sharing the vids and photos ! Bianca for the win !!! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for Bianca! Sir Norman, have you seen Bianca’s evening gown? Please tell me your jaws dropped as well. I’m hoping she too is wearing Pinoy made like how MJ and Kris are wearing. I’m dying of pressure not knowing what her gown is going to look like, especially what Madam Stella likes to play.

  3. [video src="http://scontent-a.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t50.2886-16/10745527_1538133959760252_1964533900_n.mp4" /]


    OCT 25 and 26 – Arrival in Tokyo
    OCT 27 (Monday) – Orientation (AM) and Welcome Party in the Evening.
    OCT 28 (Tuesday) – Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony.
    OCT 29 (Wednesday) – Visit Shibuya, which is a funky cool area in Tokyo in the morning and afternoon.
    In the evening, VIP Party #1.
    OCT 30 (Thursday) – Japanese traditional dance (Aoi Ryu School). And visit to a sushi restaurant (Sushi Zanmai).
    OCT 31 (Friday) – Sightseeing in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.
    NOV 1 (Saturday) – Visit Nihonbashi for a tourism campaign.
    NOV 2 (Sunday) – Food Fiesta in Tokyo’s Marunouchi area.
    NOV 3 (Monday) – Miss International Forum. Delegates will join in an open forum where each one will deliver a speech about a certain topic. To be held at Showa University (a women’s university)
    NOV 4 (Tuesday) – Press Conference in the Afternoon, and then, the coronation night of Miss International Japan 2015 (Venue: Laforet Museum in Roponggi)
    NOV 5 (Wednesday) – Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ikenobo School). Sponsor Event.
    NOV 6 (Thursday) – Visit Miss Paris for Aesthetic Care (Miss Paris)
    NOV 7 (Friday) – VIP Party #2 in the Evening.
    NOV 8 (Saturday) – Kimono Fashion Show
    NOV 9 (Sunday) – Visit a University Festival (Showa University) in the morning.
    NOV 10 (Monday) – Rehearsal Day
    NOV 11 (Tuesday) – GRAND FINALE at the Tokyo Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Takanawa (Hiten Hall) 4:00 PM Tokyo Time

  5. I thank BPCI for allowing Bianca to travel with Bea for MI2014 so that Bianca will have some days off to rest and be acclimated with Japan’s cold weather now.
    I hope they will do the same thing to MJ in Doral next year, unlike Ara who flew in almost at
    The last day of arrival in Russia wherein she was already caught in the middle of photo shoot and registration frenzy last year.

    • @AG…I remember, it was a big issue last year when ARA arrived late in Moscow and was looking haggard already. It was a big shame on those who were insisting that she should do a dramatic entrance so that other candidates and spectators would be enthralled with her beauty and charm. It didn’t happen though. The long trip and late arrival of ARA sapped out a big deal of energy out of her which made appear so lethargic and anemic the for next two days. She would have gotten a better placement had BPCI did not tighten their budget in sending-in early our delegate…ARA could have acclimatized herself early thus appeared she would have appeared fresh, vibrant and less pressured!

  6. She looks very happy… I guess it’s all that matters for now. I am sure we would be having a daily update from her just like what Queen Megan did last year.

    Stay confidently beautiful, Bianca!

  7. Norman, my Japanese friend Kaneko saw Mary Anne at the airport when he arrived in Tokyo from Osaka his home city. This is what he said when he text me: She was stunning in person and so elegant. The lady is very tall and always smiling. Shes has a very unique beauty not your typical Pinay beauty that you are used to seeing. He said Bea is also stunning very Latina looking, but he liked Guidotti the best.

    • Most people I know say that Bianca and Bea could easily be mistaken as sisters only that the former has narrower eyes and the latter has a smaller face. I guess your friend knows that you are a Biancanatic that’s why he has to exaggerate a bit. LOL. :mrgreen:

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