20 comments on “Sunday Specials: Will Parul, Laura and Hannah join in the pageant fun as well?

  1. It would surely be a great idea (or BPCI resolution) if just in case Parul is not able to compete this year that she would automatically get a crown next year that would best suit her beauty qualifications and that there is a guaranteed competition for her. All I am saying is that she doesn’t need to compete; however, she needs to keep fit. 😉

  2. Norman would you mind if you tell Madame Stella to find an international pageant for Parul Shah since she is a big potential to the like of Miss Planet, Miss Globe ( why loose the franchise where Maricar Balagtas had won it last time ) or Miss Heritage. BPCI can easily get the nod to acquire the franchise because of its good reputation and consider as the oldest local pageant here in the Philippines, kindly convince her to take one or two more international beauty franchise because our beauites were all highly competitive, I really believed that you can convince Madame Stella becuase of your excellent standing as blogger and promoter of local & international beauty pageants. God bless for your sucess of convincing. More guts and power!

  3. It is really a shame that Parul won’t compete. And I agree with most that the BPCI should cut-off ties with the Miss Tourism Queen International. Miss Philippines Earth did a smart move and stopped sending girls to this pageant – they probably knew in advance that this would happen. And probably in the next few years Miss Supranational might be the next to go down

  4. Who’s about Miss Globe? Or is it too late for her to compete there since the year is ending. Who is the Philippine franchise holder for Miss Globe anyhow and did we have a rep this year? Maricar Balagtas in her year was sent by BPCI and eventually won as Miss Globe in Turkey. So what’s stopping BPCI from getting the local Miss Globe franchise?

  5. If Parul will be unfielded for Int’l pageant, then it’ll be a blessing in disguise.
    The San Fernado ,Pampanga Lantern Festival is coming so soon, Parul will definitely bring home the prize effortlessly.

  6. Sayang talaga if Parul can’t represent us in an international pageant. You are right Sir Norman, she’s a homerun winner.

    Might as well ax the MTQI title next year. And IF there will be an MTQI edition next year, field Parul instead.

    As for the 2 runmers up, Hannah can join again next year. And Lau in 2 years time. She’ll be 22 or 23 then. “Hinog” na for international pageant by then.

    Off Topic Sir Norman. Hope you can feature “dethroned” beauties like Anjanette Abayari, Tisha Silang and Janelle Del Rosario in the future.

  7. Kung walang Laban si parul, dapat pasalihin ulit siya next year sa bb pilipinas at tanggalin na ang mtqi

  8. Hopefully Norman, there would be at least 1 international beauty contest Parul can compete before she crowns a new successor. Then again, maybe they should axe the Tourism title na lang. 😦

    • If there’s going to be one, then nobody has the slightest inkling on the particulars up to now. I think the contract with MTQI needs to expire first before they can negotiate with another Tourism title. Oh my, I hope I’m not sounding off the Malaysia-based contest.

    • A good suggestion but doesn’t she need to rest at least a year and go back teaching full-time for at least two-trimester at La Salle?!? Some people might be bored seeing her three years in a row. 😉

      • Kay Parul, pwede siya sa Miss Black Universe or Exquisite Face of the Universe na na post sa mga comments dito.
        Tapos si Laura, pwede siya sa Miss Republika ng Pilipinas, or any pageant that has something to do with University queens since student pa yata siya.
        Si Hannah, anong age na ba nya, pwede siya sa Miss Progress or Miss Humanity or mag full time na lang sa professional career nya.

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