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  1. Tito Norms, may nagmana ba sa mga anak nya ng pagiging beauty queen material?

  2. Was that the same gown worn by Chat Silayan during the 1980 MIss Universe in Korea?

  3. The melanisms of my idol Inday Melanie….

    •My brother is not a girl; he’s a gentleman.
    •That’s why I’m a success, it’s because I don’t middle in other people’s lives.
    •Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book.
    •I won’t stoop down to my level.
    •Hello? Bulag ka ba? Bingi ka ba? Are you dep?
    •‘Yung STD, baka sa maruming toilet lang niya nakuha yan.
    •Eh, ikaw ba naman, durugin ang ari mo…Pag di ka naman manutok ng baril.
    •We are lovers, not fighters.
    •Kapatid ko pa rin siya. We are one and the same.
    •I don’t eat meat. I’m not a carnival.
    •Sumasakit ang migraine ko.
    •Ang tatay ko ang only living legend na buhay!
    •I keep my crown in the voltage.
    •Can you repeat that for the second time around once more from the top?
    •I couldn’t care a damn!
    •What’s your next class before this?
    •Hello, my brother Joey is out of town, would you like to wait?
    •Don’t touch me not!
    •You! you’re not a boy anymore! You’re a man anymore!
    •Bakit ang dami mong tanong? You’re so questionable.
    •You can fool me once, you can fool me twice, you can fool me thrice. But you can never fool me FOUR!
    •Hindi ba kayo naawa sa kapatid ko…sa mga kwento nya? Di ba kayo na-PERSUAVE ng mga kwento niya? Hindi si Joey ang tipong mambubugbog ng babae…talaga lang malapit siya sa mga gulo…PRO-ACCIDENT kasi siya eh.
    •Boy Abunda: O Melanie, paano na ang showbiz career mo ngayong magmo-Mormon ka na? Melanie: Ah okay lang ‘yon Boy, kasi matagal na rin akong SEMI-RETARDED.
    •They should talk behind the scene…
    •(answering the phone) Hello. Wait a moment. Please hang yourself.
    •(before Christmas) Well, I want to spend my holidays with my family most probably out of place.
    •Why I will give my calling card, I’m not a call girl. (Her reply to a certain duke when the latter is asking for her calling card.)
    •Eto na po ang pinakamaligayang pasko at manigong taon sa inyong lahat. (During her acceptance speech at a Metro Filmfest awards night where her bioflick, directed by her late father Temyong Marquez, won an award.)
    •Period na talaga; wala nang exclamation point. (When asked on S-Files if her present husband, Adam Lawyer, is her Mr. Right)
    •And the base of my observation is… (showbiz stripped May 14 GMA Ch. 7)
    •At a talk show after her break-up with Derek Dee, Melanie was asked if she had some words for Derek’s mother (whom she partly blamed for the separation). “Oo nga,” said Melanie, “pero i-English-in ko para maintindihan niya.” She looked into the camera and, with the peremptoriness of royalty, said, “And to you, Mrs. Dee, I have two words for you. Ang labo mo!“
    •(When asked for a message to her daughter who was allegedly abused by their houseboy) Don’t worry little angel, big angel is here.
    •(On what they should do to the houseboy who molested her daughter) He should be put behind bar.
    •(While waiting backstage during a noontime show after watching Nikki Valdez do her dance number) Nikki, you’re so galing. You should go to the States. You will sell hotcakes!
    •(While she’s in Morning Girls With Kris & Korina promoting her movie with Aleck Bovick) Please watch HIRAM starring Aleck Baldwin (referring to Aleck Bovick) and myself. It’s DIRECTOR by Romy Suzara.
    •(After giving birth, and an interview on The Buzz) My answers have been prayered!
    •(To ex-flame Senator Lito Lapid) Hello…Huwag kang tumahol sa sarili mong bakuran noh! (In response to being misunderstood) You know, huwag kang tumahol like dogs.

    • In every man’s success is a woman’s behind! (ok na sana, nilagyan pa ng ‘s ung woman, naging puwit tuloy…

  4. I love the video… She just made me tear up…
    And She also won “BEST IN NATIONAL COSTUME”!!! It was a shiny Filipiniana… Is there a record on how many times we won that award?! 😀

  5. Well written article, can be published in New York Times, 😉 or in any of those NY based Philippine newspaper. Sir Norms, your command of English is admirable and well put together. This piece brings sweet, beautiful memories, as I was very young then, but vividly remember much conversations in my family and the block, about this young lass’ victory. I greatly appreciate your effort in writing such throwbacks. Kudos!

  6. Regal yet down-to-earth, Melanie is both a high-fashion sophisticate and everybody’s next-door neighbour. In a country where facility in the English language is sadly equated to intelligence, she is the only beauty queen who can mangle the English language and get away with it. Call it tenacity.. But side by side the many successes in her modelling career after her MI reign, is a roller coaster ride in her love life. But despite the many marital storms that she has gone through, she has remained unscathed to this day. To many Filipinos, she is first an foremost an authentic person– true and beautiful inside and out. Perhaps this is the defining image of her international beauty trifle in 1979.

  7. Labs na labs ko si Melanie kahit nakaka-ewan siyang mag English. Ano kaya kung si Erap at Melanie nagkaroon ng anak? Ahihi. Tiyak super gondoh. Bow.

  8. She was a winner from the start. Rarely we see such gem in pageantry. Thank you ms. Mimilanie.

  9. Nida Parada Cindy Johnston posing with Melanie’s children from left, Manuelito Lapid, Adam Lawyer and daughter Maxine Bumgardner at extreme right.

  10. Melanie Marquez is indeed a once-in-a lifetime find. While in Japan during the 1979 MIss International contest, before winning the crown, she was chosen as a festival queen in a local festivity. She was voted as The Most Glamorous woman in a magazine survey in Italy in 1986 after winning Face of the Year New York and placing second in Ford’s Supermodel in that same year. In 2000, she was voted as the most beautiful MIss international winner; emerged as one of the finalists in 2005 Mrs. World contest. She could have been a bigger supermodel model in the mid-80’s had she not decided to revive her acting career i the Philippines

  11. Great article, as always Kuya Norms. Let me just add In 1985 Marquez became the Face of the 80s winner in New York. In 1986 she was first runner-up in the Supermodel of The World by Ford competition and was described as the “Most Glamorous Woman in Italy”. In 2000 she was voted the “Most Beautiful Miss International Winner”, and in 2005 was one of the 6 finalists in the Mrs. World pageant in India, representing the Philippines.
    I cringe every time she talks in English but that’s what makes her unique and endearing. The latest of her goof was when she uttered on an interview after surviving a vehicular mishap in the US last February.
    “Nagpapasalamat lang ako sa Diyos na walang complication, kasi pwede ako ma-parasite dahil sa car accident,” she quipped, meaning to say “paralyzed.”

    PS. Guapo pala si Manuelito! Haha!!

  12. …and let us not forget that she became an in-demand model in Europe after Miss International.. and was even 1st runner-up to Monica Schnar (not sure about the spelling of her surname) in Ford’s supermodel search.. she’s unique.. mangled English and all..

  13. Thanks for these flashback articles Norman. Mimilanie prolly served as an inspiration for the queens who came after her. Her stint at the Elite Model contest was amazing too. And her attending law school to further her studies was impressive. I admire this woman.

  14. Looking back at our Binibining Pilipinas 1979 winners, Queen Mimilanie surely and clearly was the standout. I was just trying to imagine… What if we sent her to Miss Universe instead?!? Chances are she could have brought home our third crown.

    During that brief interview after the crowning, her response may not be that excellent but definitely acceptable. Her face looks great with or without make-up. Her walk was regal and at the same time towering. And mind you, she was just 15! XD

  15. Ganda ng pagkakasulat ni Tito Norman, nakaka enjoy basahin, in detailed talaga, walang sinabi ang PDI, Abante Tonite, etc. hahaha. Melanie is my favorite beauty queen til date. Ang alam ko pa nga “not sure though” na wala man naghatid sa kanya sa airport nung lumaban siya internationally?!

    • Memories are vague by now. But I’m sure someone saw her off. Just not sure if it was family or with organizers.

  16. Queen Mimilanie is probably the most accomplished amongst all our queens. She truly is confidently beautiful. And at her golden age, she remains gorgeous. I’m proud of her!

    Thanks for this senti-tribute. It’s really worth giving her honour as she truly deserves it. 🙂

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