16 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Turning Miss Universe placements to Miss International wins

  1. Normz, i-feature mo nmn yun mga hindi successful sa miss world at naging miss universe, katulad ni mpule kwelagobe 99 at michelle mclean 92. Or yung hindi naging succesful sa universe at naging miss world katulad nila susana djuim 1955 at gina swaison 1979.

  2. but sometimes it also works the other way around — miss universe 1993 dayanara torres was a miss international 1992 semifinalist (top 15) 🙂

  3. and take note in both pageants Phil. reps did well namely Desiree Verdadero and Pebbles Asis.

  4. Priscila Perales of Mexico competed in Miss Universe 2006. Then she won Miss International in 2007

  5. in MU 1974 held in Manila, JOhanna Riita Raunio placed 3rd runner up to Amparo Munoz. A few months later she got the same placement as 3rd runner up in Miss international contest in Japan. in 1994 Miss U held in the Phils again, MIss Aruba Alexandra Ochoa failed to make it even in the semi-finalists list. But 3 months later, she emerged 1st runner up in the Miss International in Japan

  6. Unfortunately, I don’t really know them at all and thanks for this TT because at least I learned that there were successful crossovers in the past. I laud Miss International for the fact that they do not care about their winners’ previous pageant participation background. The Org crowns who, they feel, deserves th honour at that particular moment. Well, that shpould be the case, I guess…

    Maligayang umaga, Pilipinas! 🙂

    • I agree. I kinda love the TT of pageant history. Parang showbiz din ma drama and full of juicy tidbits. Thanks Kuya Norms for making it more interesting than the deep blue sea. 🙂

  7. Another stunning beauty is Lia Victoria Borrero of Panama. After being one of the semifinalists in MU 1997 she went on to win Miss International

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