25 comments on “Lorraine Kendrickson: Still happy to be 1st Princess

  1. Excited ako! I want to see more of her pa. Tama bata pa naman sya. 2016 kayang kaya nya pa umulit. I am hoping she joins Bb. Nakakatuwa sya sa mga DIY videos nya.

  2. She’s pretty. I hope she will try joining Bb. pilipinas 2016. I can see bb. Pilipinas universe crown on her head.

  3. Sana tumangkad pa siya kahit 2 inches more! Miss Universe Philippines 2017 ang gusto ko sa kanya

    • Yeah, hope she can still grow taller by at least another inch or 2, then she’s gonna be a perfect contender for BbPU.

  4. she can’t do 2015, bb is about first quarter of the year and she won’t be over with mwp till last quarter, catch my drift? 🙂

    • @spainhour

      She can’t resign just for that reason alone. What if she did not place at all in Bb? It’s like double jeopardy for her. Losing the current title and getting the ire of MWP. That would be a black eye on her beauty resume, right? Let her do the right thing if joining again is something up her sleeve. Train more is the right thing do. Nothing wins the battle than a prepared soldier. She still young after all.

      I have no problem with the tits if you tell the Dex first. Hehehe!! 🙂

  5. Her placement will stand her in good stead to prep herself for Bb in 2016 or she can enter showbiz. She’s got that pretty face like Kristine Hermosa. 🙂

  6. Very promising. I agree, 2016 is the year for Lorraine. I suggest she enjoy the duties of a 1st princess, develop her body, experiment more looks, more trainings…and I am confident that she can be the next MUP or Miss Earth?

  7. But the one who caught my attention in that picture above is the mother…In fairness ha…. exotic, tan and svelte pa rin sya…. could have been a contender many moons ago.

    Now, if the blogger can only post the picture of Valerie’s mom…hmmm..that will be interesting.

    Rating : 2 1/2 stars: Filipina + European Man = Beauty Pageant winner children.

  8. I hope that she will do better in other national pageants. She can join Miss Earth Philippines next year.

  9. Happy nga siya, yung mga supporter naman niya ang hindi. Hanggang ngayon kung okray-okraying nila si Valerie ‘no!

  10. I know right! She’s beauty and brains and sexy. Why not appoint all of the unfortunate but deserving ladies to compete in international pageant ang dami na nila (Lorraine, Janicel, Charmaine Elima, Ja, Emma, Angelie Ocampo, Rachelle Peters, and many others)

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