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  1. Hindi ko alam, ever since Miss U announced the date and location I can sense that MJ is pulling all the elements together. Aye naku, in two months time she will be leaving for Miami!!! I think I will go to prelims now too J

    As for what some have said below:

    I do think a bit of a tan will help her ***pop*** more. The light skin tends to look washed out on stage and muscle definition shows better with a tan. That being said, hindi naman uso ang tan sa Philippines so I can see why she is not sporting the look yet. Anyway, if Image Skin Care is a sponsor I think they will want all the ladies to wear their sunless tanner so maybe this will all be water under the bridge in Miami.

    As for the eye makeup, I think its fine and necessary under all the stage lights. If anything, it will probably get heavier. Everything on stage and on camera needs to be bigger, bolder. Bring on the falsies!

    As for the hair, I’m loving it! Volume. Waves. Hair. Toss. Drama. More!

    I can’t wait to see what else MJ has in store over the next few months. My guess, I think we will see the showier and sexier side of MJ emerge again. I think she did need to tone down the fierceness a bit, as it is not appreciated very well in the more conservative Philippines. Hindi pa ready si Nanay SMA for a fierce diva. However, at Universe glam and sex appeal are welcomed, if not encouraged. However, MJ and her team know her best, so this just my guess. I’m sure whatever tricks they have up their stilettos, MJ will deliver no matter what.

    P.S. Kuya Norms: Word on the street is that having one of the sponsor people do one’s makeup can be a sign of good things to come. At USA this year, it was observed that Nia Sanchez was worked on by the preferred stylist for Perfect Face, a Miss USA sponsor. As in Nia was “given” priority to the artist over the others if she “preferred” to do so. Why bite the hand that wants to feed you, right???

  2. Like many posters here, I was heavily critical of her previous look (you know the one) and I think this time it’s only fair to give credit to her stylists because this is a major step in the right direction. She looks young, vibrant, and fresh. I love the lip colour – it really softened the look of her teeth. Hair looks good. I don’t even mind the eye makeup that some posters here are pointing out to be a bit exaggerated. All in all, she looks BEAUTIFUL and for the first time since the BBP swimsuit presentation, she looks like a Miss Universe. Kudos!

  3. hay…mga tao nga naman…. sala sa init, sala sa lamig. As ate vi would say it “damage you do, and damage you don’t”. haha.

    but seriously, this make up is better compared to the previous ones na mala-Joker ang dating. But my gas…what’s with that eyelashes? parang sunflowers ang mata nya na bumubukadkad…so fake!. The hair looks better too compared to the heavily lacqured 70s style before.

  4. i love the look but the hair im not sure. it suits her kaya lang baka di proportion sakanya baka malaki tignan ulo niya.

    i love this hairstyle for her. idk, feeling ko bagay sakanya kasi to e.

    they’re getting there with MJ’s look. i guess ang kailangan na lang natin alalahanin is ang kanyang isusuot. si Kris si Cary na isusuot niya.. sana lahat ng queens natin!

    • I dont know. Nagmumukha syang si kimberly leggit nung natcos segment. Tone down lng cguro ung eye make up nya. Wag lng cguro paabutin ung eye shadow below the brow line. Sa crease lng cguro ata pra fresh p dn

  5. Going in the right direction, but they need to figure out the eye makeup soon. The black liner is too severe and the overall look shows almost no trace of Filipina. She needs some morena tan to stand out. Some Invisalign may help too.. still three months before the show.

  6. I prefer her with this look compare with the previous ones. So far she’s in for my TOP 3. My heart goes to MJ! My mind says Colombia/ South Africa.

  7. Am MJs fan. 100% supporter.
    Make up’s bland. Ashen. Lower eyelids liner distracting. Need to lighten up a little bit.
    Looks unnatural. That Kardashian look lingers. Need to soften more.
    Hair’s looking stiff. Too much spray. Need to flow freely.
    Now am ready for the thumbs down.
    That’s all, thank you..

    • I agree. The overall vibe feels passe’. I’d rather they go in a bronzed JLo direction rather than KK.

    • Good FAIR comments. I think the first shot is photoshopped a little. Maybe that’s why the KK look? Lol.

      The thing with her is she is not just make up and hair alone. She knows how to pose and walk to accentuate everything. If anything, she is better in motion than still shots.

      TP talaga! (Total Package)

  8. Nooooooo! Okay yung make-up pero yung hair. -.- nagmukhang malaki ulo nya kaya nagmukha syang maliit during PBA.

  9. Seen her pictures during the PBA opening. Gosh! Malapit nkong mniniwala n ikaw ung reigning MU14. Ang ganda and fresh mo. Umaaura ang virginal look ng ateng nyo. Hahaha. Make us proud! Go gurl!!!

  10. Her best daytime look yet. Beautiful! Now to get the stage/tv look…. getting there…

  11. I love this look. This is very similar to that photo I liked where they compared her look to that of Ms. Thailand. For her daily press appearance in Doral this would really work. For the pageant proper something similar but more drama. I’m liking where we are heading so far. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  12. I love this “MJ” look. May not be the best yet, but, certainly one of the best I’ve seen of her ever 🙂


  14. Ang susunod na Miss Universe.Hindi ako naniniwala sa bituin-bituin.Kung naniwala ako sana iba ang nanalo sa Miss Universe Philippines at siya lang daw ang tanging makakuha ng pangatlong korona para sa Pilipinas.Hindi rin ako naniniwala na porket 23 hanggang 27 ka na hindi ka mananalo sa Miss Universe.Hindi rin ako naniniwala na porket ang tangkad mo ay 5’8″ pababa hindi ka na mananalo sa Miss Universe.Naniniwala lang ako sa kakayahan ng ating kandidata.

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