22 comments on “Throwback Thursday 2: Apasra Hongsakula, then and now

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  3. I always admire miss universe 1965, since I am a miss universe fan, I watch Apasra in miss universe 1979 she was a judge, in 1992 telecast miss universe and in 2005 miss universe in Thailland and She looks the same, beautifull and elegant, IN MY OPINION SHE IS MISS UNIVERSE FOR EVER.

  4. I was privlieged to meet her when I worked in Bangkok, handling the Central Group account, owned by his Khun Suthikiat Chirathiwat who was married to K. Apasra. She wa sin her 50s then, but she looked amazingly younger. She spoke in halting English, but preferred speaking in Thai, as most Thais do. There was a gracious and regal air about her, like she was a genuine royalty–but then again, Thais regard their beauty winners as queens too, although of a different level.

  5. Wow! I should’ve visited her spa in Central World. I just came back from Bkk yesterday.

      • I hope you could feature one of the best MU, the Thai Cinderella Porntip “Pui” Nakirunkhanun. MU 1988. She is true to what she started as a MU in 88 also known to Thais as MU 2531. She has a foundation in Thailand – The angel wing foundation that sends poor but deserving Thai children to college.

      • Yeah. I will be back in mid-Nov Tito Norms. I will try to take pics & gather some info. If d rate isnt too expensive then maybe i can try their service. See if they can do me miracles haha

  6. Good for her.Kung may retoke man to sakto lang na enhance naman. She looks healthy and happy. Naalala ko si Madame Cory Q. @Codex haha eto na naman tayo kay Lara Dutta. Both very beautiful but one definitely looks younger. Porntip next!!! haha

  7. Wow parang gusto ko dyan, only Apasra touches my skin lol! In fernezz, mura talaga ang pagpapaganda sa Thailand, affordable.

  8. Maybe she’s a vampire? Anyhoo, good for her. We should all hope to look that good when we get to her age!

    • Segun Osmel Sousa (El Zar) de la belleza que tambien el Dios hizo un cirujano plastico para corregir las imprefecciones que tiene la gente. Y tambien una semifinalista del Miss Venezuela dice que la cirugia plastica es para resaltar la belleza. Estas de acuerdo con eso?

      • Para bailar la bamba dignece citos napoca de gracia. Ooh napoca de gracia vami pacito yarriba yarriba. Bamba la bamba 2x. Joke lang. Peace! 🙂

      • Hola Norman, Minorka y AJ,

        Vaya! Vosotros hablais castellano. Que bien. Me alegro muchisimo.

        Mi madre [ella es filipina y vive en Madrid con mi padre (de Alicante)] me dijo que en filipinas ya no habla castellano…. Esta equivocada.

        Bueno, ahora estoy mas feliz compartir nuestro amor de belleza. Las Mises Filipinas y Espana son los mejores! A que si? Di que si!

        Hasta entonces,

        Don Sr. Dr. Andres de Madrid


        Hello Norman, Minorka and AJ,

        Wow. You guys speak Spanish. That’s so great. Indeed I am very happy.

        My mom (she is filipina and lives in Madrid with my dad from Alicante) told me that filipinos don’t speak spanish anymore… She’s wrong then.

        Well, I am very happy to share our common love for beauty pageants. Ladies from the Philippines and Spain are the best! Right? Say yes!

        Until then,

        Mr. Dr. Andres from Madrid (Spain)

    • Hola! Que si que yo hablo castellano por mi trabajo. Lo mejor concurso de belleza para mi es el miss venezuela. Lo de AJ, si vas a leer lo q escribio era una churradas, basuras y q no tiene q ver con el tema,
      personalmente no le entendí. A ver, si tienes tiempo compartimos nuestros conocimientos sobre los concurso de belleza. El miss universo me encantaba en los 90, pero hoy dia no x q para mi es como un fashion runway.

  9. That’s what Botox, Restylane, Chemical peels, surgical lift, suction, fillers, derma and microbrasion body contouring, electrolysis, plus other surgeries can do. No questions here. It’s as simple as that.

    • Vanity has corrupted her whole being. She looks even younger than Lara Dutti who is now 35. I hope she is happy with what she is doing, that is, inside out. 🙂

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