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  1. kaloka naman ang coverage ng crowning. Ano ba naman yung pagilidin nila ng konti yung mga kinokoronahan na runner up. Kaya tuloy pagdating sa Final Two, namiss natin yung moment nung dalawa, kasi nakabalandra sa gitna ang second princess crowning. Ayusin naman sana ng direktor ang blocking niya next time. nakakabawas ng thrill sa panonood.

    • Dapat kasi hindi lang isang camera ang ginagamit para lahat ng pangyayari makikita.
      Katulad ng pag-aanounce sa first runner up, pagkatapos ng announcement ng first runner up, ang focus nasa winner na agad. Hindi na napapansin ang pagkokorona sa first runner up.

  2. Obvious na winner c weigman… Majority if candidates e aral na aral pasarela posing & stage projections..mukhang kontesera lang. sya din pinakamaganda n charming sa batch. Kung si megan e super poise & sophisticated, c val e carefree & graceful ang style.. Congrats to all winners!

  3. rachel peters- Party! Party! natatawa ako. shu-mot ba yan bago pageant? Parang lasing lang ang fun.

  4. One of the first interviews of Valerie as Miss World 2014. I can’t help but adore Queen Valerie more and more and more…

  5. Imagine if they were not able to fill up half of the venue with free tickets? That would have been a PR Mess. Interesting that some of the girls who made it to the Top 13 are the weakest, like yung pinaweak sa batch nila beauty wise….baka mabait

  6. Sir Norman off topic. May walk out pala ng media na naganap sa ms global ph sa resorts world? Only gma 7 was allowed to interview the winners. Stefanowitz reportedly made the instructions not to allow other members of media to interview the winners. Ano ba yan. At nag invite pa ng media. Para que.

  7. Let be it. The judgment of MW pageant is based more on the pre finals night. The final night is just like a ceremony to showcase the candidates and to announce the winner.

  8. To quote our new MWP, Valerie, on her interview with Philippine Star. 🙂

    ” MANILA, Philippines – Newly-crowned Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Weigmann aims to win the Miss World crown this year after Megan Young’s historic victory at the international beauty pageant last year.

    “I’m looking forward to the challenge. I want to show my fellow countrymen that I can do it, that I can be the best that I can be,” she told members of the press after the Miss World Philippines 2014 coronation night on Sunday.

    Valerie added: “We can do it, a back-to-back win.”

    Asked how to she plans to give the Philippines a back-to-back Miss World victory, she said: “I will be the best that I can be. I will show them how amazing we are, how hardworking we are, how much we deserve to it, to get the back-to-back win.”

    “I will give my best and be the best that I can be,” she further said. “

    • Bongga to. walang tweetums na i hope i’m deserving ek ek ….yung sagot nya parang Fight lang. Na kaya mag back to back na cahllenge accepted.

  9. Baka hindi mananalo si MJ kapag nagback-to-back tayo sa MW. Hindi papayag si Manong Donald na mas maganda si MW kaysa kay MU na same country ang pinagmulan. Lalo pa’t may crisis na pinagdadaanan ang MUO, kelangan the best yung koronahan nila. Baka nga mainis pa ang MUO kasi for sure may 3rd crown naman na ang PH, iniintay lang na magpadala ng perfect one ang PH, tapos ang MW, dalawa na ang nakukuhang “perfect one” mula sa PH. Sorry po, just voicing out kung ano yung naiisip ko.

    • Venus Raj and Janine Tugonon are perfect and unique pero wala silang nagawa kasi mahirap manalo sa Miss Universe because it is a Latino Pageant. Mg concentrate nalang kau sa Miss World kasi d na mgkakaroon p ng Filipina Miss Universe. Asa pa kau!

  10. I’m not so impressed on the Q&A segment. The girls were just memorizing their answers. It is not really the test on their wit and intelligence. With those awards that Val got, there’s no more question that she will land the top spot. For me, the question should not be the rehearsed one so we can determine who among them is elloquent and intelligent.

    • I was just reminiscing the time when Ruffa Gutierez competed during the Miss World they have the question and answer portion asked by the Judges itself. Miss World and Miss International are basically tantamount when it comes to rehearsed speech. Im still at sixes and sevens when it comes to
      this portion. Anyhow, I’m into sincerity of a candidate even they falter in their speech. No matter how eloquent and spontaneous the answers are, I’m into their willingness to really help and make this pageant as an avenue for their own advocacy.

      • Ruffa nailed that segment and I really wonder why she didn’t bag that crown. Keeping aside of being nationalistic, i believe it should be Ruffa who will be the Miss World at that time. Yon ang kapanahunan na talagang labanan ng talino at galing. Gone are those days at sana ibalik nila ang ganoong estilo.

      • Philippines was one of the 1st to withdrew from Miss World during the time South Africa had 2 candidates due to the segregation of blacks and whites. During the time of Ruffa, it was just our 2nd year when we rejoined the pageant. The pageant that time was at South Africa during the end of the apartheid. Crowning a black candidate was really their goal back then to comemorate an end of an era of discrimination. Apparently Eric Morley is still pissed with us since the controversy with Evangeline Pascual and us withdrewing our candidate due to the apartheid which influenced others to do the same. Ruffa was so lucky she even made it as 2nd princess which means she was such a strong candidate no one could ignore. IMO, If she was the one sent to Miss Universe, she could have won and Dyanara Torres would only be 1st runner-up. 😀

      • @Closer2Fame mali-mali ka na naman, anong pinagsasabi mong “During the time of Ruffa, it was just our 2nd year when we rejoined the pageant.”?!? maybe 2nd time na ang rep e galing sa bbp. fyi mutya ng pilipinas ang nagpapadala sa mw dati. at paano mong nasabing pissed pa rin si eric because of what evangeline did. close ba kayo?! at saka re the apartheid issue e di lang naman tayo ang nag=withdrew, kasama din dun ang india at jamaica…

      • Historical Facts!!!

        Miss Republic of the Philippines pageant from 1966 to 1976
        Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant from 1977 to 1991
        Binibining Pilipinas pageant from 1992 to 2010

      • Sorry wrong info… May Mutya ng Pilipinas pa pala.. hindi manlang nag place the whole time… Sorry akala ko kasali tayo sa nag withdraw… so I guess Eric Morley is just pissed with what happened with Evangeline… sabagay kung yung Miss Supra nga nag split na nga at lahat nag send parin tayo ng representative… kahit anong klaseng pageant pa yan ay hindi tayo mawawalan ng rep…

      • @San Longhino

        Wait nag withdraw tayo twice… nung 1976 and 1977… at isa tayo sa una sabi ko.. hindi ko sinabing tayo lang nag withdraw.. tapos lagi pa nagpapasahan ng franchise.. at late narin tayo sumali sa MW pageant nung umpisa palang kahit sila ang pinaka matanda sa malalaking pageant.

      • @Closer2Fame sinasabi mo kasi na one of the reasons na nabuwiset si eric sa pinas e yung pag-withdraw natin. pi-noint ko lang na kung ganon bakit di rin siya nabuwiset sa jamaica (winner in ruffa’s time, their 3rd) and india (nakaapat pa 94,97,99&2000). anyways tapos na yun kung nabuwiset man sa pinas sina morley or hindi, dahil ngayon e love na love ni julia si megan! at magiging love rin niya si val for sure 😉

  11. Still getting the bang out of last night Ms World Phils, I’ve just watched last year’s Ms World 2013 in Bali via Ms World youtube channel. One of the hosts interviewed this judge and asked what are they looking for in Ms World and he gave some very interesting points which Valerie can learn a thing or two.

  12. Im encouraging our fellow Filipino to spare time and watch the Miss World in London. I was excited that most of my friends in USA and London are trying to request a vacation during the interlude of time of Miss World Pageant. Pack your bags now and lets all unite to support Valerie in our quest for a back to back crown. I can hear the noise of pageant enthusiast in LONDON.

  13. Pretty much the same format as Ms World, after announcing the top 10, a song number, some video clips from the girls activities, then the callling out the top 5 follows. The top 5 was already determined based on the cumulative scores in SW and EG pre coronation night. That is why their scores all reverted back to zero and the judges are basically there to see them in their evening gowns and listen to what they have to say, give their scores and choose who will be the winner. This is just my theory. I have no knowledge on how the the judging was really done.

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