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  1. Miss World is the pioneer of all post war beauty pageants and has been the leader in its field since its birth. The only reason why it’s not that popular amongst us Filipinos is because we hardly placed before. Well, I have to admit though that the Miss Universe impact to our countrymen is unprecedented. Just saying…

    • And also Miss World pageant is usually long and boring….. There are so many candidates – they only show them once in their evening gowns — it only becomes exciting if your bet is in semi finals. That is why Miss World is not as popular to pinoys.

      • It’s a matter of taste and also, it matters how strong and popular your bet is. I could remember before when I was much younger, my elder sister and my female cousins would watch both MW and MU. The very moment Miss Philippines was out of contention, they switched off the TV. Say, we are kind of pageant enthusiasts just to support any Miss Philippines. πŸ˜‰



    • The best pageant to watch for me is the Mister Espanya – OMG….I got some dvd copies from ebay and those were EXCELLENT!

    • @JAIME


    • I replied in the wrong box

      Gorgeous guys from like 50 provinces from Araba to Barcelona, Las Palmas, Madrid to Canary Island – all in swimsuit and evening wear segments – all contestants, not just the finalist –

  2. NO standout for the second 13 on swimsuit sexy Norman?! πŸ™‚
    Been tweeting you last night πŸ™‚

  3. I can’t believe how lucky I was with my prediction on the placements of the top 5, I guessed that (other than Valerie winning and lorraine as 1st princess) Nicole in 3rd princess, the only thing I got wrong was I switched Rachel and Nelda around…

  4. ANG SAYA! Inaasahan ko na ito, hindi na ko nagulat,Congratulations Valerie Weigmann the new Ms.World Philippines 2014! Excellent performance Valerie!! Wooot!Wooot!
    Ang mga kapitbahay nagkagulo na,lalo na yung mga santolan at sibuyas!!

      • Ay oo nga mole… yung mga sibuyas Kinakareer ang Multi Media award…. pangalawa sila sa atin sa aspetong yan….. at natalo nila si Megan last year dahil kahit yung page ng Mr. World nila me Auto Like…. wag nyo na bisitahin please para hindi tayo mabiktima..

        Dahil dyan…. magsi LIKE nalang kayong Lahat ng FB page ni Valerie!… Hala sige!!!!… Gisahin ang mga Santol at Sibuyas sa sariling mantika!!!!!!

      • Thank you – tawa ako ng tawa….

        Santolan – gets
        Sibuyasan – gets
        Hintutan – gets
        Kumotan – gets
        Tokwahan – gets

        Eh yung amoy sirang repolyo? Anung tawag natin dun?

        kayu talaga, super creative! Aprub.

      • went out with friends Saturday night for oysters and wine then went bar hopping – did not get home till 4 am and by the time I woke up, it was all over.

      • Gorgeous guys from like 50 provinces from Araba to Barecelona, Las Palmas, Madrid to Canary Island – all in swimsuit and evening wear segments – all contestants, not just the finalist –

  5. Congrats to Val for a well-deserved win and thanks to norman for another excellent job. I thought i was gonna see norman at the judges table. Well, maybe next time.

    Wow, thousands thronged the arena to watch a no contest. I wonder how they feel abt it.

  6. May be offtopic but this abs cbn (director or EP) @bigbadbawang garlic garcia is being too much in twitter lambasting gma 7’s airing/production etc. Anybody is free to express in aocial media but her comments cross borders of delicadeza being an employee of a rival network.

  7. Rachel probably didn’t have the ‘heart’ for the question. I can understand why some people find it ‘icky’ to answer the question ( help the needy and the sick) . But Rachel knew the question was coming and should have prepped for it
    well, I hope she is still qualified to join BP 2015. She’s got lots of potentials.

    • I was hoping for her 1st Princess finish, though she buckled in her speech it was a sensible answer. I have this feeling, she made her 4th so she can rejoin if that is allowed or move to another pageant like Bb. She’s got big potential.

  8. Congratulations to the winners! But here are some of my misgivings. First, a corporate sponsor -given award (sun cellular) should not merit an automatic slot into the semis. The organization failed to highlight its “with a purpose” advocacy. The candidate with the best advocacy campaign should have been given more weight and advance to the semis rather than the most photogenic and sun cellular awards. Third, why choose 13 semi finalists and not give them a chance to have a shot at the crown. Even if it would take a little longer, they should have been given a chance to be heard (this would have createf more buzz if christine balaguer, the deaf candidate answered with a sign language interpreter). They were cut automatically and created the impression that the top 5 were already predetermined. Another thing–Ganados should have placed higher. That donesa although quite articulate was quite not fit in the higher tier. If she was the silent candidate of the airing network, then it was a shame. Others were robbed in my opinion. And lastly, corporate sponsors should not have automatic slots as judges. When they choose their ambassadress\awardees, it would be automatic for them to give their chosen girls higher scores. This practice compromises fairness. Anyway goodluck to the winner. I dont post here and would rather lurk, but i cant just make this pass. I hope i made sense to make future stagings not only exciting but most importantly, credible. What do you think?

    • Valid points, jay. Even the audience at Arena got stumped when the Top 5 was announced right after the Top 13 gap. And yes, the Sun Cellular award should not have been a fast-track to the semis. But then again, it was actually the text voters choice equivalent. It was just made to look like a subjective selection of the Sponsor. Gazini should have made Top 5 but both Nelda Ibe and Nicole Donesa really outperformed her.

      • Your efforts once again made my (our) day longer and more memorable. Thank you, Norman, sincerely… I’m parking now! πŸ™‚ ❀

      • You’re welcome, Dex. It wasn’t the easiest to accomplish. The unbearable lags and gaps last night tested my patience. Good thing I was in the company of my pageant friends, aside from having A&Q’s Jonas Gaffud as my seatmate all throughout. πŸ˜‰

      • So you were with the best company last night. I’m sure you now know a lot more in advance and wish to see them all here bit by bit… including those little-little secrets. Have a wonderful Valerie Day! πŸ™‚

    • I have a feeling that all you wanted was to see how Christine Balaguer would express herself using sign language… Motion denied. Next case, please! Peace!!!

  9. Congrats Val. A back to back chance at Miss World. I left MOA Arena after the swimsuit and did not finish the pageant. It’s a bore. Sobrang boring ng pageant. At ang mga gaps, ang hahaba. Tapos hindi man lang marunong mag-entertain ang mga hosts ng crowd sa MOA. Hindi katulad sa Binibini. Hinintay ko lang na ma-announce ang best in swimsuit – and when Val got it, i knew sa kanya na ang korona. Hindi ako masyadong impress kay Lorraine pag nakita niyo siya ng Live. She’s better in pictures. so the deserving woman won the crown.

  10. I think Rachel Peters was suppose to get a higher placement if she did not miss that GMA guesting and did not have her picture taken while partying at CamSur prior to their MWP event at the same place… Nobody even gave her flowers or Sash for her Yahoo Netizen’s choice award… Gazini is obviously just a beautifull face… thats it. I knew the initial bad styling of Nicole Donesa was just for show. As for Lorraine, how come none of the sponsors favored her for any award? I’m disapointed with Geneva Cruz’s sister who did not even make it to the TOP 13… She shouldn’t have joined if she did not have the proper trainning. I really did not expect that Nelda Ibe would make it to the TOP 5 and out performed Alexa Kirby, Gazini Ganados and Christine Balaguer.. The Q&A sealed Valerie’s fate.. I love the mix of German, American and Filipino accent when she delivered her answer.. She is trully Miss World! πŸ™‚

    Megan and Valerie would be an awesome team!


    • that explains the accent…ok sige. medyo disappointing nangyari kay lorraine. anyare? parang nawalan sya ng oomph. styling ba?

    • C, Rachel choked in her final Q&A. Going into the final 5, she was actually running 2nd. But she allowed Nelda, Nicole and Lorraine to overtake during the most crucial part of the competition. But if the CamSur incidents really mattered, then it just added up to everything.

      • Rachel was set-up to choke by being called 1st for the Q&A followed by Lorraine… same as Lorraine thats y she’s number one…. I remember when Ria Rabajante and Ja Flores was given the number 1 slot at Binibini… Same as Ja Flores being called 1st at Ms. Manila.

    • I was watching live, Rachel answered smoothly at first, then she choked, people heckled her.

      • Yes, the one called 1st in any Q&A always has the least advantage because she is the ice breaker for the others. πŸ™‚ If the Org wanted her to place higher then she shouldn’t have been called 1st.

      • But this was prepared/rehearsed speech. They knew what to say. It wasn’t like the question was random. Me thinks Rachel didn’t want to put up a fight anymore after the Avalanche of awards given to Valerie. She should try Bb Pilipinas next year. That body is va-vavoom but her pasarela needs to be tamed/fine-tuned and styling overhauled.

      • I’m with you, Dawn. Notice that she was practically lifeless receiving her two awards as she already lost all her energy whilst clapping for Queen Valerie! πŸ™‚ And obviously the twenty-four others felt exactly the same…

      • Sabagay, your right! I would be discouraged as well if I was in her place… but still if she gave up right at that moment… it will reflect a lot about her… So what if she did represents us abroad at other pageants, she would just give up at the end of the road because she’s not favored?!.. Now, would I want her to become a Binibini because of that? NO!…. But I hope she proves me wrong at her next pageant.

      • Between you and me, I would not push for the princesses to try their luck again. They’re all no match to Val — how do you think they will standout in the international arena?!? Just saying…

    • tumawa kasi si rachel sa q & a parang lukah lukah joke lol, girl maganda naman si nelda ibe in all fernezz. sayang si rachel peters parang nagloka lokahan na lang sa q & a

  11. Saw the live streaming of the pageant during the Q&A and was anticipating Lorraine’s answer to be flawless kase “kudaera” daw but OMG … Now I’m speechless. She is very gorgeous indeed! πŸ™‚

  12. may balita ako galing santolan. gusto na daw bawiin ng kanilang dyosa ang panghahamon nya… di raw nya sinasadya yun… kinakabahan na daw sya ngaung kinoronahan na si VAlerie.

    • Hahaha! tange siya kase! Ang attitude niyang naghahamon hindi pang Ms.world!. Ano advocacy niya? Maghamon ng contestants, ang yabang pa niya hinahamon niya ang mga filipina beauty queen,paano siya mananalo kung umpisa pa lang feelingera na siya! Wala pa nga tayo ms.world nun hinahamon na niya! Ngayon meron na! Laban!?

  13. Saw this on Twitter with a caption:

    “This basically sums up how the other candidates felt when 19 got all the awards and won the crown #MissWorldPH2014”

    • I love Val’s smile here!…. yan ang smile na natural… I hope pag aralan nya yan… She looks like Anne Curtis and Jackie Kennedy with that expression. And it makes her eyes chinky Asian… love it! maybe she should think of something happy whenever she smiles parang si Gracey Hart sa Ms. Congeniality…

      • And people criticized her how insincere here smile was. Sinabihan ko nang mowdell itong si Valerie kaya wag na nilang pakialaman. πŸ˜€

  14. Ang saya ko naman!!! Ang gondo gondo ng gown ni val!!! I can see a Miss World back to back win.

  15. Wala talagang laban ang mga diwata sa Dyosa! Very well-deserved win but I’m sure some people will nitpick and shred her to pieces. On to London Valerie! Congratulations Valerie! #ValerieMW2014 #ampalayaconcarne


      • Last year mo pa pala dineclare, bat ngayon lang nakoronahan? Heehee. πŸ˜€

      • Dex, II’ll rephrase, ako ang unang bumati nang nanalo na talaga si Valerie sa blogpost na to. πŸ˜€

      • Ayaw patalo ng friend ko. Sige na nga, you can keep the gift cheque plus a date with… with… Inah G! πŸ™‚

      • Haha. Thanks, Dex. Okay na ako sa nagnyari kay Ina, though, di dapat siya sumali sa Miss World PH one day after matalo sa Miss Bicolandia. Nagpatanggal muna dapat siya ng malas. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Pero siya ang pinakamagaling rumampa para sakin, yung iba, parang walking sticks. πŸ˜€

      • Sad to say, Dex, mahina ang foundation niya sa pag-aaral. 😦 😦 😦 Di niya na acquire yung ibang skills para kumabog talaga. Pero ipinagdadasal ko talaga every time sumasali siya, pwera BBP 14. Alam mo naman….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  17. topnotch gown for Valerie … it’s not if it resembles Oxanna’s it’s how she carried it and Valerie is immaculate in her long gown..

    • Buti pa to gagaya pero inspired Hindi super cheap copy. Super like. Dyan photo hinahanap ko.

  18. Bet na bet ko gown ni Valerie. Obsessed na ko sa color na yun. Hindi frou frou pageant dress. Mama oxana nga pero type ko color!!!! Need to get a photo of this dress for polyvore!

    • Ang bilis ng pacing ng iba… hindi naka sabay sa music karamihan… hindi rin nakasabay sa Music si Christine Balaguer obviously pero ang galing ng ramp and projection… well trainned! :-D… Si Gazini kahit sa anong angulo maganda… maganda lang talaga… yun na! πŸ˜€

  19. I love how the fast-paced movement of the evening gown competition with that singing voice of an angel, it is beautifully done, very intimate. But everytime I see Michael Daez slow-paced talking I wanna throw my coffee mug to my computer screen.

  20. Nicole Donesa?!? Hello?!? Is this 999?!?

    I can’t stand GMA’s production numbers… TASTELESS!!!

    If Valerie is not here… I am practically dreaming of her now. LOL πŸ˜‰

  21. While Valerie continues her winning MWP 2014 the most likely outcome; Christine’s performance, meanwhile, is definitely raising her chance of placing higher than 5th . Christine looks lovelier and confident. Her catwalk skills in the swimsuit and evening gown segments are fluid. She projects well on stage and on camera, exuding grace, charm, and awesome character. Kudos to Aces & Queens.

    • Mama! Naka antabay ka rin pala dito hahaha. Ako may pagka British accent mag ingles pag mga Briton bossing ko kachika ko. Charing!

  22. Valerie got ten of the seventeen special awards. It’s too much… A Philippine Pageant Record, I suppose…

    • Correction: It should be twelve of twenty, meaning, she garnered sixty percent of all special awards! Hallelujah!

  23. Mikhael Daez as a host is pain to watch, believe me!! He needs a speech pathologist. There are tons of GMA talents that can do this job like a natural.

    • True. They lack blending of words. And it’s super scripted. 😦

      • God yes! I dont get why they gave him hosting jobs. Even in his travel show, it’s just really sad to watch and listen to him. The female host are okay but they should have chosen better male host. Yung marunong talagang magsalita and magdeliver sana!

    • Hindi man lang marunong mag-adlib o magkaroon man lang sana ng rapport dun sa anak ni Lotlot. Binabasa lang ang script. sana kumuha na lang sila ng mag-bi-VO nun. better pa. babasahin na nga lang hindi pa bigyan ng buhay. Anobayun? Sayang ang pagkaguapo niya.

      • LOL. Haha. Thank you. BTW, Sa top 5 ni Tito Norms, 2 ang di nakapasok.

      • Me, too. Donessa and Rachel were not in my list although I knew Rachel had a good chance to reaching Top 5. I took her out because she didn’t share her talent. That’s a big minus in Miss World. πŸ˜‰

  24. Hindi ko matiis. My god lthat apple green gown. I have to take a closer look. Bet ko!!!!

  25. Unti unti ng hinuhulma si Valerie! Woot!woo! for the win! Best body,best in gown! Q& A na lang kulang! Kaya kaya mo yan Valerie wag ka bibitiw sau na!!

  26. Para hindi tayo mainip and in fairness to the twenty five, let’s talk about Valerie’s possible prncesses. Who will they be?ΒΏ? πŸ™‚

  27. BEST IN SWIMSUIT: Valerie Weigmann
    BEST IN LONG GOWN: Valerie Weigmann
    BEST IN FASHION RUNWAY (one of 13 semi-finalists): Valerie Weigmann


  28. Basing on the updates of Norman, my personal bet Lorraine Kendrickson is always visible. Magka-alaman na sila sa Q&A. Whoever wins tonight, I still have my support. Go Lorraine.

  29. Start pa lang ng delayed telecast and kinilabutan ako sa opening ni Megan. i looove love her. hart hart. she looks divine!

    but i can’t help to comment/cringe on the opening number. LOL sorry. very SOP or Party Pilipinas.

    • I knew it! Val is channeling this Oxana vibe. from the hairstyle to her evening gown. ❀

  30. It’s been a boring night so far. No big entertainers. And the crown is literally being handed out to her. Not that she does not deserve it.

  31. I don’t get the opening number, three female performers and the ladies, nagmukha tuloy backup dancers sila. It should be their night.

  32. Just woke up and immediately went to this sight. What a way to start the day! Exciting!!!

    • I meant “site”… I’m still waking up, running around doing beginning of the day “stuff” with phone in hand checking on updates. God I wish I was there!!!

      • I like her for Bb. Pilipinas Universe! She looks like a Barbie Doll. The kind of look that Trump goes for

      • Pag hindi pwede si Janine sa Miss World… Mag Miss International… pero pag nanalo ai Bea which is malaking chance then ipadala sya sa Miss Grand… ewan ko lang kung hindi pa icrown sya ng may ari ng pageant pag landing palang nya sa Airport! LOL πŸ˜€

      • Correction: Marianne Bianca Guidotti pala I mean… She has a great chanve of winning this year…

      • parehas kasi sila ng dressing room ni mikael eh, alam mo na share sila ng dressing room ni mikael bf ni megan lol

  33. Mrs_Spainhour. Did you not hear what Norman just said? He is seated behind your husband! Hmmm… LOL πŸ™‚

  34. ilalive ba ng gma7 eto? kung ilalive dito pede manoodhttp://pinoyhangout.com/live-streaming/live-tv/gma-7-live-streaming.html

  35. If admissdion is totally free, has MWPO or GMA made an official announcement on this regard? I hope that not that many fans would be disappointed by this update. I wonder if Leila tried going there…

    • I just arrived! Na sad ako dito sa news nato. nasa date na sana ako kanina willing na sana ng boyfriend ko tahakin MOA from San Juan kaso sabi ko nevermind wala nang tickets (ok fine di ko sinabi yung totoo na pumunta ako sa GMA ng maling araw haha). Arghhhhhhh SAYANG!!!!!

    • @codex oo nga eh. di bale solo ko naman tv. ok na rin. ayaw ko na muna basahin live feed para may thrill ng onti. see ya

  36. I’m afraid there’s no live stream available so it won’t be in conflict with GMA’s telecast at 22:30 PHT but I got you this…

  37. It is your rights to post what you perceived. In my end, i respect whatever opinions you have. Actual viewing is also different from what we have seen in screens. Afterall, it’s a free country so to hell with them if they are against with your wavelength.

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