5 comments on “Is there trouble brewing in Miss Earth Australia?

  1. It’s a shame. She’s not only someone who genuinely cares for the protection of mother Earth in her native Australia, she’s very beautiful too. She can very well represent Austrialia and perhaps win the crown. There’s really something fishy there with all the turn of events. They just don’t add up. I hope she can do a Venus Raj who fought for her title and you know what happened after that. Good luck and by the way, that calendar of events as what coDex said at the bottom of the article is a spoiler!! Hahaha!!

  2. Click below for the latest news story in Australia about the sudden dethronement of Dayanna Grageda. It is such a pity that she cannot come to Manila knowing that she has the strongest BWP project…


    Scroll down her timeline. Obviously a typo but I see it as a strong sign… MISS WORLD 2015 is coming to MANILA, PHILIPPINES!!!

  3. So I snooped through Miss Earth Australia’s (MEA) page. I found it suspicious that right after the pageant night (Sept. 14), it was Nadine Robert’s photo which was uploaded and captioned as MEA and not Dayanna Grageda’s although the latter’s dethronement was just announced October 9. Something is very fishy.

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