6 comments on “Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 Casting Call

  1. Hindi siya amganda in person. patay na patay ang kulay ng muka niya. wala bang iba?

  2. I heard that Hannah Mariz de la Guerra had auditioned, too. Can anyone confirm?

    If in case Kim and Hannah are picked, maybe this edition’s winner will undoubtedly be the Philippines. 😉 [wishing mode, lol]

  3. Season 2 was a Malaysian tourism advertisement rather than a modelling competition.
    I recently watched the finale and the final pictorial was obviously tailor-made for the Malaysian to win since it was shot in daylight, she was given a better setting, and they stylists gave her a much edgier hair and make up.

  4. tapos ang mananalo lang e mukhang adik-tambay sa kanto aka malaysian sheena hyena…

  5. I think bagay to sa kanya considering yung very elongated features nya. I hope she makes it.

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