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  1. It’s raining hard at this very moment and this is almost exactly the same atmosphere the day Megan was crowned MWP last year. Could it be a sign that her successor will have the same fate as her?!? I certainly hope so!!!


  2. If Valerie wins tonight, I wanna see Lorraine be the Miss Universe Phil 2015.
    and if Lorraine wins tonight, I wanna see Valerie be the Miss Grand Phil 2015 since Val isnt eligible for BBP.

  3. Norman, I firmly share your well-measured, objective and impressive predicted outcome and analysis. Valerie, indeed, has consistently stood out in all areas of the competition. With her enrapturing grace and engaging personality, Valerie managed to remain competitive even in her supposedly weakest link, the talent segment. I simply hope that the judges see the same, and that Valerie continues to shine- giving no reason to deny her of becoming the successor of Megan Young.

    Lorraine, Rachel and Gazini appear to be Valerie’s closest rivals. Lorraine, like Valerie, has been known to be preparing for the MWP 2014 for a considerable period of time. She can be ravishingly beautiful, but can be dull as well. I find her pulling a big toothy smile unattractive. I would recommend that she gets her big front teeth fixed, keeps her spirit high and her vision focused, and maintain her rigorous physical regimen and mental conditioning. Lorraine will surely be the one in the frontline in either the MWP or BB Pilipinas 2015 competition.

    Gazini is another strong delegate. She has this striking alluring face and toned body. However, Gazini appears to be inconsistent in the competition, and her age (18) may most likely be the primary culprit. I hope that she eventually finds the style that best suits her, and the level of maturity that can engage her targeted audience to embracing her qualities.

    I disagree with those judges who awarded Rachel as the most photogenic. She definitely possesses a toned body and height, and deserving of the best in swimsuit award. But I wonder what rubrics and photographs were used. And if the official MWP 2014 shady photos were the only basis, perhaps Rachel may have appeared the most photogenic.

    In nearly all beauty pageants, a regal beautiful face is the first quality that captures attention. A vibrant and charming personality comes in next, and a beautiful physique may most likely carry one into the semifinals. Then the final criteria to determining the winner will be the lady who delivers the most profound wit and character-revealing wisdom in the Q&A segment and once again, the lady with the most striking elegance, style and beauty.

    Christine’s disability apparently has given her a lot of publicity, and her demonstrated strength and determination are qualities that fit well in the Miss World’s “Beauty with a Purpose” thematic purpose. These can help her placing fifth.

    Alexa is Christine’s nearest competitor, who is surely poised to enter the semifinals for obvious marketing reasons. Alexa represents the large Filipino American community. And if she manages to enter the top five and delivers the most eloquent Q&A performance, Alexa can earn a higher placement – but not the MWP 2014 crown due to the potential Philippine residency controversy that may arise from this.

    So, Valerie is the best choice. But, anything can happen as in any other beauty pageant competition. It is also possible that another lady, who is not in the above list may emerge victorious. That is, if the judges are handicapped with their ludicrous criteria or the above favored ladies to win fail to deliver. Though I find that scenario to be a remote possibility- considering the lackluster qualities of the nearly 20 or more of the rest of the candidate, it is however still possible.

      • Thank you as well for replying. I always find your blogs interesting, inarguably honest, and articulately written.

        As regards my posted comment, I would like to correct my closing sentence. My inferring that nearly 20 or more of the ladies are lackluster does not add up since there are only 26 candidates. It is presumptuous and implausible, and I apologize.

        I concur with Norman that this year’s batch can be easily sliced down to ten. We only differ with our impressions of Nicole. Her body needs more sculpting. If her reason to joining the MWP 2014 is to simply experience competing in a pageant and learning from it, then being a background filler and clapper will definitely suffice. And if luck is on her side, good for Nicole and sorry to the other more deserving contestants.

        Norman, what’s your impression of Ruffa? Don’t you think she is underrated?

        I hope the best contestant wins, and that best candidate for me is Valerie. 🙂

  4. there is life and glow in her eyes, the beauty, the youth and freshness of her face and the ability to communicate effectively… Lorraine Kendrickson is my bet for MWP 2014.
    Care to make a wager , anyone?

    • I share your sentiments Chrome! Lorraine is also my bet, but Valerie is also fine. I’m giving the decision to the judges. But personality speaking I like Lorraine’s demeanor over Valerie. The smile is so engaging and the stage presence is endearing.

      • yeah it’s between these two – val and lorraine. I’m very much torn. I dunno why but as the competition nears I somehow lean more towards Lorraine’s side than Val’s. Val will probably win though and yes she’s very much deserving too. Lorraine is still young and should try again in the coming years. Anyway, I’ll support both nalang. 🙂 haha! Both naman are deserving!

  5. hahahaha pag natalo yan c val for sure madami maiinis. wag sana maging bato . overhype kasi kya nkksawa

  6. To be honest I want to see a pure filipina winning miss world, as a foreigner I want to see a real morena beauty that will represent the true beauty of filipina girls thats why personally I would chose #16 Ina

      • I’ve met the candidates and as I have seen #16 has no problem at all with any sort of communication skills, anyway we will see who will be crowned tonight and I am hoping for once they do it differently.. Good Luck to all..

      • Shane, she’s a schoolmate. She competed in the recent Miss Bicolandia and it was her worst among her worst answers. She’s got great accent and all but idea? No. She didn’t focus in her studies. I’m still praying for a miracle coz I really like her face. 🙂

  7. Epic FAIL tanga tanga lang. I went to GMA to get free tickets nyeta Hindi nagbabasa. Kahapon pa pala yun. Oct 11 pala ngayon. Boooooo

      • diba? mega lakad pako mega wake up wake up wash your face at 7am pa byooti ko. makikipag talo pa sana ako sa pila ng starstruck eh, nyeta. nag research pako take note. tanga much

      • Basta talaga libre ay kahit ilang bulkan ang akyatin, ilang pusali ang lusungin, ilang yungib ang suungin, hindi paaawat makamit lang ang minimithing tiket ng hunghang.

        Pero may twist ang mahaderang istoria ni Laila de Lima, isinahog ang katangahan sa putaheng inaasam.

  8. . I can’t ‘see’ Val’s face. It’s nondescript. If i were a witness to a crime she committed, Val would get off scot-free hahaha .
    So , for me, it would be Lorraine vs Rachel. I know this is not gonna happen. Everyone has practically crowned Val already.
    But I have hope in ‘humanity’:)

  9. Tagal ko na inaantay ito Valerie po! Personal choice ko po! Ayaw mag agree sakin pangit! Kaya nga personal choice diba!

    • Agree ako sayo Mole so byuti tayung dalawa saka si Norman, Dex, Hunk, C2F, Mrs. Spainhour, Laila at kung sino sino pang kampi kay Val! 😄

  10. i saw lorraine’s DIY videos on youtube she really looks like lauren young. she is so pretty. too bad they made her teeth look bigger. ang cute nung original set of teeth nya.

  11. di naman malaman si lorraine ah? or nag gain kaya ng weight recently? nag check ako nung swimsuit presentation sa solaire parang ok naman

  12. really? medyo malaman ba si lorraine? i have to check. the face kase is pretty pero the veneers according to one of you guys (sorry i forgot sino kausap ko nun) yun yung nakaka bother sakin.

  13. Norman I disagree on your top 2 picks. One doesn’t have the competitive body proportion. #justsayin

  14. Valerie and Lorraine are both gorgeous, but what made Lorraine much stronger is her communication skills which is so important in MW pageant
    Valerie have these communication problems. She have these hard times in expressing herself weither in Filipino or English.

  15. Anyone in your top picks is a deserving winner. Each one’s packaging in the beauty department is exceptional. However, if our objective is a back-to-back win at MW, we have to think of that single person who can best personify the “Beauty in Giving” advocacy of Miss World Organisation. I believe that a back-to-back winner that the world will approve is that one who can bring MW’s advocacy to the next level, on top of what Megan Young has achieved. The most deserving person for that job is someone whose nonverbal language can be heard more effectively than anyone else in this noisy, troubled world. She has to be someone who can command the world’s attention, who can rouse inspiration among the youth that weaknesses can be transformed into strengths. She has to be someone who all global media networks would want to interview, and who governments and–yes– even the UN, may invite to speak on the plight of the orphans, abandoned, trafficked, differently-abled, differently-orientated, marginalised sectors. In other words, if the MW is to pick its first-ever back-to-back winner, she has to be someone that will add value to its brand equity. She has to be someone who can give the organisation the rare chance to present to the world a nonverbal spokesperson whose language resonates more effectively, and who everyone wants to listen more attentively, than the physically abled ones.

    I’ve not seen her in person; I live and work in a country 7 hours behind Phil time. . But from all the video clips and write-ups about the contestants, and from my own reading of MW’s advocacy, I believe the judges will be right in choosing Christine!

  16. Who will be the next? That is a tough question to answer, honestly they are all beautiful, talented and they have potentials . I am sure it is gonna be hard to fill someone’s shoes. Whoever will win, I wish her all the best and I hope she will impress the world with her charm and wit. As we all know, MIss World President Julia Morley is looking for a person not only focused on her physical beauty but her ability to be mouthpiece of their purpose.

    • In a field of all equally beautiful women, who will be the most effective spokesperson of MW’s advocacy? Ironically, in the cacophony of voices in this noisy world, the one who the world will stop and listen to is a nonverbal queen of beauty. I think that the one to follow Megan’s footsteps may not necessarily be her clone. She has to be interestingly different, but outstanding nonetheless. If the goal is a back-to-back win to MW crown, a Megan clone will definitely have rough sailing in a field of Western and Latina Megan clones. A differentiated candidate will not have to complete because she will have redefined the playing field and compete unopposed. The she will be rowing or paddling herself to the throne.

  17. It’s Valerie versus Lorraine to the wire, but, I have always been partial to Valerie since the day she declared she’s joining MWP. Valerie is MWP 2014 for me 🙂

  18. VAL! she’s my personal bet. pero kung sinoman sakanila ni Lorraine, support pa rin. for me kasi Val has this megan young effect na simula nung nag screening eh parang sakanya talaga nababagay ang MWP crown. but let’s see on the pageant night itself. i hope CQ would crown the best lady para mag back-to-back.

  19. i’ll go for val. sali na lang sina lorraine at gazini sa bbp2015, winner na sila for sure… 🙂

  20. I also agree with the ladies you picked but I’m very much torn between Val and Lorraine. I do have one complain about Val. I don’t know who puts on her make-up but I’d prefer the make-up style she had in her modeling shoots. Those really lighten up her face and she has better eyebrow arch (e.g. Rogue and benchbody hoots) as compared to her current eyebrows which are too round-ish. Anyway, Val keeps getting better as the pageant progresses and she’s very much ahead of everyone else. As for Lorriane, she needs to step it up more. I just hope both ladies will bring their A-game on Sunday and I’ll be happy if one of them gets to represent us in the international arena.

    • Napansin ko din yan… I noticed naman with Megan back then, the arches are too sharp but it was improved later on.. In Val’s case, is this Albert Kurniawan’s work or someone else?

      • Well there are pictures of Val doing her own make-up but that’s probably for the low key events and not the big showcase events. The make-up and styling for the gala were better compared to the first presentation. Yung eyebrows lang roundish; hindi naframe ng maayos yung eyes and mukha niya. Better talaga yung mga nasa magazine shoots. I really hope that she/they will improve/fix that. That’s the only thing that bothers me but overall she looks amazing already.

      • ang galing! oo yung eyebrows nga na roundish medyo off. ok lang sakin na magpa tan pero mestiza talaga sya so embrace nalang since yung mga kasama nyang frontrunners mestiza rin. For poise and overall exposure sa tingin ko talaga si Val. Any idea ano na nangyari kay Janicel? Hayup katawan nun eh.

    • MWPhas never been competitive, alam na natin sino mananalo screening palang. Si ross Misa at queenie ang closest fight pero hello gwen, hello megan at hello valerie, pwede ba!?

  21. I believe that Lorraine Kendrickson will win the crown. She is a strong willed woman who has the kindest heart in the world. If she wins, and I know she will, you will see what i mean. Beauty is her second greatest gift, her greatest gift is that she has a beautiful soul, And that is extremely rare. And we if we talk about beauty, she wins in that department as well, hands down. Her advantage to me over Valerie Weigmann is that if you compare both of them, Lorraine even at a younger age, seems to be more mature at heart and you can just see that. But as for me, i know that for a fact. 🙂 so go Lorraine Kendrickson!!! Make the Philippines proud! You are destined for great things!

  22. Agree with your top 5 sexy Norman. Just cant wait to see that MWP crown on my queens head this coming Sunday night! #ValerieMW2014

  23. From the start, and even when talks were ripe that she was joining MWP, I have no doubt that Valerie Weigmann is the perfect representative to win that back-to-back crown for the Philippines at the Miss World pageant. She is a goddess – universal facial beauty, ideal height, and perfect curves. Of course, no one can deny that her celebrity status and television experience have honed her communication and public relations skills – much like Megan Young’s career trajectory. She is well prepared, molded and mentored by A&Q which knows very well what MWO is looking for the wearer of its blue crown. Her BWAP project, Musikaramay, is not a run-of-the-mill advocacy i.e. orphanage visits and relief operations. In that sense, she is far ahead of anyone else among the current crop of aspirants – beauty within and without. She is classy, elegant, sophisticated, down-to-earth – characteristics of not just a MWP queen but also of a Miss World titlist. #ValerieMW2014

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