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      • For the idiot who gave me a thumbs-down, it’s an idiom meaning something extremely pleasant/beautiful to see.

      • Don’t let them get into your nerves. Consider these points:

        – They think you are bashing Valerie because you are comparing her to an eye sore. LOL.
        – They are actually anti-Valerie and that she does not deserve your praise.
        – You are commenting again on what I have posted and that my die-hard fans oppose to you trying to be friendly with me. (And this is perhaps the real reason!!!)

        I receive a lot of thumbs down just to let you know and they don’t bother me at all. So please calm down.

      • Lol! I love your sense of humor Dex. And very well said but real funny though.

        @Ytse Jam- just ignore those thumbs ups or down. You’ll learn soon enough whose opinion to consider and whose to ignore once you spend enough time reading posts and comments here. Even Norman gets thumbs down and this is his blog. There are people around who likes to stir trouble just for the sake of stirring trouble.

      • And I turn red every single time I look at her pics. What more if I see her in person?!? Oohlala! πŸ™‚

      • You’re probably new here. Norman has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of readers. Some readers will give you a thumbs down without reading your post. It doesn’t bother me at all! You’ll get used to it and won’t mean anything after a while. Dedma lang! πŸ™‚

      • @Dex – Your die hard stalkers also gave me thumbs down! 😜😜😜

    • May video si Val kinunan daw ng mga Thai na bisita ng MWP kagabi, yung Centerstage Academy Thailand. Nagiispiya na mga taga Santolan station!

      • Takot na takot sila dahil naghamon yong bataan nila. LOL. Dapat lang — magmumukhang PA iyong reyna nila kung itatabi kay Val. πŸ™‚

    • ang chaka ng suot ni val, buti na lang e maganda si val, kahit na sako ng bigas ang isuot maganda pa rin!

      “…miss world 2014 is PHILIPPINES!” πŸ™‚

      • LOL ano yan 1 night in bangkok, sahara night or walk like an egyptian, my gas!

      • Ang sense of fashion ni Nancy ay mala-Disney. Yong saya niya parang baligtad na turban ni Alladin. Kulang na lang ang flying carpet . LOL. In fairness, ang dangling earrings ay perfect match with her shoes. πŸ™‚

      • Suot ng mga shop-lifters…madaling itago yong mga goods…at kung walang CCTV, lusot sa kaso, walang ebidensya…

      • mas memorable pa yung gown ni shrek este binay kesa dito sa mga forgettable gowns ng mwp πŸ˜†

    • What I like about this girl is her freshness and fierceness while on stage. But I think this year’s edition of MWP belongs to Valerie. For me, she’s still young. Just give her a few years and she will become even more beautiful, smarter and will definitely bring another pageant title for the Philippines.

      • Yes. Valerie has been doing her homework and paying her dues.

        Lorraine is young. Things coming too easily for youth is not always good. Look at MJ. Even though I thought she deserved Universe in 2011 the wait was for the best thing ever. She’s so much stronger now.

  1. This is what i like about miss world philippines. The choice of wardrobe is undeniably classy. Rachel is such a ‘rampadora’ ( a teeny bit exag in fact ) and amazing stage presence Noh? Val has everything it takes to take the crown home but Im still waiting for valerie to make that oooomph factor on her catwalk. I have higher expectations for her when it comes to pasarela because of her bakground. a few things i noticed is that she still bends her knees with her stride whch still shows her modelesque background and that she leans backwards too while walking which is very typical of models to make them appear taller on photos which i think is great. Pageant walk is more like peters and the other girl. When you stride, you have to extend you legs. Looking frontview, val looks really fine in her catwalk. But as look at her on the side, thats when you see that she still needs finer tuning in her catwalk to complete her transition from modelling to pageantry.

  2. Gala charity pa lang ito kabog na! Ganda ni Megan bagay sa kanya yung gown,reyna reyna dating! Gala lang ito ng MWP pero effective na! Muzta naman ang reyna grande santolan pwede kana sumircus sa venue nila!

    • Agreed. Although the other two are gorgeous as well and are worthy of getting a Phil sash – might not be this time but I hope they join Bb Pinas or other phil pageant again.

    • Sorry Mole. Umulit ang comment ko. Let me re phrase it. Agree ako palagi sa mga comments mo. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

      • No problem minsan sa typo, diba yayabang kase ng santolan pinagsamasama raw earth,universe,world! Eh ano napala nila sablay , hindi ko nga maintindihan ang layunin ng grande santolan,ciguro dahil matagal na sila tagtuyo kaya gumawa sila ng sarili nila pageant para umulan ng sash ,wah pa rin ligwak! Hindi maganda sa kanila gaya gaya,wala silang originality tapos nilalait pa nila ang earth para sa kanila kapakanan at nagbalak pang palitan ang ms.earth bilang top 4 pageant, kay un nabugok ang grand finals! NILA,

  3. sir may question lang po ako mejo malayo dto ilang taon napo ba si ram juliada ung member nf gforce stallions.salamat po ng madami sana po masagot ninyo ako.

  4. hi sir norman! wala po ba kayo pictures na magkasama si megan young at valerie weigmann>kung meron po pa post naman po slamat po

  5. Sir Norman, there are Thai guests sa Charity Gala with sashes. Do you know who they are? And do you know if Mrs. Morley will attend the coronation night? Thanks!

    • The Thai guests with sashes are the reigning Mr. & Miss Teen Thailand. I know that Julia will be there October 12. πŸ˜‰

    • The two other girls can flip their gowns and do cartwheel on stage but they pale in comparison. Val is a goddess, and anyone next to her is mere diwatas. Val walks with finesse, no unnecessary gestures and over-the-top twirling – as any runway model should. Her queenly demeanor is undeniable. #ValerieMW2014

      • I agree with you! Valerie did the flips of her gown with timing. The other two just swished and flipped like there’s no tomorrow. #ValerieMW2014

      • Agreed. Although the other two are gorgeous as well and are worthy of getting a Phil sash – might not be this time but I hope they join Bb Pinas or other phil pageant again.

      • They can do cartwheels, breath fire and yet, they will still pale in comparison!… Wahahaha!

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