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  1. MGI 2014 is NOT Cuban. This girl is Puerto Rican 100%. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Both of her parents are Puertoricans. She has no relationship with her birth father. The one that raised her is a PR cardiologist, then those parents got divorced and her mother met who this girl calla “dad” now eventhough hes been part of her life for about 10 years. I dont know, maybe in a dream one of her parents was Cuban.
    I find this to be insulting to PR, Cuba, and all other contestants of the MGI who really represented their country. This girl is a flag out LIAR and doea NOT deserve to be wearing this crown.

      • I feel like someone should do something about this unless the organization of MGI wants to have no credibility and appear as just low quality/credibility pageant.
        This girl competed in at least 10 pageants prior to MGI representing PR and Florida. PR because she is PRican and Florida bc she has lived there for about 12 years… But Cuba?
        Does this mean i can represent any spanish speaking country just because i want to? I thought these pageants had some logical rules the candidates had to follow. It look like MGI wont be around for too long.
        And to those who think PR is happy about this win. We are not. We are just speakig out because it is unfair that this girl is representing a nation she has no link with

  2. Based on the wikipedia account of MGI, ‘The winner will be sent to Iraq and Syria to negotiate with Islamic Rebels to stop the war.’

    Goodluck!!! Dibale nang hinde tayo manalo dyan. #scary

  3. Ninang, what happened to your predictions?
    Cuba is not even included in your Top 20?
    Sumasablay na ata ang bolang crystal mo Ninang.

  4. Hala clappers tayo sa Mistr World at Miss Grand International! Sana magbago ang ihip ng hangin when Guiddoti competes in Miss International. 2013 was our best year in Pageantry Ever!

  5. chaka ng winner, i’ve got a feeling, eto na ang last edition ng mgi, grand ka-cheapan to the max!

  6. Miss Thailand Parapadsorn Disdamrong is quite gorgeous as Miss Supra Mutya Datul.

  7. Congrats to her and for the Cuban and Cuban-American communities. They don’t get to stand in the spotlight like their Latin counterparts do in the world of pageantry.

    Hope it’s as much a source of pride and hope for them like our queens’ successes are.

  8. I was wondering why Miss Thailand Parapadsorn Disdamrong did not win inspite the fact that she was trained by Gouldian Team led by Macoy, Pawee, Mario and Gian. Let us wait and see if other beauty queens who are under training by Gouldian Team will be lucky to capture crowns in the upcoming beauty pageants abroad.

    • I think Miss Thailand did well. She won Best in Swimsuit. Unfortunately she is a victim of Nawatt’s strange and unpredictable strategies for MGI. 😦

    • Not a guarantee that you’ll get the crown if you’re trained by any of these so called beauty pageant schools and or by the so called beauty experts. The judges are very unpredictable, has varied tastes and even though they sit together during finals night, they are disconnected; hence the use of scores. The “beauty experts”, who trained them and how did they become experts?

    • Organizers purposely excluded her to make sure she didn’t win. It would look too fixed this early on. Even Miss Venezuela is pulled sometimes.
      Politics works both ways.

      Maybe we’ll see her in the near future on another stagr??

  9. Next year na lang ulet…sana ang ipadala naman kahit runner up lang sa BBP!

    Kahit saan mo tignan mahina talaga ang kandidata natin. Kahit sabihin pa na she did her best.

  10. I was rooting for Australia. I think she was ignored in Miss Earth 2013. Good she made the top 5.

  11. I’ve really not been following this pageant and know what I’m about to ask is going to be a real ignorant question, so forgive me.

    Is the winner really from Cuba or is she someone from Florida representing the Cuban community (or something like that)? If she’s really from Cuba, kudos to Cuba for joining in the pageant world. If she’s not, I guess it’s a small victory for the Cuban community living outside of Cuba.

    Just wondering…

    • According to reports, she is of Puerto Rican descent. She competed in several national Puerto Rico pageants. She also competed in the Miss United States Earth pageant where she won an elemental crown – Air.

      So technically speaking its a back to back win for Puerto Rico.

      • Just to satisfy my very own curiosity, can you please provide the link for this? I presumed that she is Cuban according to the news I’ve read from a Mexican-based site. Thank you.

    • My apologies, She is Miss United States Eco-tourism – the same year Andrea Neu won.

    • Hi Philip! I copied an excerpt from a news item in a Mexican news site which would give an idea where she really comes from. I’m sure you understand Spanish that’s why I didn’t translate anymore. If you click on the excerpt, it would bring you to the site I’ve referred to. Hopefully it satisfies your query.

      “Represento orgullosamente a Cuba, donde crecí con un gran sentido de la cultura y las tradiciones, donde los cubanos perseveran sin importar las dificultades. Nosotros compartimos nuestras lucha diaria a través de la cultura, sea baile, poesía o música” , agregó.

      • Just read the whole thing and it still didn’t say where she was crowned or originally from. I looked online (like I should have in the first place) and found out she was born and raised in Puerto Rico, moved to Florida, competed several times to represent Puerto Rico in different pageants, never won but now represents Cuba. I guess she has roots in Cuba and I’m guessing she got her Miss Cuba title outside of Cuba?

        Oh well, it’s not the point. She won and I congratulate her. She is pretty.

        Dex, thanks for the link!

      • I guess it’s me who should thank you. I presumed she came from Cuba because of that statement that she is proud of her roots as Cuban. Maybe her parents are actually Cubans. We all know that so many fled away from Cuba because of Fidel Castro and that’s probably how her parents ended in Puerto Rico. Just my assumption. 😉

      • I guess Sleuth is right in a round about way… it is a back to back win for Puerto Rico.

    • Now I get it…. Just like Miss Universe that has several winners from Puerto Rico, the owner is targeting TeleMundo to reach the Latino Market. So thats why the TOP 5 are representatives of North America, South America, The Caribean, Africa and Australia. Once there is a captured market from those regions then the sponsors from Europe can start pouring in. Smart move!

      In our case, we should send a girl who can be appealing to all those regions specially Latinos… PEG: Kristiffany Janson, Charlene Gonzalez, Ruffa Guttierez, Megan Young, etc.

      • I guess you are making a very hasty conclusion, C2F. Mind you that they already have 85 attendees and if all showed up, they ended up with 96. That’s already a BIG turnout for a pageant on its sophomore edition.

      • Yes, they have a lot of attendees… but are they of high quality?… I don’t think so.. because most of them are apointed or their runner-ups of their respective local pageants. I believe the owner is aiming to become a big 4 pageant and the only thing that prevents him is the amount of sponsors which include prizes and TV coverage. They may have a lot of contestants but do they have enough followers in proportion compaired to big 4 pageants? If a Latina has a good chance in this pageant then their followers would want to see the pageant on TV. How will it be televised?

      • I don’t think so… If that is his plan, why not give the crown to Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru or even Venezuela? Of all Latin American countries, why Cuba?!? It does not make any sense to me.

      • Why Cuba? Simply because it is the most controversial latin american government., so it would surely be the talk of the town in the entire region.

  12. I think there’s a Cold War between the Philippines and Thailand. Last year, Ali could have won the crown ( I really preferred her to last yr’s winner) . This year , Kim should have made it into the semifinal round … at least.

  13. Not a fan of ms. Philippines from the start. But what happened already happened. Let it be a lesson to decision makers or powers that be who send ill-equipped, obviously non winner materials.

    Rating : 1/4 star. Zeny Zabala is back.

  14. Ewan ko lang ha, pero di ko bet itong Cuba gurl na toh. Downgrade from Puerto Rico last year. For Kim naman, expected naman na di sya makakapasok sa top 20. Di va? Obvious naman. Di ko sinisisi si Kim pero si JDV. The packaging the training and everything. Remember,last year ang pumili ang organizer ng Grand International at si Ali Forbes yun. This year kasi, may local pageant pang nalalaman eh they didn’t choose the right girl. So it is JDV and the poor choices. Kung sana sa Mutya na lang kumuha ang daming magagandang constestant dun this year. Kay Kim, well, dont feel sad you are young and you have time to make papayat pa. So there!

  15. Cuba? Wow. I did know they even endorsed pageants. Good for Cuba! Disappointing for the Philippines to begin the pageant season with such an embarrassingly dismal showing. I hope this is not a sign of what is to come! 😦

  16. Oh crap! All my wishfull thinking did not work! 😦
    I was trying my best not to comment the whole day just to keep things positive… I knew it! Kim was picked to lose by the pageant owner or there is no better choice among the contestants of the local MG. JDV should’ve just sent Jeslyn Santos or Vessica Sambo. He should just leave this franchise next year to BPCI or MP.

    • I knew she wont make it, I have friend from thailand who work their, weak nga raw ang Philippines , hindi raw nakipag socialized lagi lang daw kasama si ms.sweden. I think positive pa rin, pero wala talaga! Tama friend ko she will clap!

      • Please… I don’t even consider his own trainned girls as winner material based on styling and pageant skills. He should accept that he can’t be a one man team! According to a few of her girls, (yeah, i met them!) he’s the only one who trains them… I aplaud that he has a lot of knowledge to pass on and he’s very fair to each of them BUT of course as an individual, there is a limit to what he could teach. At A&Q and KF, each member targets every skills needed to be learned in pageantry thus the higher success rate.

    • Agree C2F. None of the other beauty camps participated and also JDV even forbade his girls to join to make sure there wont be rumors of cooking show. Just give the franchise to BPI because thats where the IT girls And those with X factor join.

      • I agree, he insisted on a local pageant without a good sum of quality participants who agreed to join prior. Some of his girls already have good experience and yet he did not choose to appoint them. The winner as expected lacked experience and trainning. Its like picking between something that’s very raw over ones that are at least half-baked.

      • C2F, sorry i accidentally hit the down button. but anyway, from the start naman alam nating magiging weak ang Miss Philippines this year sa MGI, sa set of candidates pa lang ng MGPH e, alam natin na wala man lang sigurong experienced na kasali to think na after ma crownan ang MGPH, saglit lang ang panahon i think less than a month to prepare para sa MGI pageant. sana nag invite or nag pasok siya ng experienced na candidate, or nag appoint na lang siya.

        well i was hoping na kahit semifinalist eh papasok si Kim because of sash factor and naisip ko nga baka naman okay ang perf niya kasi reading a lot of predictions kasama siya sa smifinalists. but i guess may mas malalakas na kalaban o delegado from other countries.

        I don’t think kukunin to ni BPCI. wala lang. I still believe that BPCI should drop the MTQI Franchise/title but im not sure if worthy ba si MGI kay BPCI.

        isa lang naman pwede nating masabi sa Organizers ng MGPH… CHARGE TO EXPERIENCE 🙂

  17. Abangan na lang ang universe,world,international and earth na rin! Malakas laban natin dito!

  18. Did not watch the show even on lifestream. What now is the winner’s and the organisers’ gameplan on “making a stand for the betterment of humanity”? MGI’s website trumpets this “grand” agenda. I hope this is not just a marketing jargon. For the winner to come from a socialist country, supposedly with pro-people orientation, is MGI making a statement about its advocacy?

  19. Gosh, I almost fall asleep during the EG and Q&A portion. But even then, the production was satisfactory in my opinion. Better than Ms Earth, International, Continental and Supra.

  20. Cuba was my favorite from the start. And I salute Norman for being honest in his opinion about the delegates, including ours.

  21. Norman – I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding our rep’s non-inclusion in the semis. We’ve been doing so well these past few years that our presence in at least the next round is almost expected. Permanent fixture ika nga, as if a slot is always reserved for Philippines.

    • Huh? Why would slots be reserved for our bets? Just because previous delegates placed? It’s non sequitur. It baffles me. Do most of us filipinos really think this way? If so, then something is wrong.

      • Hindi naman sa ganon, AJ. Siguro na-spoil lang ako (at yung iba) masyado that I/we tend to look for reason why our rep failed to place this time. Yun lang naman 🙂

      • Docky – Norman predicted a Top 10 finish for Kimberly… wala siya kahit sa Top 20.

      • We have to think that way just like the mindset of Venezuelans when it comes to their candidates. It is not always, but we should be there most of the time. We have made gains, let us not rest on our laurels. Just my honest opinion. @aj

    • I guess this is a reminder to everyone that Filipina beauty queens and goddesses can go down too. After all, they are humans as well just like you and I- they can and will lose so we shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on them. #realitycheck

    • Then take this as a wake up call. The world of pageantry doesn’t revolve around the Philippines. There are a whole of other countries out there.

    • I’ve always believed that the competition was too strong for Kimberly. I included her in my Top 10 for purely sentimental reasons.

      • I knew too well that the competition was tough for her but I was on her side mainly because she is carrying our flag and to boost her confidence as she was unfairly being bashed. Thanks for the exposure you have given her, Norman. 🙂

      • But I actually presumed that she’d land a Top 20 thinking that Khun Nawatt would give some credit to JDV for staging a national pageant exclusive to MGI. I’m quite sure that only JDV has done that. Well, the result is out and I guess we should fully embrace the outcome and learn from it. Let’s all move on and ensure that everything will be justified next year. Question is… Will there be nexct year?!?

      • I was hoping for a Top 20 at least. But it seems that Nawat’s penchant for surprises prevailed. Even the Thais felt somewhat ‘blindsided’ by Cuba’s win.

      • I guess Nawatt wants to leave that impression — to be unpredictable!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I’ve got nothing to really say except that Miss Cuba last year looked more captivating to me. If you look at the newly crowned, she has the same facial structure as the predecessor of Queen Mutya Datul. Maybe it’s just me… 😉

        Anyway, congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

  22. I agree with the comment, the saving grace of the show is the male host!

    • Natawa naman ako sayo Ryan😄😃😀. Count ourselves lucky we’re not in the same situation and you gotta remember that a lot of the people in those situation were born to the system, it does not mean they like it or support it. And also, who are we to judge and say that Communism or Socialism is bad? Just saying.

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