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  1. She didn’t even make the top 20? I guess this isn’t 2013 anymore when it seemed like filipina delegates made the semi-finals with ease. This is very very very sad.

  2. its not kims fault. she was the prettiest and most deserving in the miss grand philippines pageant. in short, kulang sa mga magagandang kandidata sa local pageant pa lang. this is a minor intl pageant as of now, so most extraordinary looking girls would prefer to compete in bb pilipinas or miss world phil. lets stop blaming kim. wala talaga sya pagasa to begin with compared to the other better looking intl candidates.

    • Yes! This is a reminder that we can’t get complacent. No sitting on our laurels.

      Maybe with a little more time Kim could have been more prepared and confident.

      Maybe with a little more time JDV can perfect his prep and get more sponsors for wardrobe and coaching.

      Not to worry there is always next year!

  3. Congratulations Miss Cuba Daryanne Lees, the winner of Miss Grand International 2014

    • No pageant expert saw that coming. But congrats to Miss Cuba. Who were the runners up Gloria? Thanks.

    • Keri na, basta di pasok si Ms Indo. Sa top 5.

      Cuba Ms. Grand Int
      1st RU – ETHIOPIA
      2nd RU – CANADA
      3rd RU – AUSTRALIA
      4th RU – COLOMBIA

  4. Kala ko 11:30 pm pa papalabas.bkit my top10 na. N sinasabi ko na nung una palang, nung di cya nakasama sa Top 20 best in swim suit. Tlga wiz na chance. Hayyyy…ewan ko ba, team JDV ….gising. sympre kyo my hawak ng rep natin. Mula pa nung nanalo sya sa National Pageant, wlang pinagbago.

    Andun na tyo na baguhan lng si Kim, pero sana anticipated nyo na, na mraming lapses atsana gnwan nyo na ng paraan,… kulang sa confi sya maglakad, mga angles nya sa cam n tv, di pleasing, yung projection, ang pamywang ni Kim, right gamit nya tpos yung angle nya sa left? Ano kaya yun. N dapat chest out dba?

    Aaminin ko di ako pageant expert or trainer, pero isa ako samga madlang tao na nakakakita. So nkikita ko na my mali at kulang. im always after sa rep ng pinas, kung sino man cya todo support ako, pero bkit si Kim, napabayaan. Anong ngyari?

  5. as expected… let’s be honest, this is a beauty pageant, not a confidence pageant.

  6. mga kapitbahay natin, pinagtatawanan tau… clapper daw tau! well… yaan mo cla.. don’t care. affected ako kung MU o MW to. d ba mga teh?

  7. Kimberly should still be proud of herself. She carried the Philippine sash and did her best. That in itself is a massive accomplishment

  8. Sad but I am also proud of you Ms. Philippines. When one door closes, another door opens.

  9. I stopped watching after the announcement of Top 20, it is not becos Phils didn’t make it, that is expected but I am surprised with Japan, Indonesia and UK, Sri Lanka, seriously???? The show looks tacky to me, it is downright cheesy and kitsch.

    • As if your watching it in full will make them complete. Get a life, moron!!! @allan

    • …kabugo ba aning @Allan ui. unsay pgtuo niya sa mga tawo dri sa website mga parehas niyang bugo? bisag pla pa ka-ngan iyang gamiton, mao ra gihapong tunuha sa inistoryahan. ilado na kau.

      • Bakit @Allan, may sinabi ba akong di maganda ang show kaya I stopped watching? Eh kung di na ako manuod dhil di nakapasok si Ms. Philippines, may angal ka? Wag ka kasing defensive teh.

  10. TOP 20

    United Kingdom
    Puerto Rico
    Sri Lanka

  11. Will be at work but will be checking updates from Norman and all of you fans of Norman and Kimberly. Fingers crossed she does great!

  12. I’m sure Norman would be blogging live so I might as well be here in this blog to see real-time updates. Then watch the show if and only if, our Kimberly at least made it to the magic circle of 5. šŸ™‚

  13. I’m on a different timezone, cant catch the streaming.. abang na lang ako ng updates mo Tito Norms!

    • ako naman super waiting at sana masama siya sa top 5 para worth it ang pagpuyat ko

  14. I hope Miss PH will be one of the finalists otherwise, Pinoy pageant fanatics will lose interest in watching the show.

      • Tito Norms, i hope Khun Nawat won’t be pressurized by our pageant aficionados. If our candidate has it then she wins it, fair & square. I hate it when we think that by virtue of our craze over pageant our bet should place. That’s a form of blackmailing & i can’t even believe that pinoy pageant fans can think of such. We are better than that, aren’t we? What’s the worth of gold if it isnt pure to d core?

  15. My prediction:
    MGI2014: Colombia
    1st RU: Russia
    2nd RU: Thailand
    3rd RU: Australia
    4th RU: Ethiopia

    Rest of the Top 10
    6. Puerto Rico
    7. Poland
    8. Japan
    9. Ukraine
    10. Canada

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